Ex-Islamist Supports Trump On CNN

While in the midst of his incredible first foreign trip as president, Donald Trump responded to the horrifying terror attack against teenage concert goers in Manchester by labeling the murderous jihadists as nothing more than “evil losers.”

Though one would think that Trump’s common sense description of despicable terrorists would be widely accepted, he nevertheless received criticism for it, presumably because some people just want to criticize Trump for simply existing. Either that, or some liberals disagree with the characterization of terrorists as “losers.”

Former Canadian radical Islamist Mubin Shaikh, now a countertarrisim assist to the Canadian government, appeared on CNN on Friday to discuss the attack. His take on Trump’s choice of words likely came as a surprise to the liberal network.

“How does that resonate?” host Brooke Baldwin asked Shaikh, regarding Trump’s use of “evil losers” to describe the Islamic terrorists. “Does that embolden terrorists, are they laughing at it, are they angered?”

“It depends on what kind of acolyte you’re dealing with … ” replied Shaikh. “But look, your president is right.”

“At the base of it, they’re murderers is what they are. They’re not martyrs. They’re not heroes,” he continued. “In order to delegitimize and demystify this idea that they are anything but, these are the kind of phrases we need to use. Losers — you know, low-lives, scumbags, whatever you want. It all applies.”


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source: http://conservativetribune.com/ex-islamist-cnn-dont-want-hear/

  • Robert Kahlcke

    I’am sorry, I don’t trust any of them, specifically operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

  • old codger

    There is NO middle of the ground Muslim/ Islamist! The Koran doesn’t say this half can be nice but this half kills everyone! If they are Muslim/ Islamist, whether they themselves do the killing or keep their mouths shut and DO NOT object/ ridicule/ turn in the extremists, THEY ARE CONDONING EVERY MURDER, BOMBING ETC.!!! According to the Koran “ALL INFIDELS MUST DIE”!! It also states it is a-okay to lie in the name of allah! A convert or die cult!

    • Paul Hoisington

      The term should not be “radical Islamic terrorists”. Drop the radical. They are Islamic terrorists. Their koran states if you are not muslim you die. Wake up Christians. Get rid of the PC bullshit. It’s survival time.✝️

      • old codger

        I hear ya but the LibTURDS are deaf to that fact!!

  • metheoldsarge

    I’m surprised CNN didn’t cut him off and give him the bums rush out of there.

    • Nancy Moloney-Rocks

      No he is right. You crazy liberals hero worship terrorists by your lack of ability to call them out. Yet you snowflakes will cry when your children’s blood is shed by them.

  • flashy0ne

    You know, it’s rather interesting to note that most people do not know where the Moslem beliefs originate. While most are now aware of the screaming murderers shouting “Allah is great”, the motivation is somewhat obscure. Actually, this ‘battle cry’ is exactly that! The Muslim belief stems from the words/writings of Mohammad, the “inspired” prophet of their religion. Unfortunately, this religion was born during a time of WAR and it is a culture of war. While there are many worthwhile aspects of the religion, there are also ‘holdovers’ from the days of turmoil, and thus we have the dichotomy; those who wish to live in peace and those who would continue the war.

    Christianity has a somewhat similar background. It was nurtured by a prophet (St Paul) guided by mystical visions of a savior (Jesus) but guided by motives of love rather than war. This idyllic relationship persisted until Christianity was made the state religion of the Roman empire and it was ‘protected’ by force of arms. This sorry state of affairs persisted through the dark ages and was only arrested by the “age of enlightenment”.

    I hope Moslem beliefs can follow a similar pattern. . Since we are dealing with ‘religious motivation’, I believe the only hope of change rests with the Moslem world itself. I believe President Trump is on the right track enlisting support from the Arab’s. Until there is a true acceptance of the rights of all to peacefully express their beliefs, we will always be in this defensive mode.

  • 4grands

    Yes, I am with metheoldsarge……..That is the one time I would have loved to see the smoke coming out this CNN fakers.

  • Babsan

    Guess the Communist NO News interviewer forgot the cut off button

  • Ronald Hagler

    Verse 4:95 of the Quran explains why I believe all who follow this Islamic creed/code to be as sinful as the Islamic Extremists who wreak such carnage, pain and destruction on Christians.

    Quran 4:95 states :

    “Not equal are those of the believers who sit (at home), except those who are disabled (by injury or are blind or lame, etc.), and those who strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Allah has preferred in grades those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and their lives above those who sit at home. Unto each, Allah has promised good, but Allah has preferred whose who strive hard, above those who sit by a large reward.”

    In short, all who follow Allah are directed to fight for him, so those who sit by and allow the extremists to persist, are just using their wealth and status to promote the violence, thus the reason we cannot rely of GOOD Muslims to join in a fight to stop the extremists among them.

    Sound peaceful to you?

    • old codger


  • jesse

    Of course, anyone but a self-loathing, luciferian leftist or a pathetic, stand for nothing RINO coward could tell ya that!

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