ESPN Gets Political And Attacks Fox Host

ESPN’s Molly Qerim stated that Fox’s Laura Ingraham’s comment to Lebron James to “shut up and dribble” was equivalent of James telling Ingraham to “shut up and stay in the kitchen.”

“I want to add one thing as a female on this show,” Qerim added. “It’s also interesting times for women. I think the equivalent would be if [LeBron James] had said, ‘Shut up and stay in the kitchen.’”

Stephen A. Smith agreed with Qerim and stated, “The fact is there have been a plethora of Americans from the white community and beyond throughout history that felt an athlete’s job was to shut up and play, don’t speak on these other issues. A matter of fact, you had professional athletes including Dwayne Wade and others, you had Charles Barkley and Shaq and others alluding to this as well, you had reporters, primarily white, who wouldn’t even come up to the black athlete and ask them about issues permeating through our society because they didn’t want to hear about an athlete’s takes on these issues and they wanted them to quote-unquote stay in their place. So, when Molly says, ‘It would be the equivalent if LeBron had turned around and said that to Laura Ingraham,’ Molly is absolutely on the money,”

  • srpatterso

    Another reason not to watch ESPN. It’s supposed to be about sports. Not your idiotic “progressive” religion. Sport. Not inane “lectures”.

  • Chuck Bennett

    why do we have to hear about politics…race…gun control…etc etc on talk shows and sports? Is there nowhere we can go to relax a little listening to a fun talk show or sports program?

  • Glennfriend67

    ESPN is not a sports channel any longer. It’s another fake news channel. Guess what, dumdums? We DON’T want to hear athlete’s political opinions! We pay you do play your sport. So do us all a favor and “dance, monkey, dance!” (BTW, we don’t want to hear your stupid sportscasters spouting political rubbish, either. If we wanted that, we’d tune into the “news.” So shut up and report on sports!)

  • BC

    Steven Smith needs to get off his racist rants. Be an American not an African American. Were you born in Africa?

    • marilyn

      so damn true. They always play the race card

    • pat

      That African loyalty is hard to break. They don’t know how good they got it. If they had to live in Africa they would realize it in a hurry.

    • mark
    • Daniel Brofford

      I know blacks who have lived in Africa and they tell me that the Africans doesn’t want them there. I’ve talked to real Africans and they don’t care for American blacks. In my life time we’ve went from negros to colored ppl to black ppl to african American. Stop the nonsense. You are either American or your are not. I don’t go around saying I am euro American which would be as stupid as a black person calling themselves African Americans.

  • Craig Apelbaum

    It`s all bullshit if you ask me.

  • re06tired

    I don’t want hear from athletes, musicians,hollywood celebrities, I pay to see you perform be you white, black, brown, etc. keep your opinions to your selves. You are however free to bloviate in the printed media which I am then free to ignore if I so choose.

  • standforfreedom

    ESPN has been losing viewers, due to their political agenda, maybe we can help them along by not watching these clowns!

  • Gary Smith

    I agree

  • Steve

    Never watch ESPN. They’ve been a tool of the radical left for several years now ando frankly, they suck at sports too.

  • lmorgan138

    ESPN is a joke. And no, it’s not the same. LeBron gets paid to dribble. Megan gets paid to talk about issues of the day.

  • Victor Andrew Chu

    Molly’s response was not accurate if you really think about it. When Laura Ingraham said that Lebron James should “shut up and dribble”, it seems to me she is saying to “stick to what you’re good at” or “stay in your own lane”.

    Molly Qerim, “as a female on this show”, uses a phrase that she thinks is similar “…stay in the kitchen”, inferring Ingraham’s remark could be sexist or otherwise something other than what Ingraham intended.

    “Laura Anne Ingraham is an American TV and radio talk show host, author, and political commentator.” ~ taken from Wikipedia. She is a recognized and professional political commentator and is compensated for that role. Her comments come from “her lane.”

    Lebron is a professional basketball player and is compensated for that. Ingraham was merely remarking he should stick to what he knows best.

    Another example of an inappropriate exchange might be:

    OFFICER: “What are you doing here in the back of this business after hours in the dark?”

    RESPONDANT: “Why you always have to harass me? Is it because I’m (fill in your ethnic heritage)?? or because I’m not wearing a designer suit??”

    Perhaps an apples-to-apples statement from Qerim might be something like “Laura, you stick to your right-wing opinions and we’ll stick to ours.”

    Why do people twist things to become sexist / racist etc out of something beneign? That’s what inflames and creates escalated responses.

    • Rap Scallion

      So whats with these shows….they all have some Donut Dolly sitting on the dias and whining on cue with the “Boys”????? WTF????? I don’t need their opinions

  • Jackson Brannon

    Now ESPN knows why they are going Bankrupt!!Nobody wants to watch them ad most people have banned their station from their homes!! A lot of the Bars are as well!! They are Racist Hacks who hate Americans and our President and want to talk Politics when people want to get AWAY from it!!!

  • parthenon1

    ESPN is just another CNN type of political shill for the Democrat left. . . .too bad at one time they were the premier sports site !

  • Mike Deverich

    Espn has been a progressive, liberal, leftist propaganda outlet for over 10 years. Almost every article on the web site has a political overtone and the TV programs definately do. Every ESPN host has let the politics show at one time or another. They don’t even cover sports well anymore. Steven A. Smith is typical of the type of host ESPN hires. As far as making the statement that Ms Ingrahams comment to LeBron is the same as telling Ms Ingraham to stay in te kithcen, ignores the fact the Ms Ingraham has studied politics for her entire professional career while LeBron didn’t graduate High School.

  • R8rHunter

    ESPN doesn’t do sports well any longer and their hosts have all been horrible since Dan Patrick was smart enough to jump off of the Mother Ship. Why should anybody care what these no talent place cards say about anything? When ESPN comes crumbling back to earth (wait, have they already?)… these mouth pieces that have no original sport insight will be working at the Gap…

  • Rap Scallion

    ESPN the Fake News Channel for the Anthem Kneelers……Goodbye ESPN!

  • Ray

    Nobody cares about LeBron’s political opinion or Molly’s for that matter Getting so you can’t even watch sports anymore without hearing their political views or watch them disrespect the flag.
    If we want to watch political opinions watch Laura Ingram on Fox

    • GomeznSA

      Ray, I think the reason that “Nobody cares about LeBron’s political opinion” is because he has NOT done anything to earn the right to pontificate about things of which he has no working knowledge. IOW his only real world experience is playing basketball. I never even picked up a basketball until I was 14 so I would NOT dare to tell him how to play. Conversely, he has absolutely no business telling me or anyone else how to do things that we do know how to do. Same principle apples to the majority of sports types, musicians and actors. He and all of the rest of them are certainly entitled to their own opinions but that is all they are.
      BTW – as to the kitchen, I can make my own sammich………….;-)

    • mark
  • Tom

    ESPN has fallen so far in the last couple years – I haven’t watched them in nearly a year.

  • mark

    ESPN sucks! It is the worst thing to happened to sports!

  • Larry5469

    Tell me this then, why do athletes think it is OK to do these things while they are at WORK? If anyone else did that on their job how long do you think they would last? The truth of the matter is they are simply showing their collective azzes and thumbing their noses at the country that pays them millions to play a childs’ game for crying out loud! I wouldn’t turn my head to see one of them do a double back flip in a capsule. The more they get the more arrogant they become.

  • Darrel Davidson

    Laura Has A Brain, not A Basketball… We dont need to hear from a High school drop out about politics… LeBron would do better in the Kitchen then talking politics… Its Ok for an Athlete to want to Make a Difference… But know What The S###! Ur Talking About…
    We have enough Politicians Talking Out of Their A##!….Like Bo Knows… Laura Knows Life & Government..

  • Bob Tober

    Perhaps Lebron should join Laura Ingraham on her program and they can discuss or “debate” their views..

  • pat

    The ESPN people wouldn’t be so political opinionated if the people in charge were not telling them what to do.

  • Susan

    What is the definition of a racist. Someone who sees everything through the prism of race. So Steven Smith is a racist. Ironic, isn’t it. I personally try to see fellow human beings.

  • Brabado

    ESPN is a “sewage born specimen” that needs to be ignored, totally! Like its Fake News Media Sisters Mafia, they are desperate for some attention… any attention! Even making use of idiotic and ignorant comments or telling their “hired audience”, what to ask in a Fake Town Meeting about Guns… Dumb, really dumb CNN: no surprise here.
    Semper fi.

  • Charles Lagioia


  • David Swann

    you would think ESPN would have gotten the message that it’s not the opinions these athletes have, nor their right to speak. It’s that we look to sports with a hope of escapism and we know they are anti – Trump in a knee – jerk way. Just consider that arrogant jerk Popovich. We all have our thoughts Ingrahmn was just stating what many of us think. It wasn’t racial, it was simply elitist athlete fatigue!

  • Dennise Johnston

    they talk about everyone else being racist and I’ve never seen such bigotry that comes out of their mouths!

  • John

    One of the many reasons I quit watching espn years ago. When I tune into a sports channel, I want to hear sports, not politics. They are sports reporters, not political reporters. Also they do way too much talking and not enough actual sports.

  • baitmando

    Seeing how African Americans average 20 points lower than Caucasians on IQ test (indisputable, look it up) I would guess Smith is African American.

  • MS_Steve

    As John Cleese once shouted from a castle wall: “ESPN…. I faaartt in your general direction”

  • Smith is an American African – not the other way around.

  • Eddie

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