ESPN Gets Political And Attacks Fox Host

ESPN’s Molly Qerim stated that Fox’s Laura Ingraham’s comment to Lebron James to “shut up and dribble” was equivalent of James telling Ingraham to “shut up and stay in the kitchen.”

“I want to add one thing as a female on this show,” Qerim added. “It’s also interesting times for women. I think the equivalent would be if [LeBron James] had said, ‘Shut up and stay in the kitchen.’”

Stephen A. Smith agreed with Qerim and stated, “The fact is there have been a plethora of Americans from the white community and beyond throughout history that felt an athlete’s job was to shut up and play, don’t speak on these other issues. A matter of fact, you had professional athletes including Dwayne Wade and others, you had Charles Barkley and Shaq and others alluding to this as well, you had reporters, primarily white, who wouldn’t even come up to the black athlete and ask them about issues permeating through our society because they didn’t want to hear about an athlete’s takes on these issues and they wanted them to quote-unquote stay in their place. So, when Molly says, ‘It would be the equivalent if LeBron had turned around and said that to Laura Ingraham,’ Molly is absolutely on the money,” - 2015 | Privacy Policy