Dozens Of Pets Left Behind In Florida

More than 50 animals were found tethered to trees in Florida to face Hurricane Irma alone in what officials are calling a horrifying act of animal cruelty.

Animal control officers found abandoned pets just north of Miami in Palm Beach County.

Director of Animal Care Diane Sauve mentioned that these animals were not simply just left inside by their owners. “They are left in a yard, in a pen they cannot escape from or tethered to trees or poles,” she said.

Before the hurricane made landfall in Florida, animal control officers managed to rescue 49 dogs and two cats.

State Attorney General Dave Aronberg joined with Sauve to promise that anyone who left their animals outside to face Hurricane Irma will face criminal charges. “This is a prime example of animal cruelty,” Aronberg said. “We will find you, and we will prosecute you.”

Sauve added to his comments by saying that all available resources will be used to track down those who are believed to have engaged in animal cruelty.

“It’s unconscionable,” she said. “We will not stand for it here in Palm Beach County.”

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  • littlebit43

    Anywhere my dogs can,t go. I don,t go.

  • rodfergie

    To start off with let me say I abhor PETA, because I would never put the life of an animal above a humans.

    But when you take it in a dog, a cat, or any pet, you’re making a promise and a deal with them. They’re there for you, you will be there for them. Always.

    If you’re incapable of keeping such a small promise, I find you to be a disgusting human being. If you treated them right, they have given you complete devotion, and for you to leave them to die scared and alone, makes you a disgusting, poor example of a man (or woman), with no value to society.

    So unless you tied up that dog or abandon it to protect the life of someone else, go die in a hole like the piece of slime you are.

  • ch

    You should know who they are by the addresses the animals were picked up at. Start their. When they come back-arrest them and throw the book at them. This is obviously intentional. There is no reason to have left their animals with all the pet related resources available.
    They need to be transported to the site of the next hurricane and chained to a tree on the beach

    • Marlene

      I believe as you about crime. They same thing should be done to that person. It is almost unbelievable that a person would leave their animal teetered outside. But also in the house, water could flow in and drown them. I thought the peoplehad advanced warning and all they had to do was call their dog to them. Now, a cat may be wandering someplace but I think they too would go home in bad weather. My youngest dog lets me know when the cat is at the rear door

  • Bored

    My animals are an extension of me. If I have to evacuate, they’re coming along, period, no exceptions. I will not abandon my critters.

  • Ginger

    How very sad. How can you claim to be an animal lover and own pets, but then treat them like this? Pets should be considered as part of your family. I’m disgusted by these people who have abandoned these poor pets and left them to suffer. They should be charged.

  • Diana Canillas

    Those people are the scum of the earth. Heartless cruel maggots. It would not surprise me if some of this poor dogs belong to those rotten looters.

  • juniemoon

    If I ever had to evacuate, my pets will always come with me. Leaving them behind is like leaving behind a
    family member. The above photo is heartbreaking!!

  • Outrider

    I love animals and despise people. Now everyone knows why.

  • Angelee143

    These people need to have the book thrown at them at least give these poor fur babies a fighting chance to survive. I have rescue dogs and 1 cat and I would leave anything else behind but not my pets.
    The photograph is heartbreaking. Thank you to all the volunteers. God Bless You All - 2015 | Privacy Policy