Donald Trump: ‘I Can’t Be Doing so Badly…’

President Donald Trump has defended multiple assertions posed by the media, including his claims on Sweden, Anthony Weiner, Brexit, wiretapping, Brussels, and millions undocumented people voting.

In an interview published in TIME magazine on Thursday, Trump was combative with TIME’s Washington Bureau Chief Michael Scherer, citing multiple news sources and even describing some of his statements as a product of his instinct.

“I’m a very instinctual person, but my instinct turns out to be right,” he said, citing a press conference from House intelligence chairman Devin Nunes, backing up some of his claims regarding surveillance of his transition team.

In other cases, Trump defended his statements as merely quoting from news sources to back his claims, citing headlines in the New York Times, Judge Andrew Napolitano and Fox News anchor Bret Baier.

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  • farmboy1993

    Chuck Schumer, looks and acts like pee week Herman! Americans look at him as the village idiot of the Democrat party! He’s a joke!

    • Louise Adams

      Yes he definitely is the village idiot!

      • VirgoVince

        Up-chuck is still in competiton with ovomit for that title!!
        There ARE quite a few Village Idiots, running loose in our govt, they’re ALL
        ugly lefturd idiots and rinos!!

        • pmbalele

          Trump polls will sink further if he listens to people like Ryan, McConnell, Sean Hannity the school-drop out, Bill O’rielly and Newt. Can you imagine Trump wants to deport parents with kids born here? Cut funding for poor mothers to raise their; cut school funds for sanctuary cities which will hurt kids born here; cut college grants and loans for poor smart local kids – just because Trump wants to import cheap doctors, scientists; professors with foreign accent to teach in our universities; deny women control of their bodies; and allow businesses to pollute our waters and air; have as many wives as you want. Those will hurt Trump in 2020. That is why people are telling me the WH is now rented by teenagers. Teenagers hate wrinkled women and prey for young ones. Thank God Trump dropped Newt and Herman Cain. How many wives did Trump divorce? Do you really think Trump is happy now with Melania? I doubt. His older kids are giving him so many troubles now. Trump should now start listening to Democrats and therefore focus on his job as president. What say you!

          • willr3

            I say you’re a Democrat Shill trying to make President Trump look bad. He’s doing great and got more accomplished in 60 days than obama did in 8 years. Obama spent 20 trillion with nothing to show for it except our great debt. President Trump will spend a Billion to fix bridges, and airports we will see what he spends money on. Obama gave our money to muslims who hate us, funded ISIS and ruined our great healthcare system. President Trump will spend his first 4 years fixing all the obama screw ups. Making America Great Again !

  • RockinOn

    No Doubt about it, if he had an accommodating Congress (meaning No Elitists Democraps or Repugnicans) he would be doing much better!

    • Rubendlct

      Stop whining! All you guys gave President Obama hell just because he is black, and he still got a lot done! In fact, some of you might had gone hungry or homeless had not been for Mr. Obama. Trump’s problem is his tweeting and his mouth; if he could kee kiss mouth shut, stop golfing so freaking much (for all the criticism he gave Mr. Obama for golfing) and stop tweeting, he might just get somebody to agree with him on some of the issues he pretends to be hardly working on! Teach him to assume responsibilioty for his acts, shrug off criticism and be PRESIDENTIAL and maybe, people will like him. What I read from here is nothing but a bunch of disgrunted people who will not be happy with a president with a sound mind and common sense! Nitce I have NOT used any vulgar language here (although I know well I will receive some of your true American graffitti on my wall soonest). So, man up and accept the fact you selected a FAKE president, whom was just good at screwing people in civilian life with broken promises, habit that he has carried into the White House! White House does not mean that the President has to be WHITE, but that it has to have a sound mind!

      • Sharpshooter

        No, we gave Obama all the crap because he was, (and is) a Muslim traitor bent on destroying this country. There was never anything “Presidential” about Obama, except he took care of the Muslims and the blacks! Worthless POS!

        • Landa Carter

          I agree 100%

      • Rocketman

        Idiot savant!

      • big KAhuna

        The New York Post reported in August that “Obama’s leaving his successor a national debt nightmare!” Under Obama the US is now clearly a debtor nation with an economy that is growing at the worst post-recession pace since the Great Depression.
        By the time Barack Obama leaves office in January of 2017, he will have amassed a national debt of $20 trillion dollars. When he took over as President in January 2009 the US debt was $10.6 trillion. Obama will have doubled the US debt in his 8 years in office. This means that Obama will have added to the US debt as much as all prior 43 presidents have done cumulatively.

        (Chart by Joe Hoft based on data)
        In his first 6 years in office, Obama broke the world record for largest annual deficits accumulated under a President of any country ever. He went from $1.4 trillion in 2009, to $1.3 trillion in 2010, to $1.3 trillion in 2011 to $1.1 trillion in 2012, to $0.7 trillion in 2013 to $0.5 trillion in 2014. No other president has surpassed $0.5 trillion in a single year. George W Bush incurred $5 trillion in national debt over 8 years (which included 911, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the 2008 recession) but Obama matched Bush’s debt in his first 4 years in office alone.
        After such horrible numbers, Obama then brags about cutting the deficit by a third. This is true in that Obama cut the deficit from $1.4 trillion record amount set in 2009 to $0.5 trillion in 2015, but what Obama doesn’t share is that no other president came close to the more than $1 trillion deficits Obama incurred in his first 4 years in office. GW had a $0.5 trillion deficit but that was in 2008.
        What’s really sad about Obama’s spending is that there isn’t much to show for it. No major infrastructure improvements have taken place. The military is in shambles and it appears NASA spends more time on global warming than on space exploration. The majority of the costs that led to Obama’s debts were in social programs.

        In 2015 25% of the federal budget went to health programs including Medicaid, Medicare and Obamacare; 24% of the 2015 budget went towards Social Security; another 13% went towards more subsidies like benefits for federal retirees and veterans, education, science and medical research; and another 10% went to the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, which assist low- and moderate-income working families and programs that provide cash payments to eligible individuals or households (referred to as safety net programs).
        In total 72% of the US federal budget goes towards social programs. Only 16% goes towards goes towards defense and international security assistance (whatever that is), 6% goes towards interest on the debt and the remaining 6% goes towards infrastructure and other.
        As the US continues to increase its debt and with rising interest rates, the portion of the federal budget spent on interest will drastically increase. Rates are very low now but even slight increases will increase the US debt interest payments significantly.
        The $20 trillion in debt also does not include the more than $100 trillion in estimated unfunded liabilities related to these social programs and government employee pensions.
        Obama’s spending is immoral and has left the country with a tremendous burden especially when rates go up. What a mess Obama has left the US from his Presidency in debt alone!

      • larrup

        This is the typical demoncat saw! If you don’t agree with him you are a racist! the weak spineless republicans in congress bought into this because they were so scared of the Racist label. As far a Trump being a Fake president and your typical dem talking point of if someone becomes successful it is by cheating people. Since your are so smart Rubendict why don’t you start a multi-million dollar company.

      • RockinOn
      • RockinOn
      • Debbie D

        Roflmao you’re a useful idiot

      • Debbie D
        • Debbie D

          Mohammed Soebarka, Barry’s biological father.

  • flashy0ne

    President Trump’s biggest problem is the FACT that he won. The “hard loser” dem’s DON’T CARE about the American people — they just want to hurt President Trump !!

  • Dale1000




    The  American  people,  (Democrats  and  Republicans,)  are  demanding  to  see  ALL  of  Trumps  Tax  returns  because  they  would  prove  one  of  2  outcomes.

    1-  That  Trump  is  innocent  of  any  illegal   dealings  with  Russia 
    2-  It  would  prove  that  Trump  did  have  illegal  dealings  with  Russia.


    Wouldn’t  Trump  want  to  prove  that  he  is  innocent  IF  HE  IS???

    This  is  why  there  has  to  be  an  independant  investigation  of  president  Trump,  his  campaign  committee  and  Russia.


    • Louise Adams

      The Democratic Party is the corrupt ones and has been for many
      years there is investigations going on about Trump but no evidence
      so far of anything I don’t think they will find anything but why is there
      not more going on with the corrupt democrats that’s what I don’t
      understand everyone knows how corrupt the Obama’s and Clinton’s
      I don’t see how tax returns make any difference it’s been shown on TV
      that he pays millions in taxes we have a lot more serious things to worry about!

      • pappy450

        The scumocrats want to keep the “ball” rolling so no one will be looking at all THEIR PARTY’S “dirty dealings” and keeps the “heat” off them, SO they “dream up” new UNPROVEN “evidence” (FAKE NEWS) and the liberal “LAME STREAM MEDIA” will grab the false narrative and peddle it over and over and hope that people will be STUPID enough to believe the LIES. (Right from the Alinsky “playbook”)

    • Sharon Windus

      The truth is already out there. There IS no Russian conspiracy except the ones the socialist dems made up. They are the ones who have ties to Russia.. ie: clinton stealing and selling USA uranium to Russia to be handed off and used for nuclear weapons against the USA.

    • Ivan Gentry

      Jackasses like you are why this country is in the state it’s in. You attack a good honest man like Trump while defending trash like Obama bin laden and Killary Clinton.

      • Dale1000

        Poor IVAN GENTRY

        Jesus said when he was being nailed to the cross

        “forgive them oh lord for they knoweth not what they do.

        Just like poor IVAN GENTRY who supports and trys to help Trump.

        IVAN GENTRY unknowingly is being led straight over a cliff.

        Too bad.

        People like IVAN GENTRY who support Trump, don’t believe it now but they will live to regret it big time.   

        I will pray for you IVAN GENTRY

        • larrup

          @Dale 1000 you wrap yourself in the bible to attack a man sees what is going on. YOu remind me of many of the people here in North Carolina. They vote democat because their momma and daddy voted dem and ther granpa and grandma too! People here are very moral with a church on almost every corner. HOwever thay fail to see the Dem party is overrun with wackos. I was pleased when the first Republican administration since reconstruction was installed. The economy is already impoving.

        • cc King

          A prayer for yourself Dale would be much more beneficial

      • cc King

        Ivan you are so right all the left does is blow hot air and do nothing for any of the people only their own fat billfolds and their private foundations .then they stir up trouble pointing fingers at everyone except themselves like the child minded people they are. It is beyond me why anyone would think of voting for a candidate who labeled them as dumb and they did not have to be considered as they were so dumb the would vote for her anyway. What a compliment dems you got there!

      • Eric Hartman

        Only an idjut could use the words “honest” and “Trump” in the same sentence.

    • larrup

      More demoncat smoke screens. Comey is a political hack. HE is not required to release his returns and even if he did you could not understand them. the yellow presse would just cherry pick items to attack him on. HEY IN AMERICA YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PROVE YOU ARE INNOCENT! THIS IS THE WAY IT WORKS IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES!!
      iF Killary had won the election you would have never heard a word about the Russians. Repeated hearings have had
      the directors of the FBI, CIA and other secuirty agencies affirm the Russians did not affect the vote count during the election.So what are we talking about? The DNC was hacked but not the RNC because they were too incompetent to insure the safety of their data.What did it expose corruption, lying and outright fixing of the primary on the dem side. No one has denied any of the leaked information is untrue or false. So if it woke people up and they voted for Trump good!!

    • cc King

      Dale show us your tax return and oh yeah .how is it your democrats have the IRS do your dirty work they too should be be shut out of business for being so corrupt ..but you think that is ok since they were for democrat crooks and that is ok with your morals ..right?

    • Indeed, why the secrecy and his attempt to deceive the American people. Perhaps it is the 312 million he got from Soros in loan forgiveness in Chicago that kept him from personal bankruptcy and allowed him to financially run for POTUS. The pay back and Quid pro quo is illustrated by the fact that almost all of Trump’s cabinet are former Soros executives. Trump is a Soros puppet bought and paid for qnd Soros is the puppet master. The American Presidency was bought for 312 million which was a very good deal for Soros.

      • larrup

        This is laughable! You think Trump is a Soro puppet? You must have him confused with obummer. Prehaps you are
        one of the Soros Trolls hired to spread dis information

        • Indeed he is a Soros’ puppet. Almost all of the misinformation in this election came from the Trump campaign financed by George Soros. Trump’s lifetime history is of being a far left liberal Democrat ideologue. He has never been a conservative but instead has always been a Northeast New York liberal. His campaign has been counting on idiots like you to believe their misinformation. Did you not notice that he ran to the left of Hillary on abortion, the funding of Planned Parenthood, gun control and health care saying he wanted universal healthcare for all based on the Canadian system. As for me, I have been a far right Republican my entire life and have never voted for a leftist like Trump.

        • Trump and Obama are the same ideologically and close friends along with Soros and the Clinton’s. They are all a part of the same leftist cabal.

          • larrup

            So you landed from Mars is that correct? So whatever conspiracy theory that you ran into was fact.

          • How does it feel for a leftist like you to be clueless and uninformed? Adding two and two together applies to more than math.

  • George Totten

    I just watch a video that proves Trump was correct about sweden emigrent problem

  • Greg Arena

    No are doing badly.

  • William Konrad

  • Willie Reeves

    You are a piece of s _ _ t, trump, you and your band of misfits but the American people are wising up about you clowns. They were not very smart to have so called voted you in but they are getting more and more understanding what the once who call themselves rich wish to do with the ones who are not. This will never happen again and we can all think this fool for showing each of us the true light of the republican party and this clowns agenda.

    • Ivan Gentry

      You are a complete moron.

    • larrup

      Many of us are delighted! He is daily doing what is necessary to restoring some fiscal sanity to the countries finances. Should we be doling money out to illegals by food stamps and ect. I think not. Should we be giving Mexico foreign aid when they do nothing to stop people from crossing our border? I think not. He has already cut biiions of dollars of federal expense for the Air Force one planes and the F35. The real piece of s**t is Chuckie Schemer

      • You liberals are often entertaining in your ignorance. Thanks for the comical interlude.

        • larrup

          If you think I am a liberal you are sadly mistaken, Now you might be thinking you are replying to someone else
          or you are badly misinformed

          • It is time for a reality check for you…It seems that you support a far left lifetime Democrat ideologue named Trump. You are guilty by association.

          • larrup

            You Right wing purists are just as bad an the screaming leftists. trump is doing plenty to move the country forward. He may not be checking all your Birth Control and Social Issues boxes.but you need to get over it. He is a whole lot better than the other choice which was a complete socialist.

          • Really? How did you learn to like far left liberal lifelong Democrat ideologues like Trump? I would have to have a lobotomy to capitulate to the left and become a liberal like you. A whole lot better? Were you not paying attention in the election when he was running to the left of Hillary on issues like abortion, gun control, the funding and expansion of “Planned Parenthood”. And, of course, his signature campaign of free healthcare for all based on the Canadian system. Trump is so far to the left he makes Hillary appear conservative. Pay attention and fight your celebrity envy that attracts you to this far left liberal nut case.

    • cc King

      He must listen to CNN to get all your lack of knowledge Willie ..were you named after the Willie Clinton or his other woman lover Killary

  • jackel

    It is all smoke and mirrors since the left, including some Republicans, can not accept Donald Trump was elected president. They also are in fear that President Trump will do his best to undue their forced policies and rules and regulations and lack of against the American people. The dreaded words they don’t want to hear, “the gravy train is over.” They know President Trump will keep chipping away at them, and this is why they want him stopped by any means——truth or not, facts or not—-are not important to the Democratic left. Take their attacks on our President as serious but mostly without merit; if one follows their loud and always emotional attacks.


    The democrats have never cared about the citizens of America. All they care about is to let anyone and everybody into the country and give them all the freebees they want so they will vote democratic. You must realize what they are doing today is the very reason why they lost the election. They are self destructing. So I hope they keep it up.

  • Albedamned!

    I am from NYC, the Bronx. Schmucky is a self aggrandizing blow hard. He comes to our parades, and acts like the parade is about him. He is a typical NY political crook, and yes I have had first hand experience with these phony libtards. Perhaps the state IG should go after him, but than again, they are democrats.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    President Trump, your accomplishments are outstanding. Please drain the cesspool as soon as you have a moment.
    God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump.

  • donl

    Would someone flush the toilet, it smells like Schumer in here.

  • Trump nominates the most far left liberal ideologue to ever be appointed to SCOTUS and then asks us if he is doing badly…Yes Donald you are doing very badly. So badly in fact, that the entire SCOTUS has stood against your nominee. You are doing exactly what people were afraid you would do if elected. You have nominated the most far left liberal ideologue ever to SCOTUS. Donald, this nominee is pro abortion and does not believe in the traditional marriage definition being sacrosanct. I have lived a long life and have never seen the entire Supreme Court go against a presidential nominee like they have Gorsuch. Gorsuch is so far to the left that you are the only one with him.

    • larrup

      What planet did you land from??

  • Front Sight

    When you stomp on a Demokratik grape. it lets out a little wine. You stomp on a bunch of them and you get a flood of wine. Demokratz are like fine wine. When they stay in office too long, they turn to wine vinegar. Good for cooking but hard to drink.
    The more the Demokratz, and Alt-Left MSM, complain, the more President Trump is draining the SWAMP!

  • Jackson Brannon

    Crying Chuckie and Trashy Amy are the new Liberal Snowflake action figures!!! - 2015 | Privacy Policy