Does Trump Not Care About Puerto Rico?

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) is accusing President Trump of having told the Puerto Rican people they were “not worth the money and the resources to help you.”

After discussing a new study which claims Hurricane Maria resulted in an estimated 2,975 deaths, Gutiérrez said, “Here’s how you make sure it doesn’t happen again, you make sure you have a president of the United States that when there’s this kind of tragedy doesn’t say the reason things aren’t getting better is because the people of Puerto Rico want us to do everything for them. In other words, he called people lazy where thousands were either dead or dying. He then said, ‘Wow, you’re busting my budget.’ In other words, you’re not worth the money and the resources to help you.”

“When you have a president of the United States that makes those kinds of comments while you know—and then gives himself an A. Remember, he said, ‘I deserve a ten. How many was it? Just 64,’  Just 64 deaths is one death too many, but having said that, just 64, it wasn’t just 64. He gave himself a ten. We have a president of the United States who when he sees a tragedy says it’s too much. In Omarosa’s book, it’s pretty clear, which I read, they were punishing the people of Puerto Rico because he wanted to punish the Carmen Yulín the mayor of San Juan because she stood up for the rights of the people of Puerto Rico. You know something. You go back to your clips. You will find she was absolutely right in calling the government out. Especially now that we know.”

  • Larry Lewis

    Is this the same Puerto Rico which continually lied during Maria, continually criticized the Nation the President for not giving them enough help and then misused the aid that was given? I don’t think any of us care about Puerto Rico. Cry on someone else’s shoulder.

    • My Voice

      You go fuck yourself… puertoricans pay taxes just like any other American … and the USA has been making a lot of money with PR for ages… read some history and then talk… too many ignorant morons like you giving opinions on things they don’t have a clue… this country would be a lot better if we make a law to deport every citizen with low IQ as you…

      • Larry Lewis

        Puerto Rico has sponged from the Mainland for years and when we went to help the Mayor of san Juan spit in our eye. And by the way watch the language ignorant one.

        • apzzyk

          We have had over 100 years to give them independence or statehood and have done neither, so it is like that cute little puppy or kitten that grows up and gets the boot, or worse – is kept in the back yard chained to a stake where it has the freedom to starve. You and people who hold the same ideas are really the scum of the Earth.

          • Larry Lewis

            I have been to Puerto Rico a few times and have never been impressed with anything but the citizens doing everything they can to not have to do real work. I do not want PR as a state, the we would be handing them a free tit to suck on.

          • irish1919

            Just another Blue state sucking off the red states. All of them are bankrupt . I believe all the red states should comeback together and let all the blue states take care of themselves. Why should the tax payers in red states, who are financially responsible have to support the likes of California, Illinois and New York . Let them sink without our participation.

          • mountie

            They can get statehood idiot. They (the Puerto Ricans) keep voting it down because they would then have to pay taxes.

        • apzzyk

          After our Revolution in 1776, our leaders made the conscious decision not to become a Colonial power and not do the Taxation without Representation that we did not like to others, so as we took possessions away from the Colonial powers such as Spain, where we took Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Philapines and other small territories after the Spanish American War. We soon gave Cuba independence, and after WWII, came the Philapines, while we kept military bases on both, and still have Gitmo. The Presidents of the Philapines have not turned out so well and seem to be getting worse for their people over time – the current one likes the assination of anyone who is even accused of a Drug Crime and would not grace Trump with his presence last year. Ir is funny to me that all that we hear is how the Cuban people have hated the Castro Government for 60 years, but I have never heard Batista praised either. After all he brought the joy of the Mob and all that goes with it to the people of Cuba. Our original goal for Puerto Rico was to either make it independent or into a state which called for a big investment in Cuba to bring it up to the place where it could have had the resources that it needed to be either. As we have cut taxes on the wealthy the money available to help Puerto Rico dried up, so it got stalled, and the mainland did not even give it enough to maintain what had been developed – something like the way our domestic infrastructure has gone from first in the world down to about 20 today on our way to greatness and pure capitalism, so before Maria their electric public utility went bankrupt.
          The bottom line was that we took on the duty to bring it up to snuff but when it came to performance, it was out of sight out of mind. However this failure seems to expose the myth that companies will go to where the taxes are low, because as a territory, Puerto Rico and its people and companies pay no federal taxes, and because the myth did not work again, there is no industrial base and the people do not make enough to even pay state taxes, so without a tax base it cannot possibly recover on its own, and may be the pattern that we can expect the US to follow.
          The day after the exlection,with the expectation that Trump would do the big tax cuts on the wealthy and corporations, Moody’s and the other ratings agencies downgradded our Federal Credit rating from AAA to AA – about like your FICO score going from about 725 to 590, because the US would no longer have the tax base to service its loans, so the tax bill shifted the burden again from the people with the money to those without by limiting the deductabity of state taxes and mortgage interest rates, which promised to be such a great break for the middle class that the middle class in CO lined up around the country court houses to pay their 2018 property taxes early so that they could be fully deductable, because under the new deductable cap they will be paying much more in Federal Taxes, and what we are seeing here in CO is people escaping from the low tax Red states to the much higher tax state of CO so that they can get and pay for the services such as schools, roads and bridges, parks and recreation that were absent in their home red states.
          Over the past 40 years the US has tried to perfect the art of not fulfilling its obligations to the people, which we can see by just looking. When I enlisted in the USMC I signed a contract to serve the US for 4 years and on the other side, the US agreed to take care of me if I were injured in the line of duty. I completed my service in July 1961 and was given a medical discharge because during my service a pre-existing condition, PTSD, was aggravated. Since I was generally making it on my own, I did not file for disability until 41 years later and initially my heath care was much like I had observed being given to vets at the time I enlisted, but over the period since, I have only seen that VA healthcare deteriorate, and where I was able to get an appointment within 10 days in the beginning, by 2012, when my sight in one eye showed symptoms of a bad disorder, I had to wait 6 months for a diagnosis and another month for treatment and was functionally blind in that eye. At the time that I first saw the symptoms and reported them I heard that the Congress was cutting all appropriations to all of government to control waste and fraud by 2% per year. This continued until I finally reminded my member of the House that on the rifle range over 99% of the rounds fired were accouted for while in combat, less than one rifle round actually did damage, so it seemed to be logical that the troops were wasting 99% of their ammo and money could be easily saved if they would just cut the funds for rifle ammo by 99%. I received no reply.
          In about 2012, the Sec. of the VA was replaced and we were told that about 22,500 more caregivers would be needed to bring it back up to where it should have been, and I crunched some numbers and came to the conclusion that would take all of the new graduates of medical and nursing schools for a year to cover. Since then it has inproved to the extent that only twice that number would be needed today. Between 2012 and today the powers that be in the government have again asserted that if VA care were turned over to the private sector, that care would improve so that twice as many vets could get care at half the price, and the private sector could make a good profit. Is it really true that less can be more and by taking profits off the top, the even less for patient care would be better for all?
          If we would just give Puerto Rico to the private sector, would it really be willing to take on a basket case and wait for 20 or more years before a profit would be made?

      • Craig Stevens

        Thank you for demonstrating again that leftists cannot engage in a reasonable conversation. You want to deport citizens who have a different view than you. How enlightened you are!

        In the meantime, a Puerto Rican mayor and 2 associates have been charged with fraud, specifically for stealing $5 million in aid money that the US Taxpayer provided. The US Taxpayer has sent over $11 billion in aid to Puerto Rico, and will be covering 100% of Medicaid costs to Puerto Ricans through 2019.

        Larry Lewis is correct – Puerto Rican government officials have repeatedly mismanaged, or worse, just plain stolen, millions in tax payer provided relief.

        Puerto Ricans only pay federal taxes if they receive income from foreign endeavors or if they are government employees.

        Your “Puerto Ricans pay taxes just like any other American” is a lie.

        • FLHTCU

          Not to mention the fact that they have repeatedly voted to reject statehood

          • apzzyk

            Their votes would not count because they have no representation in Congress, why put an issue on the ballot when it would not count.

        • apzzyk

          For the past 20 years the people of Puerto Rico would not have paid federal taxes because they did not make enough. It seems that you would want taxation without representation, and we know how well taxing poverty has worked to cure the national debt for the past 40 years.

          • Craig Stevens

            And we have another leftist with a lack of reading comprehension. The people of Puerto Rico are not taxed at the federal level unless they are government workers or make their income from foreign sources.

            That is a fact.

            The claim was made that “Puerto Ricans pay taxes like any other American”. That claim was a lie, and I merely refuted the claim.

            Did I suggest that Puerto Ricans SHOULD be taxed? No, you brain dead cretin, I did not.

            As for “taxing poverty”, this is not done in the USA. In fact, the bottom 47% of income earners – many above the poverty line, pay no taxes.

          • mountie

            You are making the assumption that apzzyk car read.

          • Craig Stevens

            You are quite correct. It is a bad assumption. In the face of facts, he/she did disappear in a hurry.

          • Craig Stevens

            Your hero, Warren Buffet, paid $1.8 million in taxes in 2015. His net worth is $84 billion, and on that, he had income of $11.25 million. This means he earns .013 % in reportable income against his net wealth.

            Another way of looking at this: A person with $84 million in net worth paying $1800 in taxes per year is paying the same rate on his net worth as is Buffet.

            ANYONE who has ANY idea how investments work realizes that there is no one on the PLANET who avoids taxes better than Warren Buffet.

            And you claim he wants to pay more taxes. That’s funny.

            Now, based on your previous posts, you will get your panties in a knot from reading facts. Please note I am not saying Buffet is doing something illegal. I am saying the man pays almost NOTHING in taxes because he uses EVERY legal way to avoid taxes.

            Trump, on the other hand, paid $38 million in 2005 alone. It would take the $84 billion Buffet about 35 years to pay the same taxes as the $3 billion Trump did in one year.

          • apzzyk

            There has never been a tax on accumulated wealth, but only on earnings and the way these have been calculated and taxed over the years has been very favorable to the investor class since Reagan. Before Supply Side, income from investments were taxed at a higher rate than income from actual labor; that has now been reversed, where the highest rate on earned income from labor is still twice what it is on investments. For years Buffet has said that his marginal rate, which is what you cited above is lower than that of his secretary who has to pay much in things like sales taxes, and the other taxes that even I, who’s income is from VA disability and SS pay because I pay property taxes on my home, sales taxes and gasoline taxes even though I do not pay income taxes and have not for 25 years. When the tax and spend democrats were in charge, the middle class were starting to get all of the tax breaks of the corporations. I got to deduct the cost of transportation to and from work, and deduct the estimated fuels taxes, sales taxes of all kinds, depreciate my personal vehilce that was used to go to an from work, all of my real property taxes and some of the insurance, and every time I have heard tax reform I have prepared to pay higher federal and state taxes on income.
            If you look at Trump who prided himself on paying no Federal taxes before the 2016 election and still will not disclose his tax returns and share how he totally avoided taxes.
            I would guess that as an individual taxpayer he does not exist. With Subchapter S corporations or individual corporations such as I had when I was on the road over 90 on my business trips where I would stay for months at a time without coming home to CO. My clients paid the corporation, the corporation paid for my lodging and meals, and since as a contractor, my official place of business was my lodging, that was deductable, so were my expenses in going to an from the office where my client had its office, so the Corporaton was being paid at something like $75 an hour for my time, but I only collected from the corporation minimum wage.
            Under the new tax code, businesses can still deduct all business necessary expenses, which includes all property taxes with all insurance on this property, all of employee salaries and other compensation which includes the employer part of FICA, and all the rest. With Trump and his private business owned 757 it was the same, including depreciation, and all that he had to do on all business travel was to mention the word buiness. He is probably listed as property manager on all of his properties which are also his corporations, so as property manager he pays no rent or utilities on his 3 floors of apartment at Trump Tower . Then there are roll over from year to year business losses, so he could take one of his businesses into bankruptcy, where there would be a business loss for him and then take this loss to another business or businesses which were actually separate corporations, and so for him it was a good business practice to take one into bankruptcy every now an then as required so that he could keep more money in the end. When a business goes bankrupt, it goes out at face value even though it may just be a shell that officially has no assets other than real estate.
            Some years ago Buffet gave his 3 kids their inheritance early and paid the gift taxes at 10% of all amounts over $10,000 each as required by law, so he paid 10% of 2,970,000 – he could have just bought them what they wanted as business property and paid no taxes, but under the corporate laws, they could have got the same amount with him paying no taxes. In 2025 if he would have declared $2 Billion of the money that he donated to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he would have paid no Federal taxes, so he did not declare it so that he could pay almost $2 Million. When he dies all but what his wife needs for personal expenses will be put into a trust account to be doled out to the Gates foundation as necessary for their use.
            Trump charities is under indictment in NY State, for something that will probably not fall back on him as a tax entity, and this may be why his 40 year CEO came forward before being indicted on Federal Tax law violations. He has been notoriously silent on this and the other Cohen related things, which will probably get him after he leaves office if he leaves on his own.
            I have never had that much money and do not spend or need that much, but I have a multimillion dollar malpractice claim for failure to treat and consequencs for the VA, and for other reasons, I am not expecting much of a fight, so by Christmas I expect to have a check on the US Treasury on my bulletin board, while I try to figure out how to get rid of that much in the time I have left. Even though they are overage to be college freshman, if my two grandsons who are that age want to go they can, with some strings attached. Their younger bro who is about 6 will get an educational trust; my great grandson will also get one, and then off I will go to find worthy causes and worthy people – I am like Warren – the only use for money is to spend and the use for too much money is to spend on worthy causes so that I can enjoy the smiles on people’s faces. My dad was a money hoarder, who was still saving money for his old age when he died at 89, and he could have lived a lot longer based on family longevity if he would have just done some reasonable things, like take a walk that is longer than from his bedroom to his lounge chair more than one round trip a day. He weighed over 350, gravity had taken him from 6’2″ to about 5’9″, I bought him a 5# weight and he thought tat it was too heavy to make one curl. I walked a couple of miles today and saw only one other just plain walker, and then there was the 60 something lady that was being towed by her doodle; at least we were moving. I am going to Mexico to try to find an old friend and see how I can make his peasant life and that of his family better. Smiles are worth more than anything in the bank. The US is a failed state because of Greed and not having the joy or sharing. Have a good for you trip to the place where we will all be equal, again.

          • Craig Stevens

            Your lack of knowledge is astonishing. Even in the 50’s, Capital Gains were taxed at lower rates than Ordinary income was. You are no longer worth my time. Blocked.

          • apzzyk

            According to my daughter, her mom who got the house that we paid $10,000 about 30 years before and she turned into a rental when she moved and just sold about 2 years ago for $250,000, so with all that she has had to put into it over the years might go as high as a $50,000 total investment, my ex paid $35,000 in capital gains on the $200,000, which would have been about 17.5%. The rates for 2018 are 10%-12%. If your Google says different from my Google let me know.

  • justdave

    Vote for statehood or become independent. Stop mooching off of the US. If Puerto Rico becomes an independent country, then the corrupt spanish culture will be a beacon for international crime, terrorism, etc.

    • James Maxwell

      Remember the last time that statehood came up in congress radicals fired upon congress during the
      state hood debate.

  • Mort Leith

    He shouldn’t give that toilet a penny !
    They’re worse than Greece…..

  • Jj Doodah

    We need to take better control of PR……they can’t govern themselves. After the Hurricane, they just sat around and expected everyone else to fix it for them. Maybe we should sell it to Mexico or Cuba, and buy a more progressive cultured country….like the Phillipines…

  • Jacob Metzger

    Of course he cares about them. Aid was sent ASAP. It is not his fault that the officials there miscounted the dead and all of a sudden months later, come up with a much bigger toll. As far as I am concerned there is no better reason to believe the latest version of casualties than there was to believe the first grossly incorrect version. If people would think before they automatically attack the President over every thing that goes wrong on the planet, the truth would be more accurate than it is now. But who wants truth when Fake News and wild accusations make for much more interesting reading than the actual truth. And the real truth is still possible in this society, but only if people acknowledge it as such.

  • James Maxwell

    You mean the same Puerto Rico where the mayor lied and hid supplies from the resident and where Hildabeast
    and company stole million designated for relief. Sounds like this Mental retard from the Socialist camp has
    his head up the Anal passage of a jackass and cannot see his own ignorance but plenty of political bias
    against anyone who might point out where the corruption lies and who is responsible for it.

  • Ron C

    Non-sense…Gutiérrez is talking gibberish! Billions were sent to Puerto Rico…and what did the socialist’s democrat government in Puerto Rico do…???
    I tell you what they did, they stuffed what they could into their pockets and let the rest of it rot on the docks…you can damn sure bet the socialist’s bellies were full though!
    This is the same story across America…were every you have the socialist democrats in charge, you have corruption, bankruptcies, and dead cities! Take California for example they soon will be asking the rest of the countries tax payers to bail them out of their bankruptcy,
    As the socialist democrat’s destroy a once wonderful state!

  • parthenon1

    Come on Guiterrez, president Trump has way more than Puerto Rico to worry about ! He has our whole nation plus the protectorates. I would suggest the leadership of the island get their act together and bring a resonable listing of needs (not wants that can be stolen by crooked, (Dem), leadership but a true list of needs with what the PR people need and then the negoitations can begin. We have already pumped billions of $ into them when the hurricane hit and most of it was wasted or stolen. Tney have to remember they are part of a dynamic capitalistic society not a banana republic any more, any one can achieve greatness or nothing it mostly has to do with personal ambition not the public welfare program !

  • Gary Fulford

    Quite honestly, I am really sorry for the lost of life, but they only have to look inwards to find the problem…their elected officials. Pueto-Rico joins the growing list of the Socialist operated states with CA leading the pack. They create these problems with financial mismanagement, fraudulent activities, and theft. And to hear Gutierrez, IL. favorite child speak, is sickening, I mean a state that has been Socialist control since forever, all but bankrupt due to the same issues, and organized crime control unions. And to further add that he read Omarosa’s book and agree, only shows that they are very convincing liars.

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    From the way I saw it-Never saw a Big Bunch of Un-Organized repersentitives-They were Democrats-Of course-Crying About how everything was everybodies Else’s Fault-The Presidents-America-Didn’t care-Then they find Shipments Of Food and Items-Gone Bad-Because they spent so much time fussing-And not taking care of Their people.You need to Vote-Those Idiots out of Office-Think they’re Crooks.

  • Albert L Biele

    The only difference between a bank robber and a Puerto-Rico politician is a mask. The people suffer because of internal corruption, and until that is fixed, nothing good is going the happen. The billions already given were sucked up by political bandits.

    • Soloved

      Thats why we should keep it private, (churches, businesses and private individuals)) as they will be more careful where the precious resources go!

      • 1_Eddie_1

        But, the food that we donated was left to rot, and be eaten by rats as it sat in the shipping containers at the port.

        • Soloved

          Sure, as there are distribution logistics headaches involved in transporting large amounts of supplies, big Island. Yes and bandits, but, you can bet Samaritans Purse Ministries don’t let that happen to their supplies. Have to trust someone, and for my money, its Samaritans Purse! Keep the faith, Thanks

          • 1_Eddie_1

            Samaritans Purse is a fantastic ministry. However, food and supplies that were delivered to the island of Puerto Rico was left in the port at San Juan inside of shipping containers and very little was allowed to be delivered whether it was privately donated or from the goverment. This action by the Mayor of San Juan was purely political and in my opinion evil. Unfortunately, it is a fact that this happened and we should not be discouraged from helping our fellow man, but we should be very vocal about what happened.

          • Soloved

            Eddie, Samaritans Purse flew in their supplies Via their DC-8 cargo plane. They did not use the port. Here is a story of how they responded almost one year ago. But true, there was political shenanigans going on, but didn’t effect S.P. ministry. Thanks


  • Soloved

    No, the question should be; “Do we the people of America not care about Puerto Rico?” Churches and private citizens have clearly shown to be more capable in helping fellow victims than the Federal agencies! The old saying; “if you want something done, do it yourself”. Together, the American people are strong, helpful and generous! Go here to see what you can do; Click on-

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    No, you need to get rid of the lying, corrupt Demonrats in power on that island nation.
    Cruz was in charge and she left everything to spoil on the loading docks and called off the truckers there.
    Then she had the nerve to distribute supplies to her crooked cronies instead of the people there.
    She also had quite the air time smearing our President while standing in front of the supplies she claimed
    were never sent. She also skipped the planning sessions with other leaders and our president. This was a
    planning session on how to best distribute the supplies to the people. They also hoarded the supplies to
    restore the power to the people. They never lifted a finger to help their own people. SHAME on THEM!!!
    These crooked leaders are about to be indicted for the money and supplies that they stole.

  • Albedamned!

    Pull the plug on this anti-American cesspool!

  • disqus_62uNYdi7Wj

    Guess this dumbass thinks we forgot that we had 10000 people over there to help and they showed pictures of hundreds of trucks on the dock loaded with food and supplies and not moving because their truckers were on strike and their shithead government didn’t have the balls to order them to work.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    The Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin let food supplies rot in containers. People that donated food to their churches to be sent for hurricane relief, donated in vain. The rats got to eat the donated food. The Mayor is afflicted by TDS or Trump Derangement Syndrome and refused to give supplies needed to bring up the power grid to the power company that was sent to the island. This was a fraud perpetrated on the people of Puerto Rico by the Mayor of San Juan just to try to make President Trump look bad. Her actions are beyond shameful.

  • Ed

    I say we send Luis Gutierrez down there, permanently, and let him fix the problems.
    That would be a win for this country.

    • robert brydge

      yes & take all his illegal brethen with him

    • Charles Lagioia


    • irish1919

      Gutierrez like all Demonrats today are evil. Should lock all of them up.

  • Terry Butts

    when the official death toll was under one hundred the response the president gave at the time was not a statement of “not worth the money and the resources to help you.” the response based on the LIES we were given by Puerto Rico was appropriate.

    Even then they MISUSED what aid they were given some was even embezzled yet we are supposed to blame the president because he did not give them a BLANK CHECK to use however they wanted?

    When the government of Puerto Rico downplayed the amount of damage and death they have no room to complain that the aid MATCHED what was needed based on what they claimed at the time. So now that the truth is out it seems they expect a RETROACTIVE change to the aid given.

  • James Earp

    Remember cast not your pearls before swine that’s money.


    This is the prick I call motor mouth. If he is worried, then gather all your two-faced Democrats and go to Puerto Rico. Maybe, if the political assholes didn’t steal the funds provided, like the Clintons then you wouldn’t have to run your mouth.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    let the $uckers starve , just like here they turn our cities into slums , let them get off their lazy a$$es and rebuild it them selves , no they want to sit on their a$$es and watch us tax payers pay to turn a $hit hole into vegas , while the corrupt government bleeds them dry

  • Douglas Sherrow, LTG

    I assume that Puerto Rico is not inhabited with all WASPs otherwise I am sure Trump would assist.

  • Albert L Biele

    The Majority of Puerto-Ricans are good people, but the political corruption and the fraudulent manipulation of funds by greedy politicians, over many decades, including recent USA disaster funds, have been misappropriated, resulting in the present hardships now being experienced by the people. Time for the people to clean the swamp and bring this Island back to its former glory.

  • apzzyk

    Puerto Rico was taken from Spain at the end of Spanish American War along with Cuba and The Philipines, and while the other 2 were given their independence, Puerto Rico was not and was considered an economic asset of the US, because it served as a Naval Base in both WWI and WWII, and the issue of statehood or independence was before the Congress several times after WWII, with those favoritng independence attacking the House of Representatives, killing and wounding several members in about 1948, and so long as it was an economic asset, it got favorable attention from the US and as late as the 1970’s a close friend was assigned there as an Air Traffic Controller. But as its economic importance has decreased it had not gotten the same attention as any of the 50 states had gotten – While we have spent billions to try to clean up after the other major hurricanes, Puerto Rico has not gotten enough money from the Feds as have other natural disaster sites even though the people there are citizens of the US. This is something like after another hurricane that destroyed much of the infrastructure in Vermont did over the objections of former Rep Eric Cantor, a member of the GOP House leadership wanted to block. With this the handwriting was on the wall that the US was no longer the United States but the Red and Blue states as we can see from the great tax cuts of last year where people in the blue states will pay more taxes than those in the red states with the same income.
    As for the casualtits. People are still dying from Agent Orange and other experiences and injuries which they suffered there, and they are not getting the government attention that they merit and have earned. The vet suicide rate is still 2 times the expected number and there are still Nam vets waiting for care at our neglected VA Hospitals and clinics, for much the same reason – saving the taxpayers money is more important than lives. The additional deaths beyond those first reported who could have lived if the medical attention which they needed were provided. If such a disaster would hit any of the Red states, they would have gotten the aid from the rest of the country that they needed. From the day that the storm of last year ended we found that the Hospital Ship that was based on the East Coast had neither the supplies or the staff to get their within days, so it took weeks or months, to even get medical personell to the sites and then more time to get those who needed treatment to where they could get it. In Iraq and Afganistan and injured troop is in a hospital within hours of their getting wounded or injured. The people of Puerto Rico, as US citizens deserve at least the same, but they are brown and Spanish speaking.. The really big wastes of time and possible fraud were done by FEMA and other agencies by giving contracts to those without the ability to provide the services. There was the electric contractor who happens to have been based in MT in the same town as the Sec. of Interior, who had only a very few employees, and had no capacity to do anything for the first month until its contract was canceled; there was the food supping contractor, that was just a part time catering company that did not provide any of the meals that it was supposed to supply. The elected leaders of the people of Puerto Rico did nt total no-no of criticizine Trump for the lack of response and may have been accused of other crimes because of this, just like he wants to charge the ones who leaked to Woodward and wrote the editorial with treason for telling the truth. All of the people have denied that they leaked, but the facts of the stories remain unchallenged.
    If the US cannot takes care of its responsibilities then it should give Puerto Rico indepnendence with severance pay. The too, it is not qualified to be a state because it would vote for Democrats, and they might have swung the election the other way, or maybe Trump would have still won by loosing another million of the popular vote.

  • parthenon1


  • Idaho Jim

    Alex Jones = Free Speech Banned by Disqus MAGA President Trump

  • Albedamned!

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