Do You Believe Russia Helped Donald Trump Become President?

Fellow American,

Despite having zero evidence to support their claims, the mainstream media constantly rolls out headline after headline claiming that “Russian trolls and hackers” helped Donald Trump become President of the United States. 

Of course, they conveniently leave out the fact that eight days before the election, even the FBI concluded there was no clear link between Russia and Trump.

Undeterred, the liberals have gone so far as to accuse our President of being a Russian asset since 1987!

Is this attack fair?

Are you worried that somehow, some way that Robert Mueller will get President Trump to be removed from office?

Make your voice heard and vote in our nationwide poll.


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  • PBHayes

    No more than Russia helped Clinton, Bush or Obama become President. The American electorate is in large part quite uninformed and not very bright. They tend to believe complete nonsense and vote based on personal needs without regard to what’s best for the nation.

  • doc suske

    ’nuff said!

  • James Earp

    Russia in public view helped Obama steal 2 elections never forget the open Mic.

  • robertleo

    No, but the Democrats believe it.

  • Maria Rua

    No. HRC put that out to keep people from talking about all the stuff Wikileaks outed her on. None of it is true.


    The Russian Collusion has already been proven! Mueller delivered HRC Uranium to the Russians. The Russians DID NOT have ANYTHING to do with the 2016 elections. President Trump is the VICTIM of a DNC/SOROS/NWO/COMMUNIST COUP ATTEMPT!

    • Philip fabiano

      1. Russia didn’t buy uranium, they bought a percentage of a uranium mining company, owned by a Canadian company that mines uranium in US,
      2. All uranium mined in U.S.stays in U.S.
      3. The grade of uranium being mined is not used for weapons!
      4. A nine member board, who control all foreign purchases, approved the sale! They have said they would approve it today, if presented!
      5. The person who donated money to the Clinton foundation, did NOT own stocks in the mining company!
      6. Hillary did not have direct contact with the approval of this sale!
      This whole thing is a diversion from Mueller indictments!​

      • W. Coyote

        Phillip- Thanks for posting a great, apolitical summary. The problem is that many Republicans and other Trump fans aren’t interested in dispassionate facts.

  • C. LeSaint

    NO, it was us, the America loving Patriots who voted Donald Trump as President!!

  • Peggy Cantley

    No, it has already been proven! it is only the democrats that want control of the government so they can forge though with their SOCIALISM AGENDA A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!

  • Tom Murphy

    Russia had every reason to support Hillary for President because she sold them uranium for nuclear weapons for cash to the Clinton Foundation slush fund and she could always be tapped for classified information on her unprotected private computer server and on the unprotected computers of her entourage with whom she freely shared classified information.

    • Angelika K Griffin

      Yep, SHE TRIED to HELP herself by giving UP “Classified” Government Info FREELY to just ANYONE and EVERYBODY around the GLOBE, probably HOPING so MANY other countries would HELP her win THAT “MOST DESIRED PRIZE” to sell ALL of America OUT to THEM ALL…….!!!! Was a GLOBAL “thing” you know…..!!!!

    • Philip fabiano

      1. Russia didn’t buy uranium, they bought a percentage of a uranium mining company, owned by a Canadian company that mines uranium in US,
      2. All uranium mined in U.S.stays in U.S.
      3. The grade of uranium being mined is not used for weapons!
      4. A nine member board, who control all foreign purchases, approved the sale! They have said they would approve it today, if presented!
      5. The person who donated money to the Clinton foundation, did NOT own stocks in the mining company!
      6. Hillary did not have direct contact with the approval of this sale!
      This whole thing is a diversion from Mueller indictments!​

      • Tom Murphy

        Philip Fabiano: Lies, lies, lies!!! I’m sure you’re a close friend of Hillary.

        • Philip fabiano

          Really? The best you can do is say “lies lies lies.” These are facts and only facts. Look them up on the Fox News site which is where I gathered most of the information. If it makes you rest better to believe whatever propaganda fits your narrative then sleep well but you are deluding yourself. Clinton didn’t sell any uranium to Russia. Don’t do it because it might be disconcerting to you but Google: FOX NEWS Shep Smith uranium and see what you find: The news clip where Fox News anchor Shep Smith annihilates a favorite Hillary Clinton ‘scandal,’ the Uranium One deal

          During the broadcast, Smith debunks Republicans’ claims that the Obama administration and the Clinton-led State Department approved a deal allowing a Russian company to buy a Canadian company with mining interests in the US in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation.

          Smith points out that the Uranium One deal was unanimously approved by representatives of nine government agencies, just one of which was the Clinton-led State Department. And there is no proof that Clinton personally approved the deal, as one of her deputies officially signed off on it.

          “The accusation is predicated on the charge that Secretary Clinton approved the sale. She did not,” Smith said. “A committee of nine evaluated the sale, the president approved the sale, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and others had to offer permits, and none of the uranium was exported for use by the US to Russia.”

          • Tom Murphy

            Brett Kavanaugh is now an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Go home and cry yourself to sleep. And when you wake up, ask your mommy to make you some hot cocoa.

          • Philip fabiano

            Again, the best you can do in response to the “FACTS” regarding the silly claim that Clinton sold uranium to Russia is “Lies, lies, lies” and Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court. Frankly I think you are the child here. Your response in defense of your claim that Clinton sold uranium is “I know you are but what am I.” Not is not a serious response but looks like that is all you have. I guess you are upset that even Fox News sometimes tells the truth???

          • Tom Murphy

            Philip Fabiano: You’re beating a dead horse and wasting your life in a lost cause.

          • Philip fabiano

            The best you can do with facts that even Fox News agrees with is “your beating a dead horse?” In the word of your hero: “Sad.” Your the one who brought up this Clinton uranium canard and obviously the only way you can support it is to say “it’s a lie, she sold uranium to Russians.” Foolish little man!

    • W. Coyote

      Tom- You might want to check the detailed accounting by Phillip fabiano above. You also might want to consider what Putin said out loud and in public at the Helsinki summit. ” I wanted Donald Trump to be elected”.

      • Tom Murphy

        W. Coyote: So, you believe everything that Putin says??? You have that in common with the Russian Communist Party rank and file. You should get a membership card, if you don’t already have one.

        • W. Coyote

          Good morning Tom- No I don’t “believe everything that Putin says”. But when asked if he wanted Trump to be elected, here is what he said-
          “Yes, I did. Yes, I did. Because he talked about bringing the U.S.-Russia relationship back to normal,” Putin said, standing alongside Trump at a joint news conference.
          When he is referred to “normal” in the U.S.-Russia relationship, he is referring to the sanctions that were put in place by the Obama administration. As I’m sure you are well aware, Putin was furious with President Obama for those sanctions and at Hillary because she made some public comments questioning the legitimacy of Putin’s election. He sought his revenge by the attack on our election.
          I have zero interest in communism or the “Russian Communist Party”. I have no idea what your comment is getting at.

          • Tom Murphy

            W. Coyote: You are generating subversive propaganda against the most competent, most patriotic and most effective president in the USA in decades. He continues sanctions against Russia and imposed new sanctions on China and North Korea that Obama and Hillary would never dream of doing because of their “reset button” and because of the monetary bonanza to the Clintons’ Slush Fund for uranium sold to Russia. Hillary also spoke on “Meet The Press” of bringing tens of thousands of Moslem refugees into the USA as a first installment on a continuous Moslem resettlement stream into every state of the USA and she continues her relationship with Linda Sarsour who is a front agent for ISIS and Al Qaida and an admirer of the leader of the Moslem terrorist training camp for children in New Mexico. I could go on for several paragraphs on this but I’m busy today and have other important things to accomplish. If you want we can continue later, Comrade Coyote.

          • W. Coyote

            Good morning Tom- “…subversive propaganda..”? Really? I was just quoting exact words from a very public press conference.
            Trump failed to enact sanctions against Russia that were passed by Congress. He has also praised Putin while criticizing our own intelligence agencies and law enforcement. He has not stood up to Putin over the cyber-attack of 2016. Do you have any ideas about he would do nothing to protect our elections?
            Concerning the much repeated conspiracy theory “the Clinton’s Slush Fund for uranium sold to Russia”, I again refer you to Phillip Fabiano’s comment above. I don’t have any hope that you will accept what he says, but if you have any small part of an open mind, it would be good to consider the facts.
            Otherwise, I hope you and your family are doing well today.

  • William Weseloski

    No, I helped elect our President!

    • ebenezeer

      I agree

    • Angelika K Griffin

      THANK YOU for that…..!!! VERY MUCH APPRECIATED…..!!!!

  • Jigsaw


  • Ah nutz

    not even a tad… if they wanted anyone it would’ve been Clinton = she got ’em our uranium and would’ve sold ’em the white house if the $ was good.

  • Agostino

    If it turns out the Russians helped elect President Trump, I want the name and address of their ambassador so I can send a thank you note.

    • Angelika K Griffin

      That’s a VERY NICE “thought/idea”…..!!!!!

    • Philip fabiano

      How simply American of you!

  • armydadtexas

    NO! There was no “collusion” between President Trump and the Russian Government! Yes there was collusion between the Hilda-Beast and the Russian Government! The Brady Cops will of course not look into it. The Brady Cops are idiots with no ethics .
    So no the Russian Government had NOTHING TO do with President Trump winning the election. Hillary (the Hilda-beast) was the reason Donald Trump won the election. See Hillary Clinton is a LIAR, she is TRASH and a leftist nut job. And yes, she colluded with the Russian Government and probably still does!

  • underthewire

    Well since Russia is a communistic country I can not claim divine intervention. But it’s possible.

  • CC Ryder

    Russia didn’t make me vote for Trump. Hillary did.

  • Brabado

    Not at all… Not at all!

    The ones TRULY responsible for convincing American Voters, to elect Donald Trump, President, where Muslim Lover Barack Obama, Criminal Hillary, the DNC, Susan Rice, Eric Holden, John Podesta, Loretta Lynch, Bernie Sanders, Pocahontas Warren, Maxi. Waters, and known serial Rapist Bill Clinton, among other Corrupt-Crooked Liberal Democrats.

    Yet, as in the past, they just want to pass on the blame to Russia BUT, American Voters know the Clinton Mafia MO much better!…


    Semper fi..

  • Angelika K Griffin

    Actually it was CHINA “trying” to HELP hillary….BUT “something” went TERRIBLY WRONG as their HACKING wasn’t so WELL THOUGHT OUT…..!!!???

  • mwood13

    the only russians that helped trump are the demo-commey russians

    • Angelika K Griffin

      YEP, ALL of those POOR little “devils”……..!!!!!

  • Albedamned!

    DJT is a victim of the corrupt Democratic politics!

  • Joel WS

    [Do You Believe Russia Helped Donald Trump Become President?]

    I believe the last six or eight decades of progressive liberalism in the democratic party and the HRC campaign helped Donald Trump Become President. The biased media, politicized FBI and some wild RINOs might have teamed up for the assist as well.

  • W. Coyote

    There is no question that Russians, from Putin on down, wanted Trump to be elected. Whether their cyber warfare attack alone accounts for Trump’s victory is harder to determine. We do know that Trump’s margin of victory was razor thin. It boiled down to about 30,000 voters spread between Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. While it is possible that the Russian attack was enough- we just don’t know yet. But all American citizens deserve a full accounting of the election in the form of the report from Robert Mueller.

  • Paul Lang

    Cannot believe the Russians would prefer Trump over Hillary. They were getting away with murder under Obama/Hillary. Why would they want someone stronger and more challenging to their agenda?

  • Ronald Gunn

    I voted for trump and the Russians had nothing to do with me voting for Trump

  • Johnny Nightrider

    I voted for President Trump and he won.If that Skag B.S. they call a woman Hillary had won there would have been more and worse mayhem and problems from that killing Monster Hillary.She won’t be around much longer.She’s very ill.

  • Jim Eckerberg

    If Russia was going to help someone become President, they would back Clinton!!! The difference between Hillary Democrats and Communism is 0! They would want the Damncraps!!!

  • Dawn Martin

    No it is not fair because it has not been proven and therefore is not factual and no business being portrayed in such a manner. To do so is completely unethical and could even possibly be considered slanderous.

  • Dawn Martin

    No, it has not been proven. Therefore these types of statements are not factual. This suggests the news that is portraying the president in this manner are contributing to unethical practices. To say these things could even be considered slanderous and result in lawsuits.

  • Dawn Martin

    By proven, means proven in a court of law.

  • Alan Manduca

    I don’t know but I think Hillary though that she would win because she sold uranium to the Russians. - 2015 | Privacy Policy