Did Trump’s CIA Love Torture

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told media sources he did not approve of Trump’s choice to lead the CIA, Gina Haspel, becuase she “loved the idea of someone being tortured.”

Paul said, “One of the things I liked about President Trump is he consistently and loudly opposed regime change in Iraq, the Iraq war. He’s appointing people around him that not only support the Iraq war, never learned the lesson that regime change led to instability and chaos in the Middle East. These are people who he’s appointing Pompeo that have advocated for regime change next door. These are not people who support the notion that the Iraq war was misguided.”

“On Mrs. Haspel, if you read her quotes, when she was present during waterboarding, she was gleeful at the waterboarding and sort of gloating at the fact that the guy is acting as he’s struggling to breathe and drowning in fluid. This is not what America stands for. Torture is not what America is about. I have family members in the armed service. I don’t want to send a message to the world that torture is fine. Our young men and women can be captured at some point too. If the whole world thinks America tortures prisoners, they’ll do the same to ours. This is a woman who is a poster child for what went wrong with waterboarding after 9/11. She should never ever be advanced to any position in the CIA.”

  • Have to agree with Senator Paul on this one. Anyone who would use torture is by definition a BAD person, and EVIL person; exactly the kinds of people we went to war against in WWII to stop, and who were captured, tried at Nuremburg, and executed. Mrs. Haspel is a spiritual sister of the Nazi Party, and has no business being placed anywhere within our government.

    • Kyle

      The thing that you and Rand forget, is that the people in the Middle East already torture and kill people.

    • kate777

      Ms. Haspel is no more a spiritual sister of the Nazi Party than you or me ( I am just giving you the benefit of doubt :-0) Just for the Record, the U.S. went to war with Germany due to not agreeing with Germany’s ideology and since Japan drew the U.S. into the war in December 1941, the U.S. took on Germany too. No one knew what Germany was doing to not only the Jews but to mentally, physically deformed people as well as politically anti-Nazi’s of their own country until late in the war in 1944-1945 as little by little the U.S. and England, and other Nations were informed by people who escaped Germany…and it took the discovery of the Concentration camps for us all to really believe what was done by the Nazi’s and the German people. There is Evil in this world and if we all played by the same rules, we would not need interrogation nor drastic measures but Evil could care less as we have witnessed over and over…ISIS being one, Nazi’s as being another , and the various groups who have become Terrorists. I am glad you feel safe enough but quite frankly there are many people whose lives would have been saved had ‘torture’ been put into effect. Sounds cruel and unforgiving but Enemies are not nice people who will give up information when asked. We would all like to believe we can live without cruelty but we witness it daily; sometimes one has to do what needs to be done to keep not only our Nation safe, but other Nations too have to do what has to be done to keep them safe too.

    • Windber

      Before you go and assume what we use for torture, and what they use, is somehow equivalent, you might consider they do it for keeps. I believe we let them live. Warfare may not meet your expectations.

    • John Flynn

      When she spproved of waterboarding it was “LEGAL”; it wasn’t outlawed for a few yrs yet. Meanwhile, remember the national fear right after 9/11? Americans wanted answers on who did it and why it was done! I disagree with Paul on this one…

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I think that America better wake up cause there are people who will do any thing that they want to do to you in this old world of ours. LOOK AT WHAT THEY’ER DOING IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND SOME OTHER COUNTRIES THESE DAYS.

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