Did Trump Ridicule Ford?

CNN’s Jake Tapper criticized the president for making fun of Christine Blasey Ford testimony against Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Tapper stated, “Just days after President Trump said he found Christine Blasey Ford to be a quote, ‘credible witness with,’ quote, ‘compelling testimony’ that Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her back in the 80’s,’ the president at a campaign rally mocked that very same testimony, turning Professor Christine Blasey Ford into an object of ridicule.”

After playing the clip of the president mocking Ford, Tapper stated, “Uproarious laughter, having fun at her expense, whether or not you believe that pain was inflicted by Brett Kavanaugh.”

“We don’t know if President Trump thinks it’s useful to ridicule a woman claiming she was sexually assaulted or if he just did it ’cause he thought it was fun. But let’s take a moment to reflect that the President of the United States believes it’s appropriate. There appears to be no bottom.”

  • Spunky

    Well Ford lied anyway

  • flashy0ne

    No, she did a pretty good job without help from the President. All he did was call attention to what she DIDN’T KNOW about what she ACCUSED someone else of doing !!! (where, when & how you got there and home)

  • Ron Long

    What he did was not ridicule, it was a statement of facts the main stream media was not reporting. He knew if he said it that they could no longer ignore the facts and utter insanity of Dr Fords claim.

    • GomeznSA

      Ah but you see facts in the real world are considered ridicule in la la liberal land, and they are sooooo ‘hurtful’ as well.

    • robertleo

      Agree Ron.

  • Monticello Shuttles

    I’m with Ron Long below me. He stated exactly what I was going to.

  • JoAnn Graham

    He was fact checking her testimony unlike cnn who never fact checks

  • depaz

    She called Kavanaugh a sexual predator and rapist. Trump called her a liar. I fail to see the problem. . . . .

  • Ah nutz

    was pointing out the more than obvious flaws.

  • Ron C

    Non-sense…stating facts when the democrat parties news media won’t is fair play…when you make accusations with absolutely no proof or corroboration and the dishonest news media claims it is creditable…Well plain & simply it has to be called out for what it is, a scam…period!

  • slicerdicer

    “Savages ford’s Testimony” How? When all Trump was doing was basically reading the report written by Prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell.

  • libsarescum

    He was just repeating what she said in her testimony, but even if he were, the lying skank deserves to be mocked.

  • Larry Lewis

    Let’s see, she made up the whole story and her history is full of made up stories, sexual misconduct and add to that what she gained so far is at least one million from fund me accounts. She was willingly used by the dems and whatever she reaps negatively she deserves.

  • DEW

    IF Ford was Credible–Powerful Etc I just wonder where those that thought the same really were educated and what in?? For a DOCTER with lots of Degrees ? My 5 yr old grandkids have more learning and Intelligence–Like most that watched her testimony her story is so FULL of HOLES I’d have to believe my cat if it meowed and believed that gave me a sign that I tried to kill it –PLAIN STUPID of those that believe some story that was made up to delay and change the TRUTH–many people on the left should be INVESTIGATED for their parts in participating in FALSE stories of ANY KIND by ANY INVOLVED. MORE and more voting for Demo’s will be leaving their parties for what they SEE as the Truth! Wonder HOW LOTS of those senators ever got their positions ?? Was it because they used their OWN Untruthful tactics or DID MONEY get them there?? Americans –LOOK at the TOTAL Picture PLEASE–For the GOOD of this Country! dgl

    • rob paul

      Yes, investigate Ford and her attorneys. Follow the money.

  • rob paul

    repeating hwat Ford said (or didn’t remember) is not ridiculing. I was surprised that he said she was a credible witness, as she was not as the only thing she could remember were that she had one beer and it was Kavanaugh who groped her.

  • Albedamned!

    Never mind that, she should be tried for lying during this Democrat scripted charade! If I am to testify against anyone, WOULD I BE ALLOWED TO READ OFF OF A SCRIPT?

  • Calling em like he sees em and he isn’t the only one that knew this was BS from day one.

  • Freedom

    This is a two way street. Not just the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS way!!!

  • Malta O’Gorman

    President Trump did nothing but state the facts presented by Blasey-Ford. Something may at sometime happened to her but it certainly wasn’t by Judge Kavanaugh aka HS classmate! She made herself out to be the liar!

  • Becky Beard Farthing

    Ford was lying and deserves to be ridiculed! I doubt anything ever happened to her! She was coached by the dems and her lawyers!

  • JohnWayne

    Ford is a lying soros paid fraud who imitated a 4 year old child with her fake crackle.

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