Did Bill Maher Cross The Line

Bill Maher of HBO’s “Real Time,” said on his show that National Security Adviser John Bolton is “what they call ‘an asshole’s asshole.’”

Maher stated John Bolton “has experience with incompetence” for having worked under President Bush.

He added, “John Bolton came here, we talked to him. He’s another one of those hawks…who never served in Vietnam. The only person, by the way, in military history who was classified 4F because of his mustache. That’s very rare. But, you know, he was all gung-ho, John Bolton was, for the war in Iraq, wants now to mix it up big time with Iran and North Korea. He’s what they call an asshole’s asshole.”

  • JohnGaltTexas

    Opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one. Some a$$hole$ are just much larger than others.

    • Joe704

      Somebody once told me: “When you point a finger at somebody, you have 3 fingers pointed back at you”. Back at you, Bill!

  • Paul Barton

    Imagine what would have happened if someone on national television called Obama an asshole’s asshole…and that would have been the gospel truth, if there ever was one.

    • richard stark

      But he was A..’s A…

    • pat

      Paul, no truer words would have ever been spoken in fact l’d donate to charity if some would jerk celebrity would call obuma an asshole’s asshole. It has a nice ring to it. It would make a good campaign slogan for the national stage ” Don’t vote democrap and elect another asshole’s asshole ” like obuma. Paid for by the do not elect assholes committee .

  • Bored

    What line did Maher cross?

    • dansin

      For being a A$$ HOLE do you get it A$$ HOLE A$$ HOLE Have a nice day !

      • Bored

        Eat sht and shut up.

        • dansin

          LMAO! boy U/R the DUMBEST POS!

          • Bored


          • dansin


          • Bored


          • Bored

            Answer. The. Question.

      • Bored

        You never did tell me what line Maher crossed, sweetheart. That makes YOU the DUMBEST POS!

  • lighteredknot

    The a**holes are Billy Clinton and Jimmy Carter who allowed North Korea to become nuclear and hussain obam who fully enabled Iran to become nuclear and mean while blocking Israel from stabilizing that situation, if you understand the drift (tangent). Now Trump has inherited the can,which has been kicked into the cul-de-sac against the curb. Trump can not kick it, but he will definitely deal with it as the foolish libs go berserk. I believe little Kim now realizes he is not dealing with muslim obama now.

  • ernldo

    Maher, another usual suspect seditionist and most likely no stranger to 0bama’s a$$hole….

    • Apolloone

      LOL ernldo: Maher is definitely guilty in your first charge, If I had to choose right or wrong on your second charge I would say you’re right and feel comfortable that I made the correct choice.

  • richard stark

    Just wonder, Maher – did you serve in Vietnam? Iraq? Korea? Anywhere at all?

  • Daniel Graves

    If Maher dislikes Bolton, that is all I need to know. He is the real A hole. Bolton will wipe out the leaks and finally make progress with the subversive Obam operaties. How on earth does Maher have a presence at all. He has no tallent.

  • kbmiller

    It takes one to know one, and he hangs with them all.

  • When Maher looks in the mirrir all he sees is a Big Asshole!!!

    • Mark Young


  • Steven Earle

    And in what unit did Maher serve in at any time/place? Let him rail no one listens to him any way..

  • Jmanjo

    Maher is the ass in asshole!

  • pat

    Why don’t these hypocrites take a look in the mirror,how much time did maher spend serving his country, I’d be willing to bet none at all. Even if by some glish in time he was in the military I’ll bet he was just as worthless there as he is now.

  • Stephen Serafin

    Once upon a time, long, long, long ago, I used to listen to Billy Boy as entertainment but kicked him to the curb when I found him beyond imbecile. Every once in a great while, he sounds like he has some brain cells working, but in his case, “stupid is as stupid does” [Forrest Gump].

  • MS_Steve

    … and Maher “knows a brown eye” when he sees one (he usually returns a wink or maybe a kissy face)

    • Dr Lloydtaverious

      I wonder if Kenny S. would invite him over to his house for supper…lol

  • patriot

    when have you ever done anything right we the people need to vote the communist out of office

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