Dems Must Double Down on ‘Identity Politics’

In what may be music to the ears of former White House Chief Strategist Bannon, former Hillary Clinton adviser Zerlina Maxwell urged Democrats to double down on “identity politics” during an MTP Daily discussion on Monday.

Maxwell said on MSNBC that “identity politics need to be at the center of what the Democrats need to do going forward” even though Bannon told the American Prospect‘s Robert Kuttner that Republicans would “crush” Democrats if they become the salad-bowl party.

“The Democrats,” Bannon told Kuttner, “the longer they talk about identity politics, I got ’em. I want them to talk about racism every day. If the left is focused on race and identity, and we go with economic nationalism, we can crush the Democrats.”

New York Times reporter Nick Confessore pointed out that it is impossible for Democrats to be a majority party “absent a coalition of a substantial number of working-class white voters.” He pointed out that every Democrat who was won the presidency, including former President Barack Obama, has won over working-class white voters in places like Macomb County, Michigan. Confessore said that if Democrats don’t appeal to these voters, they will continue to be a “minority party for years to come.”

Mark Lilla, the author of The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics, recently told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, that Bannon understands the country’s politics.


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  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    The only way the democraps will beat the republican party at this time is to be more in touch with reality and stop acting like little kids throwing a temper tantrum.

  • Daniel from TN

    Nothing new here folks! Move along.

  • W. Coyote

    Of course the saintly Republicans would never stoop to identity politics-except for all the talk of “real Americans”, and except for the 99.9% white rallies, and except for the “birther” myth, and except for talk of a wall on the southern border but no mention of a wall on the northern border.

    • unbridled

      The problem with you people is that you support things like selling other people’s aborted baby parts without their permission. You love invaders coming into the country at an uncontrolled rate that may very well rape or kill others. The more the merrier but not in your neighborhood. Your not quite THAT adventurous are you? You love people that would chop your head off for the fact that you are liberal to begin with. It’s ironic because you share their ideas about tolerance with them. Neither of you have any. You hate your own country and you can never make any sense of the reasons why. You don’t know why, you just do. That’s why you suck so badly….FOOLS!

      • W. Coyote

        unbridled- Good evening and thank you for your reply. I read and re-read your comment looking in vain for something we could agree on. It seems to me that you are making a lot of false assumptions so you can reach your insult.
        First of all, I have no idea how you arrived at “you hate your country”. Really? Actually, I love this country very much and fully appreciate the freedoms we enjoy, including the First Amendment under which we can both express our opinions.
        My original comment was based on a contradiction. Steve Bannon and the author of this article seem to think that only Democrats play “identity politics”. I was simply providing some specific examples of Republicans, including Donald Trump engaging in identity politics. Now if you have some substantive remarks about that specific issue that would disprove my counter-argument, I would sure like to hear them. If all you can offer are false charges and insults, you can save those for someone else.

        • Elaine Blackman

          Chuck Woolery: The left is absolutely desperate

          • W. Coyote

            Well, I have heard that Trump watches Fox and Friends every day. You can see why. Chuck Woolery is probably running to the be the next White House Communication chief. He spins with the best of them.
            He presents no evidence that “The left is absolutely desperate”, but of course he doesn’t need to. That narrative fits in perfectly with the level of analysis on Fox.

    • Kevin Tomblin

      The birther myth was started by BILL CLINTON!

      • W. Coyote

        Good afternoon Kevin and thank you for your reply. I fully realize that your claim has been widely circulated in the dominant “conservative” media. However, it is not true. Evidently the “birther” myth was started back in Illinois by a crackpot politician. During the presidential campaign of 2008, some of Hillary Clinton’s aides suggested looking into to the issue when she ran in the primaries against Obama. However, it was dropped and was never brought up during the Democratic primaries. Of course that didn’t stop Donald Trump from repeating it numerous times. Then, in September of 2016, he finally admitted “President Obama was born in the U.S., period” Then he immediately said he didn’t want to talk about it anymore, presumably because he would have to admit he was wrong all those years.

        • Elaine Blackman

          So why did Soetoro / Obama and his “wife” say he was born in Kenya? Why did his grandmother Obama say he was born there? Why did his birth certificate (the bona fide one that wasn’t full of false info) give his birthplace as Kenya? Surely you can find the discrepancies in the fake HI birth certificate that Loretta Fuddy provided years after his election, and just shortly before her convenient death.

          • W. Coyote

            My goodness Elaine- you certainly have been busy.

            Here is an excerpt of the truth from Politico:

            “The claim is based on an Oct. 16, 2008, telephone call between Bishop Ron McRae of the Anabaptist Churches of North America and Sarah Obama of Kenya, Barack Obama’s elderly step-grandmother. The interview is complicated by the addition of at least one translator, because Sarah Obama, then 86, spoke Swahili.

            The edited portion that often makes the rounds on the Internet includes this part of the interview:

            McRae: “Could I ask her about his actual birthplace? I would like to see his birthplace when I come to visit Kenya in December. Was she present when he was born in Kenya?”

            “She says yes she was. She was present when Obama was born,” said the translator.

            Smoking gun? Only if you stop the tape there and don’t listen to the rest of the interview.

            McRae immediately followed up by saying, “Okay, when I come in December, I would like to go by the place, the hospital where he was born. Could you tell me where he was born? Was he born in Mombasa?”

            The translator can be heard translating, and then, he said, “No. Obama was not born in Mombasa. He was born in America.”

            Said McRae: “Whereabouts was he born? I thought he was born in Kenya.”

            The response came back, “He was born in America, not in Mombasa.”

            “Do you know where he was born?” McRae continued. “I thought he was born in Kenya. I was gonna go by and see where he was born.”

            “Hawaii. She says he was born in Hawaii,” the translator said. “In the state of Hawaii, where his father, his father was also learning there. The state of Hawaii.”

            “I thought she said she was present,” McRae said. “Was she able to see him being born in Hawaii?”

            “No, no,” the translator said. “…She was not … she was here in Kenya. Obama was born in America … Because the grandmother was back in Kenya and Obama was born in America, where he is from, where his father was learning, learning in America, the United States.”

          • Elaine Blackman


            Woman denied Swiss passport because she’s too annoying?

    • Raymond Levy

      Did you know that Mexico , has a border wall that runs the hole length of Mexico, on its southern border ??and that when they catch border crossers they shoot them,, so you should shut the fuck up about our wanting of a wall on our southern border , IDIOT………..

      • W. Coyote

        Good afternoon Raymond. Thank you for your response. My comment was intended to show the contradictions when Republicans, and especially Steve Bannon, complain about “identity politics”, as if it is never practiced on their side. If we are going to be in the wall building business, shouldn’t we protect all borders, not just the southern one? In other words, it is the ultimate in identity politics when we say we are going to spend billions to keep out Mexicans and Central Americans, while doing nothing to keep out the Canadians. For all we know, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Canadians who are here illegally.

        • Elaine Blackman

          How STUPID and OBFUSCATING!!!!!!!!!! How long is the Canadian border? They aren’t coming here illegally so as to make it a waste of money, which you very well know!!!!!!!!!

          BTW, tell me what’s fair about bringing illegal Latinos into our country and making their children citizens by virtue of their being born here when it’s not reciprocal?

          What’s fair about Mexico telling the U.S. that their illegal invaders into our country should be tolerated when they arrested a vet with PTSD and kept him in jail even though he declared his gun as soon as he entered and asked to just turn around?

          Mexico doesn’t treat citizens of the U.S. with any where NEAR the same rights as they expect from the U.S. for their rejects.

          • W. Coyote

            In this case you actually touch on an important issue Elaine. Thank you for that. I believe the whole “anchor baby” issue is one that should be examined and debated. Of course, what many “conservatives” forget is that President Obama practically begged Congress to bring him a comprehensive immigration bill, which could address all the issues surrounding this topic. Of course, the Republicans in Congress who were scared of the Tea Party refused to do anything about it. They were afraid to take any action that Obama could take credit for. They found it much easier and politically rewarding to criticize and blame Obama for immigration problems than it was for them to work on solving a problem.

          • Elaine Blackman


            Since you don’t know how to use Google or any search engine to do your own searches and you asked me elsewhere to tell you where to find Obama telling illegals that they should vote, I found it for you. All I did was type Obama tells illegals and the search engine filled the rest in for me. That’s how you search on your own. I really thought you were smart enough to do your own searches.

            I’m really so disappointed that you aren’t as smart as you seem to think you are.

          • W. Coyote

            Good morning Elaine- Thank you for including the link. And yes, I am very familiar with search engines, including Google. However, what you have presented is a very good example of how fake news operates. You see, Elaine, unfortunately there are some unscrupulous operators out there who are trying to trick people. They do this through selective editing and taking comments out of context.

            What got left out was Obama’s complete answer to the question. Here is the rest of the interview–

            “RODRIGUEZ: This has been a huge fear presented especially during this election.

            OBAMA: And the reason that fear is promoted is because they don’t want people voting. People are discouraged from voting and part of what is important for Latino citizens is to make your voice heard, because you’re not just speaking for yourself. You’re speaking for family members, friends, classmates of yours in school…

            RODRIGUEZ: Your entire community.

            OBAMA: … who may not have a voice. Who can’t legally vote. But they’re counting on you to make sure that you have the courage to make your voice heard.”

            As you can clearly see, President Obama was actually encouraging “Latino citizens”, of which there are millions, to vote- not illegals (“Who can’t legally vote”).

          • Elaine Blackman

            There was no selective editing done there. It was on TV live. You’re the propagandist.

            As YOU can see if you look, she says she’s an illegal. All he’s saying is that by voting, they’re “citizens” and there’s no way to trace them.

            I’ve really decided that you’re too blinded and brainwashed to be able to think for yourself, or you’re part of the globalist propaganda hierarchy. I don’t know which, but you’re probably Godless.

          • W. Coyote

            Did you read the transcript of the entire interview that I quoted? Selective editing happens when you don’t include the entire interview. Neil Cavuto tricked you by not including the beginning and not including the end.
            Now, Elaine, I fully really realize that you didn’t like President Obama. That’s OK.
            There is no requirement that you like everyone. But why don’t you simply say “I don’t like him”, and leave it at that?

          • Elaine Blackman

            And did you listen to her say that “If I vote, will they come after me?”. Why would she even think that if she was a citizen?

            Why would he go on to say that they wouldn’t be investigated because of the sanctity of the vote?

            Those statements you made weren’t really even relevant.

          • W. Coyote

            Good morning Elaine- Neil Cavuto and Fox used selective editing to do this story. Thanks to your inspiration, I did some fact checking and found the entire interview. It shows clearly that President Obama was making a distinction between “Latino citizens” who can vote and “undocumented” people who cannot vote.

            Please don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. I hope you will take the time to listen to the entire interview.

            I’ll grant you that the interviewer’s question was awkwardly worded. But she was making the point that some “millenniel’s” who were citizens might be afraid to vote because they may live with family members who are undocumented. She was saying those millenneil’s were worried that Immigration might come to their house just because they voted. President Obama sought to reassure her about the “sanctity of the vote”.


          • Elaine Blackman


            “Because You Came Here ILLEGALLY That’s Why!!” Tucker THROTTLES “Former Dreamer” on Immigration

          • Elaine Blackman

            Oh, yeah. Like he accepted anything they brought to him anyway. He’d just tell them that he won and they didn’t.

          • W. Coyote

            Well, at least you have a fertile imagination.

          • Elaine Blackman

            You’ve already demonstrated that you’re unwilling to look anything up and unwilling to believe what you see even when it’s looked up for you.

            You’re actually an educated fraud.

        • Elaine Blackman

          BTW, Joe. I don’t think anyone was complaining about the identity politics of the DNC. They can go at it for as long as they want. YOU can go at it for as long as you want.

        • Elaine Blackman

          Switzerland denies citizenship to welfare recipients

    • Elaine Blackman

      Why do we need a wall on the Canadian border? They aren’t pouring in by the millions along that border. You’re despicable to say that you love this country and you love the freedoms while also touting giving our freedoms to all of the illegal invaders coming into our country!!

    • Elaine Blackman

      Peter Schweizer on exposing Obama-era corruption in new book

      • W. Coyote

        Maybe someone should suggest to Schweizer to do a book on how Trump bankrupted the Atlantic City casino, how he was bailed out by Wall Street bankers, how he is indebted to German banks, how he defrauded thousands of students at “Trump University”, why he has not divested his business dealings as president, the connections to Russian oligarchs, and the real reason he has refused to release his tax returns.

        • Elaine Blackman

          Maybe you should talk about the businesses owned by other politicians who benefit from their actual legislations, like Pelosi’s husband has done, or like the Kennedy’s.

          Maybe you should talk about how the Soetoro / Obamas have become billionaires despite never owning any businesses and his only being a government employee and I think the same for her. Regardless, she got her promotions at the hospital due to his donations to the hospital.

          You’re a despicable anti-American trying to turn our country into a socialist / communist one that doesn’t work. Actually, since you would want the country to be bankrupt and are trying to propagandize to that end, you’re just a globalist “elite” tool.

          • W. Coyote

            Good morning Elaine- “…a despicable anti-American…”? Really? Actually Elaine, I am just an ordinary patriotic citizen, who loves this country very much. I fully realize that you have difficulty accepting the fact that not everyone agrees with you. But that’s the way the world goes round.
            Elaine, it’s a beautiful spring day. May I respectfully suggest that you are working too hard at this political commentary. Why don’t you turn off the computer, get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Walk your dog. Call an old friend. Otherwise, Happy Easter. - 2015 | Privacy Policy