Democratic Strategist Says Trump Is An Extravagant Liar

Recently, on CNN’s “At This Hour,” the despicable democratic strategist, Paul Begala, foolishly stated that President Trump is only “an extravagant, extraordinary liar who brought this moral rot to the American presidency.”

Begala claims, “Senator Flake is one of the most conservative members of the Republican party. And I think the speech —he actually gave it on the Senate floor, I think it will be an important part of the history of this era. President Trump is only one year into a four-year no cut contract, but I think he has already distinguished himself as a liar. Remember Shakespeare said ‘Macbeth doth murder sleep,’ Donald Trump doth murder truth. Two-thirds of people think he’s not honest, leading members of his own party point that out. His first real act was to lie to the American people, about something stupid, as Senator Flake said today in his speech, the size of his crowd.”

“He is an extravagant, extraordinary liar who brought this moral rot to the American presidency and member of his own party calling him out I think is historically significant.”

“This was a speech about attacking the press. This president attacks the press. I would extend that because he doesn’t only attacks the press but calls federal judges so-called judges and attacks them because they are a check on his power, has said the FBI is in tatters because they are investigating him, says the CIA is like the Gestapo, and he attacks the press, he attacks any check on power because he would to be like Duterte, Assad Putin, Stalin. That is his goal. He is an autocrat.” - 2015 | Privacy Policy