Democratic Mayor Faces Sexting Scandal

Jimmy Davis, the first-term Democratic Mayor of Bayonne, New Jersey, has been embroiled in a sexting scandal with a former city worker.

According to The Jersey Journal, the messages sent from Davis include “pleas from the mayor to have the woman meet him at an Atlantic City hotel and multiple references to oral sex.”

“I didn’t tarnish Jimmy’s reputation. He did that himself,” said former city worker Stacie Percella, who was fired in December. “Mr. Mayor, again, resign from your position because my truth never changes. And I can say it inside out, backwards, forwards, every which way — how many lies did Jimmy come up with so far?”

Davis, who is married, has recruited public relations firm Vision Media Marketing to oversee his public response to the incident.

Vision Media Marketing’s Amit Jani claims that the scandal is “part of an orchestrated campaign to make millions of dollars off of Bayonne taxpayers and destroy Mayor Davis’ reputation.”

“Before her recent turn to this kind of unstable conduct, Mrs. Percella and Mayor Davis were longtime friends since childhood, and these text messages reflect that relationship,” continued Jani in a statement. “They are nothing but harmless, playful banter between two adults.”

Despite Vision Media Marketing’s claims that the messages were “playful banter between two adults,” Davis allegedly made “multiple references to Percella’s body parts,” and asked her “to meet him at a bar late at night.”


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  • cosmo007

    What’s wrong with what he did? He’s a Democrat. Probably improve his stature. (sarc off)

  • grin-n-barrett

    If he were republican the media would be demanding his resignation. Riots would be raging in the streets.

    • I care

      I want him IMPEACHED, Maxine were are you? Oh Im sorry in order to be IMPEACHED he has to be a REPUBLICAN…….. WOW, have we become a 3rd world nation???????

      • Gerry Costa

        No —- just a nation full of dirt bags and scum bags thanks to 8 years of the muslim scum.

    • Beeker D.

      Hell, the LIBIDIOTS would be demanding, EXECUTION!

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    If Bill Clinton can sexually harass, assault and rape grown up woman and interns, and allegedly have sex with minors on Jeffery’s pedophile island AND be looked upon with reverence amongst the ignorant libtard peasant slobs what’s the big deal here?

  • DonRS

    Throw his ass in jail – maybe as WEINER’s cell mate!

  • unshocked

    The Democrats are really upset over this, are they sure she wasn’t a transgender woman?

  • VirgoVince

    BAN/BAR him from politics!!

  • donl

    So what’s the big deal? He’s doing what ALL Demo-Commies do. Nothing new here.

  • Marine68

    Neither shocked nor surprised. The Liberals have no morals, and want the rest of the population to follow suit.

  • jesse

    Normal conduct for a leftist, barely a peep from the hypocritical media! They’ll rationalize it as some right-wing conspiracy, the victim is a Trump supporter thus deserved it and worse.

  • This might make Donald Drumpf jealous.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Resign? Nonsense; he’s a Democrat, the rules of common decency don’t apply.

    • truthseeker

      When sexting he does not know if there had been a child involved., or does he ?

  • Albedamned!

    P—y grabber, misogynist. Oh yeah, that only refers to DJT.

  • old codger

    Well now!!! According to “Slick Willy” it isn’t sex! That’s what he stated when being investigated!!

  • Sailor l71

    It was just some “banter.” The liberal thesaurus. - 2015 | Privacy Policy