Democrat Says Arming Teachers Is Dumbest Idea Ever

Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) was recently questioned about the bill in his state which suggests arming teachers to prevent child deaths. Jones simply called the bill “crazy.”

Jones stated, “I think that’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard. I think it’s crazy.”

“You don’t need to arm America in order to stop this, you just need to be smart about it.”

With all the debate going on in regards to how the GOP should handle this school safety issue, it has become apparent to many republicans that the Democrats are attempting all they can to ban our Second Amendment rights. What do you think?

  • AFGus

    Of course he thinks that. He’s a DemocRat and a liberal. They are born absent common sense and without logical thought.

  • Larry5469

    Democrat smart or truly smart? I have yet to hear or see anything a democrud has said or done that made any sense. Unless you accept that their wanting voters that will exclusively vote for them. That is why they want illegals here, they promise them free everything that natural citizens could never hope to get.

    • MARYANN33

      They sure do flood them with all the citizens find it hard to come by if at all..They always had the health insurance we all only dremed of..Nothing for citizens or soc sec…only the illegals. We all saw it in action especially in California.

    • Art The Fart

      What are you talking about? They promise illegal aliens much more in the way of free things, than any natural citizens could ever hope to get! In the People’s Republic of California, the illegals even get free car insurance! I never got that.

      • Larry5469

        Art The Fart.. if you read my post it states almost exactly what you are saying… so I have to ask.. what are YOU talking about?

  • jack

    Jones is the dumbest senator Alabama has ever had and he is a murderer of our unborn babies . Especially the black babies who he wants to exterminate ! The black people should rise up and demand he resign for the murder of black babies !

  • flashy0ne

    The REALLY dumb idea was creating “gun free zones”. The ‘bad guys’ call them “SHOOTING GALLERIES”.

    • Art The Fart


    • EC

      The problem is, when you do have someone on the school grounds who is armed to protect the students but they lack the guts and willpower to act on their training, you essentially still have a gun free zone. When law enforcement fails as miserably as they did in Florida, it’s hard to imagine that a teacher would be able to do the job. This is particularly true when you look at the hordes of totally incompetent teachers in schools today. And don’t forget that the vast majority of them are liberals who are completely opposed to guns. It’s really foolish to put any trust in these people when it comes to using a weapon to protect our children. They’d be more likely to want to sit down with the shooter and discuss his feelings. Who needs that crap?

      • flashy0ne

        For some reason (?) nobody considers the teacher. He/she may well be horrified by the thought of carrying or using a gun — fine, such a person should/would NOT be considered for such a program. The INTENT here, and the Ohio Sheriff’s offer to train bears out the FACT, is that there are many (?) teachers who WANT to be trained and armed. This OFFERS THEM as well as their students’ the availability of SELF DEFENSE — something the present system (and the guard) does NOT OFFER !!!

        • Kent Powers

          I have a daughter, granddaughter, ^ my granddaughter’s mother in law who are all teachers, all want to be able to throw something besides an eraser at an intruder!!!

          • Ron C

            They must NOT be useful idiot teacher.

      • Ron C

        You forget…the liberal useful idiot teacher’s are afraid of guns and wouldn’t conceal carry them.

  • Mad Scientist

    Ok, Senator Jones. What would you have us do instead? Continue to leave our children thrown to the wolves?

    • Art The Fart


  • Marine68

    Commiecrats are not stupid, they are just Evil. The Devil’s minions.

    • Art The Fart

      You are right! They have an agenda, and that is to spread Communism around the world. Many Americans are so oblivious to that, I fear that it will eventually take us down. Hey, are you a real “Jar-Head”? I used to be a “Squid”! If so, thank you for your service. Remember the oath that we took when we signed up to uphold and defend the United States Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. I was told that it was a lifetime oath, and at 71 years of age, I still take it seriously!

      • DarlK

        Me too.
        CTCM (ret.)

      • panfisher2708

        78 here and do take it serious protecting others from PREDITORS.

      • Michael McGrew

        Thats right, anyone who has taken the Oath has not been relieved of duty

  • ffajaz681

    We will listen when all Democrats get rid of all armed security of themselves, employees & family.

  • Letterman007

    He’s a Dumocrat. His mouth opens and the lies flow out! They want our guns and will stop at nothing to get them. Sounds familiar, someone who started WWII. Socialist too!

  • Pat Jones

    They said the same thing about pilots and air marshalls.

    • Art The Fart

      Yup, the Demorats are not very smart, that’s for sure!

  • Art The Fart

    What does he mean by “smart”? It seems to me that arming the teachers would provide an excellent first line of defense. If he has a better idea, I would like to hear it!

  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    Yes we need to be smart about this and put the democraps some place where they cant hurt any one. Seems that a lot of the democraps want to endanger the lives of people Load up the illegals, take away peoples protection and want to turn the world into one giant fu*kfest with one ruler. A civil war is coming soon and the right wont have to worry about shooting any one as the left will get a brain cell to understand what a fire arm is for and then probably kill them shelves off trying to figure out how to shoot it.

  • randolph.poole

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is truly the dumbest turd of them all? Doug Jones, of course! Hopefully, this moron is a one-termer from Alabama!

  • Mark Sauck

    Not all teachers should be armed but why is it a bad idea some selective few, well trained and qualified.?
    And, for God’s sake stop advertising as target ready by claiming gun free zones.
    The most liberal places in America, schools, towns, states, businesses are danger zones for human life.

  • kenbarber

    if the dimocrats think it is dumb, i’d say it is probably one smart idea.

  • Go,Bernie

    I worked in a car dealership where many of the guys carried guns. I never saw one and wasn’t sure who had them but I felt secure in knowing if there was a problem, it wasn’t going to last long.

  • mary

    If democrats want gun control so much let them be the first to disarm themselves and fire their armed security. Instead maybe we should look into better mental health services.

  • Arizona Wolf

    Arm the teachers and anyone else who can qualify & is willing to protect the students.

  • Kent Powers

    If I have a choice of sending my kids & grandkids to a school with teachers who carry or a gun free zone, I will pick the carry zone every time. I want my children protected like all the senators, representatives, president, major office holders kids are, & like the celebrities who talk aganist guns are protected, I’d kinda like to be an equal country in stead of prejudice toward regular folks.

  • Ken V

    Jones is an idiot and a communist hell bend on gun confiscation. This idiot should have never been elected. I hope you blacks are happy, you elected him.

    • disqus_3MEvLTGTn0

      Ken I don’t think it’s right to blame a group of people for electing someone. Is it possible at the time he was better than the alternative? Blaming African Americans or any other race is not only irresponsible, but makes you come off just a bit racist. It may tick you off I am saying this but as a person from the Jewish Community I would be failing my own teachings and our history sitting by not speaking up. Shalom

  • disqus_3MEvLTGTn0

    Let me be clear here, all one needs to do is look at Israel school teachers as an example. They have only had two minor issues since arming them years ago. The left needs to pull their knee jerk reaction out of their backsides.

  • lorna shores

    Democrats are the dumbest idea ever!

  • Sarge

    The day my gun jumps up and starts killing people is the day I will agree to gun confiscation. Until then I will continue to protect myself,my property and family. I don’t need any gun law telling me what to own or any liberal politician telling me what to own. Arming teachers is a good idea but only if they are qualified and agree to it.

  • Ron C

    But of course Doug Jones doesn’t want the children protected…
    The socialist are using dead children as an excuse to bring forth their socialist police state…
    They don’t care about any of the citizen’s with the exception of stealing from them to enrich his socialist self…
    Anyone that isn’t a useful idiot can see that…just saying!

  • rick meek

    Another moron sent to DC by morons……
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