Democrat Resorts To Name Calling

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) recently told MSNBC that he finds President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and Michael Cohen all to be “pathological liars.”

Cohen stated, “I think that Michael Cohen, Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump have about the same amount of credibility. They all use at best situational ethics but probably more likely they just lie constantly, and they’re all three pathological liars.”

  • James Maxwell

    Strange I didn’t know President Trump was a Lawyer like the rest of the parade of criminal in the political arena.
    Besides for a Socialist (Democrat) to call anyone a liar is hysterical since he has not told the truth at any point
    in his elected time in office. Oh well I guess Pimps will always try to divert attention away from his wares
    to make them look better.

    • C. LeSaint

      President Trump is a BILLIONAIRE BUSINESSMAN which is exactly what America needed to slap the liberal communist socialist demoncrats!

      • Klikhir Tulagin

        Maybe we can get him star in the film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s ‘The Last Capitalist’?

  • Glenn Saulsbury

    Poor baby. How long is it going to take Democrats to realize people are not happy with their dumb ideas.
    Besides Obama screwed every thing up, seems Trump has fixed a lot of it already.

  • elmcqueen3

    Politicians are all know liars and deceivers of the truth…that’s how they became elected…portraying themselves as defenders of the Constitution and the American Bill of Rights when nothing could be further from the truth…Democrats and Republican politicians are spoiled corrupted people…behaving like little kids during recess.

    • C. LeSaint

      Not all Repubs act like dems only the RINOs.


        NO! I have watched the political scene in Washington since the Commies started infiltrating the Dems in 1950. They
        are all crooked, to some degree. I know of one that didn’t get hooked, and that was because he saw he couldn’t make a difference and quit after one term.

        • C. LeSaint

          Think again! My doctor is a congressman and he is ALL CHRISTIAN, CONSERVATIVE AMERICAN!!

          • LARRY PUCKETT


    • sargentrage

      Politicians are lower than a used car salesman

  • ivdad

    Remember where the word politics come from. Poly for many, tics for blood sucker.

    • dennis w

      GOOD ONE…….

    • W. Coyote

      ivdad- Actually, the word “politics” comes from the ancient Greek – “polis” which means “city”. The Greek word “politika” means “affairs of the city”.

      • ivdad

        Sarcasm escapes you?

        • W. Coyote

          Good morning ivdad- Actually, I can be as sarcastic as anyone. And I assumed you were trying to make a joke. Meanwhile the author was trying to make an issue out of a Democrat engaging in name calling. However, the author fails to make his case. Cohen was not doing any name calling, unlike Trump on a daily basis.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I would suppose that this guy thinks that NO demonrats have ever lied. That’s hilarious.
    The whole investigation was based on lies produced in a Hillary Clinton paid for dossier.
    The process to get a FISA warrant was predicated on this lie.
    It was renewed based on the same lie.
    Sessions recusal was a lie. No reason to do so.
    Rosenstein hired Mueller and 13 angry Democrats was an unjust deception.
    Everything is based on a lie about seeking “justice” when they really
    want to overthrow a duly elected President. Liars ALL!
    Cohen and Cohen hmm……………………………….

  • rottenrollin

    But Cohen didn’t have AMY problems with Obama and Hillary, congenital world class liars.

  • onyxtiger

    He’s just pathetic. Another low-life with room temperature IQ.

  • Rodney

    Once again, leftist liars projecting their own sins onto those they feel will cave to the hyperbole. Cohen is just another mindless bot spewing the leftist talking points. Pay no attention and vote his sorry, self enriching ass out..

  • Jim Wagenmann

    Typical democrat/socialist, take every truth that applies to you unethical kind and try to apply it to others that are truly innocent of your blasphemy.

  • C. LeSaint

    The liberal communist socialist call others what they actually are!

  • Jmanjo

    Steve Cohen is a known jackass with no ability to tell the truth. Fitting right in with other Democrats like Schumer, Feinstein, Kamala Harris, etc that all distort facts and then lie their faces off!

  • dlmstl

    Just the latest in a long line of Democrat leftist that infest and infect their ‘islands of influence’. This one is from Memphis, TN, which is sadly in a state of perpetual decline. In TN, his district ranks near the bottom in most of the quality of life rankings. Expect more of the same from this segment of the Democrat Socialist Party. What else can they do?

  • Crew-servedFiddler

    This is rich, this piece of pus hiding behind Constitutional protection from prosecution for Libel & Slander, while tearing down the same document.

  • Clayton

    what dem o rats need to do is stop looking in a mirror when they start to call name, they see them self and start with you are a good liar so what am I going to lie about today.

  • Stephen J. Leeb

    Cohen is DILLUSIONAL ! Obama & his administration were & are the true Pathological liars !!! Once again Cohen proves what he & the Libtard DemocRat Socialists truly are , Running Scared ! Your Lame ass party is broken & divided & in debt with no leadership whatsoever ! Run Rabbit Run ! AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !

  • Danny S.

    This guy has the credibility and reputation of Al Capone! Enough said except Al actually worked!!!

  • Albedamned!

    Liberals, the base for the Psychiatric community. I do not know who I am!

  • Arnold Young

    Is this the best the dimoRATS have? How about something constructive for a change!

  • metheoldsarge

    When people resort to name calling, it usually means they have nothing intelligent to say.

  • W. Coyote

    Astonishing that this site is trying to make an issue out of name calling, while the Name Caller-In-Chief gets a free pass.

  • Take a good look at that face and tell me if you see even a glimmer of intelligence.

  • Mac Daddy

    Big deal what did Obama, Hillary, & Slick Willie do because those 3 not only lied but were caught. Obama claimed his lies were just racist propaganda, Hillary just kept lying & let people die, & Slick Willie did not have sexual relations with that girl. See show me a Socialist/ Democrat & I’ll show you a big liar who professes he/she is for the little man & loves America. Cause 1st he jacks-up the Middle-Class workers taxes for social programs like sending illegal aliens & specialty groups to get free higher education but the hell with the Middle-Class’s kids. This same lying POS will tell you in 1 breath that he loves & believes in the Constitution & then tries to do away with the Amendments that they don’t like (1ST, 2ND & 4TH) will be the first to go. These same people don’t care about the citizens safety because these Congressmen & Senators have Private Security, Gated Communities & quick police response time. So when Nancy Pelosi finds MS-13 & others gangs to be her choice for new immigrants that means Middle-Class you are screwed again because she sure as hell won’t let them into her neighborhood. So thanks MR. Socialist/Democrat but no thanks we have been screwed enough by 16 yrs. of Anti-American Socialist Democrats & 8 years of a short bus candidate Republican. So see MR. Cohen this is why for all his faults MR. Trump is the best person for the job because he doesn’t know how to play the political rule of to first screw the Middle-Class people who come in all shapes, color, sizes & creeds. - 2015 | Privacy Policy