Democrat Pushes Ammunition Background Check

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) recently announced the Ammunition Background Check Act of 2018 which suggests there be background checks on Americans who purchase ammunition.
Schultz stated, “Unlike firearm purchases, someone who wants to go into a store that sells ammunition can buy as much ammunition as they want without so much as being asked their first name.”

“This is just such a gaping and grave and dangerous loophole that I could not wrap my mind around it when I was told that that was the case.”

  • John Deevey

    Completely false in IL. Background check required. Doesn’t stop the murders in Chicago though.


    What’s Up Man Schlitz should be Investigated for giving Muslims Info from her Computer on America’s Secrets instead of trying to Background Check for Ammo. People in Washington like her is the Reason we need the 2nd Amendment and Ammo..

  • GRA

    Corrupt bitch has no credibility or integrity to introduce bullshit like this. I hope her fucking legs grow together and she ultimately disappears.

  • le3845

    This corrupt idiot couldn’t wrap her mind around a baloney sandwich.

    • mad as hell

      she has the mental ability of a turnup

  • fbair1

    She’s part of the reason we do need guns and ammo……..

  • ernldo

    “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

  • Jmanjo

    This witch should be in jail. She has no business being in politics or government! She should have to register to breathe American air!

    • SeanM62

      President Putin would approve of this action, Komrad!

  • Dodie1990

    This likely will pass as the 2nd amendment is slowly whittled away. Bans on certain accessories or types of firearms, raising the age to buy a legal firearm, confiscation without due process all are now in some states. This is how it happens . Some states worse than others. Those pro 2nd amendment people need to be organized and contribute to the fight to save our rights. And VOTE. If the democrats take over in 2018, the end will come very shortly.

    • SeanM62

      To which well regulated militia do you belong?

      • Dodie1990

        Everyone I can find

        • Butch

          LOCK AND LOAD, IT’S COMING !!!!!!!!!!!

          • Dodie1990

            Bit by bit. It is already here in Florida, California, New Jersey, Oregon. Washington, Connecticuit and more. In my state Pa,.,we have some potential legislation to ban all semi auto firearms. I wish everyone would buy one more firearm and a bunch more ammunition. Join and contribute to one or more of the pro 2nd amendment groups.

          • George Reed

            Do you have any idea how mean are are already out in the field. Don/t bother to close the door after the horse has already gotten out. This bunch is morons are the dreamers.

        • SeanM62

          The wording is “well regulated,” not a bunch of 400 lb. semi-literate couch potatoes.

      • Michael

        Which part of “The PEOPLE’S right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” do you not understand? Even a 1st grader doesn’t have a problem interpreting that sentence.

      • George Reed

        The well regulated militia of me want to try me out .

      • randolph.poole

        Wow! It must be Spring. You decided to crawl out of your hole and engage in six more weeks of trolling!

      • Jim Hobstetter

        Why do we need a second amendment? Just take a look at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina or the Watts Riots or more recently Saint Louis and think about what America will look like after an EMP attack by Iran. Also, name one mass shooting caused by a member of the NRA. I have tape in my file of approximately 6 ISIS killers executing about 300 Syrians who could not defend themselves because they had no guns. WAKE UP, LIFE IS NOT UTOPIA.

        • SeanM62

          Don’t forget the Bundy Ranch standoff and the Malheur Mess. Feds should have shot the free-loading, welfare queen cowboy criminals dead on the spot. Unfortunately only got one.

  • tom442

    ignorance never stops on the democratic side of the isle! they will do any thing to promote socialism and communism! this is what happens repeatingly when american`s continue to elect rich assed ignorant people ,that have only one agenda in life! to build a world of communism like this ignorant socialist bit*h!

  • Older Than Dirt

    Coming from THAT Democratic “terrorist” against the Constitution is a joke. Perhaps she should get her own house in order first – she knows what I mean – before telling the rest of us how is “she was god” she would run the world. I agree with the comments below be-
    cause she is one of the few women who totally qualifies for the “B” Id.

    • George Reed

      Be proud spell it out B I T C H !

  • Jim

    So wrong in so many ways!!!

    • SeanM62

      Such as?

  • coastalwave

    Why is this corrupt hag still allowed to sit in the House? Paul Ryan should insist that she be kept from her seat for her actions as DNC chair and for shielding Imran Khan (the thief who ran many House Dems’ info tech and stole their data). Throw her out, and let her take Ellison with her!!

  • onyxtiger

    I think we should have a background check on anyone voting Demoncrat or Progressive. That’s the omost dangerous thing out there to the US Constitution.

    • SeanM62

      Independent thought is more dangerous to you. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

      • Jeffcunnin

        If you are suggesting that DWS has an independent thought, I am afraid you are delusional.

  • SeanM62

    Guns don’t kill people. Ammo kills people. Background check on ammo AND ammo supplies is a good idea, for law-abiding citizens. Criminals will object, so to hell with them.

    • scooter

      you Sir, Are living proof there is no intelligent life here anymore. inanimate things don’t kill people, people kill people. criminals could care less about laws, that is why they are called Criminals. You in fact, are calling Law Abiding people Criminals. That need new Laws to infringe on their Constitutional rights.

    • GomeznSA

      Are you really that naïve? Based on the lameness of many of your comments I’d have to say so, please prove me wrong. CRIMINALS will NOT object since they seldom get their ammo – or their guns for that matter. This would – if approved – only affect law abiding Citizens – and we ain’t the problem.

  • H. Spires

    We need more thorough background checks on politicians not ammo. DWS needs to be investigated about her and her supposed computer technician friends from overseas. Let’s see what she is hiding from the public about her role in the Hildebeast election election scheme.

  • Doc423

    About as likely to happen as a repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

    • George Reed

      Would trust these sneaky bitches as fare as I could through them. Hope your right for the countries sake this could get nasty.

    • goyaathle

      already passed in Caliporno. One of the reason I moved to Georgia.


    This from one who should be behind bars? The leader of one of the largest muslim terrorist espionage rings in history? Along with 27 other democommie’s involved. They should have swung at the end of a rope, yet they are free and doing anything they want. How is this woman? not behind bars? HOW!?

  • George Reed

    Yes this sounds like something dumbass Debbie and the clan would come up with ain’t gona happen more demo BS. Can anybody tell me what purpose this would serve other than Feds sticking the nose in eveybodies business and amounting to nothing.

  • Raymond Levy

    and that’s coming from one hell of a corrupted bitch, who by the way should be in prison locked up, she is just a lying bitch, she can go and fuck herself for all I care……………………..

  • metheoldsarge

    Just imagine the backlog this would cause.

    • GomeznSA

      Ding, ding, ding – THAT is what this particular ‘recommendation’ is really all about. Make it more inconvenient and burdensome (and expensive – someone has to pay for the background checks) and they whittle away at any and all of the shooting sports and ordinary hunting.

  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    If people pass a backgroud check for a firearm you dont need one for ammo ( thank god I load my own any more ). the crooks get the ammo for their illegal firearms same place or from stores. Wait again they shouldnt have a firearm in the first place but then again a background check didnt stop that now did it.

  • randolph.poole

    No on this legislation! However, I’m 100% behind a ban on this corrupt, lying, “nose-up-the-ass of Hillary Clinton,” POS!

  • Eric Wood

    NY five years later have not got their ammo check law to work ie the NY unsafe Act waste of millions and it will never work ,they also ban assault weapons and must register and 3/4 of the people said fuck you Malon Labe ,they just had the re registration of hand gun and 40,000 said fuck you cromo

  • noncompliant

    This country needs a political enema to rid US of career politicians who become power broker fat cats off the teat of our country. When they start living on our medical system and pay scale I’d bet things would change quickly. Socialism anyone? jus sayin…

  • metheoldsarge

    If memory serves, I remember back in the late 1980s Senator Byrd suggested putting a 1000% tax on the purchase of guns and ammunition.

  • Chris Robinette

    Why is this bitch not in prison for obstruction of justice or even treason???

  • Bosflyer

    How is it that this POS is not in jail.

  • James Dugan

    What an a_____e!! It is only a position an advocate for no guns would take. Where on this planet to these people crawl out of underneath the rock they evolved from?

  • Tomcat01

    This idiot as with all the measures the Demorats have taken is an attempt to circumvent the 2d Amendment. From selling brass as scrap to the Chinese vice reloaders here for profit, closing lead smelting plants and now to this. It is all an attempt to make owning a firearm so expensive few could afford it much like they have done in the housing community.

  • rick meek

    Hey Shultz ———- Go sell out more of Dems and Rinos e-mails and america’s secrets to the pakastani’s Intell Service…..


    JUST another senseless step for honest gun owners wanting to keep proficient. This idea would have ZERO EFFECT on the STREET SALE of any munitions including Stingers or RPG’s. Wake up people you are approaching the problem via the wrong eyes, THINK like a criminal/terrorists. Try to analyze the objective situation as a counter insurgent then, pow wow with other professionals and you may come up with actions that will not hinder the honest gun owners. DO YOUR JOB!!! - 2015 | Privacy Policy