Dem Denies Ties With Nation of Islam leader

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) recently was forced to explain his relationship with with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Ellison aggressively denounced Farrakhan’s views but he did say that Farrakhan did used to have “some things” to offer in the 1990s.

“I absolutely, unqualifiedly denounce and reject the views of Louis Farrakhan. I’ve said that many, many years ago,” Ellison said. “Look, in the early 1990s, Louis Farrakhan was a person speaking the issues of African-American civil rights. At that time he had some things, I thought, he had to offer. He made it very clear in the early 90s that his views and mine were absolutely incompatible, and I’ve been saying that ever since.”

  • Tom Murphy

    Whether or not Ellis has been an agent of Islamic terrorists, he is still a wife-beater.

  • comanchewill

    oh I use to have a relationship with satan but I changed my ways…today I denounce him! “snicker snicker”

  • Dr. Mike Reeder

    Well, that what he SAYS …….. let’s look at his donors, sponsors and supporters.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    how about a law for these idiots , they want to defend islam deport them to live their , they won’t last 5 minutes till their heads are cut off

  • Dave Demski

    Typical politician! CAUGHT! Then deny! This guy is a liar and wife beater! OBVIOUSLY! The evidence is there and available.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    you want to live in a third world county , there are hundreds to chose from . pack your bags morons

  • RJ

    Ellison said that “Farrakhan did used to have some things to offer in the 90’s”. Yeah, and Hitler used to have some things to offer in the 1930’s..


      yes hitler had his queers for pets also.ellison would fit right in..


    any muslim worth his salt would never knowingly socialize with a homo like ellison . they would give ellison flying lesson off a roof.

  • Babsan

    The joke of the day.Ellison the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist and America hater denying ties with his pal.Only STUPID Democrat voters believe this ass

  • Grim Reaper

    Sorry Keith your just another Islamic liar, which is something your pedophile woman abuser prophet you follow Muhammad has commanded you to do.
    I think you are a very good Muslim Keith, and therefore are a total lying abusive scumbag.

  • nonleftist

    What about you posing and smiling with an Antifa handbook. So Mr.Ellison practices Taqiya to save his possible career of ruling over Minnesotan’s. People in Minnesota really are stupid to keep electing this jihadist. First as a Congressman and now possibly to their highest law enforcement official.

    George Soros enjoys winning against stupid people.

  • Joe Cobl

    Get loud,boisterous, wave your arms and deny,deny,deny!! Every punk you pick up on the street has an excuse no matter
    how ridiculous it is. this guy reminds of just that kind of punk!!!!

  • Barry thomas

    Bill Clinton wannabe.. soon be found to also
    be a child molester..

  • jumper

    Mohammed Ellison practices Sharia Law on his girlfriend and hangs with Calypso Louie but he isn’t one ?

  • Meg

    Send him to Iran to be with his buddy, Farrakhan, who is over there yelling “death to America”. - 2015 | Privacy Policy