D. L. Hughley Says Trump Supports Accept Racism

Comedian D. L. Hughley recently appeared on MSNBC where he stated President Trump’s supporters don’t see any form of racism as “a disqualifier.”

 Hughley stated, “When you have a president that is lower than norms of civility, when you call people racist names and misogynist names, xenophobic names, you can’t be shocked when people that represent you — you know everyone is talking about how Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the whole red onion thing and how uncivil that was. I remember when the Tea Party used to come to Barack Obama’s rallies and stand outside armed. They started carrying guns. The tone for this kind of discourse has happened for a very long time. So it’s just disingenuous to pretend like you haven’t contributed to it.”

“I can say this, this president is racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and Islamaphobic. He’s definitely lowered the Blue Book on the presidency. I think we’ll never have presidents in the tradition we had before. You can have political, ideological disagreements but when you have administration officials quoting the same Scriptures that were used to keep black people, slaves—now they’re using it to keep young immigrant children in cages. It’s disingenuous to pretend like you don’t know that. For anybody to say—I can understand supporting somebody, and you’re not quite sure where they will go. Like everybody was ‘he’s going to change in the primaries. He’ll change in the presidency.’ He’s exactly what you said he was. Now it’s not blind, and now you support him. I’m not saying everybody that supports Donald Trump is racist, but his supporters definitely don’t think racism is a disqualifier.”

“The people gave him the benefit of the doubt. You know for such a plain-spoken man, why are so many people trying to explain what he meant? If he speaks his mind, why are there all these interpreters? The bottom line is, if I committed a crime in the car with somebody, the reasonable argument is the person with me is the accomplice. I think anybody who votes for him after all the things he has done—it would have to be a witting accomplice. No way around it.”

  • Ron D Pert

    Right after the show, he goes snorkeling.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    i have yet to see a funny comedian , all they do is tell sick jokes , and you have to be sick to laugh at them , comedians died with jerry lewis

    • Eleanor Cummings

      Red Buttons, Geo. Burns, Martha Raye, Carol Burnett, Carole O’Connor, et al. We don’t have any now.

  • Babsan

    Who cares what these Black Elitist creep says?His Black/Mulatto FRAUD stirred up Racism big time.Part of his ” Fundamentally change America “agenda

  • mwood13

    a comedian said that, everything they say is a joke. just another communist running off his mouth

  • Ron C

    To be sure folks…race baiter’s see racist’s under every rock and around every corner…If he were a comedian D L would be thinking about something funny, instead of get money from MSNBC putting out propaganda…!


      He may be on Soros’ payroll to destroy America so we can all live in cages…but they cannot see beyond the end of their nose. They are praying for the destruction of America.

  • Nick

    racist, racism, yea, yea, yea what an ASSHOLE…

  • Ron

    Who is this guy and why is he even being acknowledged in print? Gee whiz! Every leftist out there thinks he or she is a comedian because the other leftists in their echo chamber laugh at their Trump-bashing and foul language! True comedy is dead, sad to say.

    • Will

      the fact that you don’t know that he’s a multi millionaire writer/director/producer/actor says a lot

      • David

        Oh will we’re sorry we didn’t know he was all that so We know he’s telling the truth now

  • JoAnn Graham

    Obama and Holder always played the race card 24/7…so you elitist need to wake up.everyone knows the left hates everyone but themselves

    • Dane A Wyrick

      They are called liberal supremists

  • Lewis

    He has no solid facts to back up his opinions. He’s following the socialist idea of speaking a lie often enough and loud enough some how makes it true.

    • Will

      ??? Trump has been clocked at 4000 lies since taking office.. Do you listen? or Pay attention?

      • David

        And you kept up with it

  • Steve Toomey

    The real racist ia ALWAYSthe one who plays the race card.. simple.

    • Debi Pimental

      Absolutely. Can someone please tell me who Trump is racist against? I never once heard him say anything against a black, hispanic or any other race. So who is he racist against? Oh, the Muslim ban makes him a racist? So folks, Muslims are NOT a race. Look it up in the dictionary. Wait… here is what it says: A Muslim, sometimes spelled Moslem, relates to a person who follows the religion of Islam, a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion based on the Quran. Muslims consider the Quran to be the verbatim word of God as revealed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. They also follow the teachings and practices of Muhammad as recorded in traditional accounts called hadith. That does NOT make them a race. If following the doctrines and teachings of a religion makes it a race, then Christians are a race as well. So then, should Christians begin calling out people and calling them racists and Christiphobes and suing them for using the names of God and Jesus as cuss words? Hmmm, maybe we should, but we won’t. We’re better than that.


    Who the hell is he and why does he think we would listen to any of his racist idiotic notions. Another racist JACKOFF.

  • John McComas

    Nothing is more despicable than someone hurling accusations about someone else’s character (Trump) with no actual facts or knowledge, but just presenting it as if it is true. This disgusting POS is projecting his own flaws and sins and knows nothing about Trump’s inner thoughts. Doing it on TV is even worse. And the sycophants who applaud this kind of behavior are just as bad.

    • Will

      I was told in 1975 what kind of a bullying, racist asshole Trump was/is. My friends were property owners in Manhattan, and spoke of this guy who had inherited from his father and was building without permits, in and out of court for racism, not paying workers (he still has HUNDREDS of cases pending where he hasn’t paid architects to dishwashers), In general, a man that lives on scamming people, stealing living on unpaid credit. HIs restaurants and Mar a Lao have had hundreds of health violations in a coupla of years. a carnival barker/snake oil salesman.

      • John McComas

        So you’re going back 43 years? By the way, you don’t go to court for “racism”. You are probably apoplectic about his consensual affair with Stormy Daniels. I don’t care for his demeanor. But there is no evidence that he as president or in his recent past that he has been racist. Protecting our borders and vetting anyone who enters the country, particularly from known terrorist hotbeds, does not constitute racism. And while I don’t agree with everything he has done, he is miles above his predecessor who fomented racial division at every opportunity, imbedded his administration with Muslim Brotherhood, sent plane loads of cash to Iran and agreed to an absolutely dreadful nuclear deal, lied to the citizenry about the Affordable Care Act, stifled the economy with onerous business regulations, weaponized the IRS, BLM and EPA, allowed illegals sanctuary and encouraged border invasion. I could go on. But I’ll take Trump with all his flaws.

      • VeryWhiteConservative

        You are full of bs

  • tomsfordcars

    What a complete left wing, liberal, ignorant ass hole. These hollywierd morons love to throw the race card in anytime they can, however, they are the same ones that have no respect for our Government if they don’t agree with an issue and as far as name calling, this nitwit calls the President homophobic, xenophobic and islamaphobic. Also, these are the same people that disrespect Law Enforcement Offers, referring to them as pigs etc. You called our Great President names so I returned the favor!

    • Will

      the President is all of that, and more. His supporters know it, and elected him precisely for those qualities.

      • Coming from a left-wing loonie bird.

      • Warmac9999

        Obama was all of that, and more. His supporters not only knew it, they praised him for it. They elected him because he was black and little else.

        • Dane A Wyrick

          And they couldn’t even get that right. Obama is Halfrican not Black

          • Will

            We are all part African, in that Africa is where human life began; Have your DNA done.

        • Will

          received his Law Degree from Harvard University where he served as President of the law review;

          taught law at Chicago Law School;

          author of best selling memoir, Dreams from my Father;

          member, Illinois State Senate (1997-2004); principle legislation he backed included major tax reform and the requirement that questioning of murder suspects be videotaped.

          delivered a prophetic speech in 2002 warning against an American invasion of Iraq;

          elected to the United States Senate with 70% of the popular vote;

          served on the Foreign Relations Committee;

          legislation backed by Sen. Obama: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lis

          author of best selling book, The Audacity of Hope;

          elected President, winning a greater percentage of the popular vote than Bill Clinton or George W. Bush.

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          • John McComas

            Mostly sucking off the public trough. He was never a “top constitutional lawyer”. To my knowledge he never practiced “constitutional law. He hated the constraints the Constitution placed on his power. He bragged of being a law professor. Not true. He was a lecturer. He never published a paper. He taught three subjects – race, rights and gender. Writing books about yourself, is not an accomplishment. His resume is as lacking as his accomplishments as President.

          • Rex Stevenson

            (1) He was editor, not president of the Law Review. (2) He was a Adjunct or part-time lecturer. Nothing more. (3) He ran virtually unopposed for the US Senate when his rival was falsely accused of sex allegations and backed out just 5 days before the election. (4) Dreams From My Father was about a father he never knew and who deserted him when he was just a few weeks old. His father already had a Kenyan wife and 3 kids. (5) The Audacity of Hope was taken from a sermon by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. (6) Listening to Obama speak without a teleprompter is like listening to a homeless drunk. (7) Obama has yet to show a legitimate BIRTH CERTIFICATE. The Hawaiian hospital he claims to have been born in didn’t exist in 1961, and there is no record of his birth at any hospital in Hawaii. (8) Obama’s only Constitutional claim to fame was subverting the Constitution and rule of law. He will go down as the worst president in American history … if he’s not arrested and imprisoned first.

          • Nick

            Osucksma, is a racist, do nothing, socialist, criminal and should be in prison.

  • Rex Stevenson

    There are good Black Americans and there are bad racist African-Americans. This lowlife scumbag falls into the later category and should be loaded onto a boat and sent halfway back to Africa!

    • Jim Coughlin

      Where would you send the “bad” white Americans?

  • Will

    of course he’s right. DUH.. Trump was charged with racism in the 70’s, is from a racist family, ran on racism, surrounds himself with white nationalists, …duh. No news here. It’s a terrible shame that our great country has come to this.

    • Old person 2

      The shame is you dumba** Dumbocrats tried to run a lying, crooked piece of crap for President and you got your butts handed to you and now all you can do is complain. The Dems cheated ole Socialist Bernie out of his chance to get defeated in the general election by being crooked. Now all you have left is to moan and cry about Racism. Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Elijah Cummings and Lewis Farahakan are 4 of the worst racist in the world.

      • Will

        #1 I’m from a long line of Republicans that taught me to recognize and despise racism and racists since childhood. Your post is total horseshit.

        • Old person 2

          What part is “horseshit”? The Dems ran the biggest crook in history and the 4 people I named ARE, in my opinion”, are pure RACISTS. And anybody that can’t see that are pretty blind.

        • VeryWhiteConservative

          You’re a lying pos racist fool

  • Andrew Jackson

    If he’s a comedian, then we should be laughing at what he says. He’s just another brainless loud mouth trouble maker.

  • Sam Spader

    Good and meaningful article. Articulate.

  • Danny S.

    I’m kinda of the belief that the people who run around and make everything RACE are the most racist of all. You see first the left twist and turn everything Trump says into a ugly completely racist interpretation.
    Second , these same people who preach division and hate make the topic of race off limits to everyone except those with their agendas. If I have and opinion about a racial situation and I’m white or conservative I’m automatically a racist. These activists and that is what they are hate Trump along with the MSM and use the race card to not help people of color but to keep them in there places. I wish more people of color would start calling these race baitors out!! After all what positive result do people of color get from all these elites?

  • Broos

    AND Y’all DEM Incite racism, joker : (Note comedian subtitle) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbOeOd2szaE

  • parthenon1

    Racism ? Thats a Democrat invented word and I am sure this guy cant even spell it !

  • Speak out about Racist Waters too U Hypocrite.

  • cjjf

    I truly wish these extremists would educate themselves before they opened their mouths. It appears to me that D.L. is more racist than President Trump is.

  • Warmac9999

    Race is a fact of life. Racism is just based on it. The greatest racism now in the world is black on white in South Africa. The leaders of the black community there have called for the confiscation of white owned property and genocide against the whites that built the country to prominence.

  • Dane A Wyrick

    The left are soooo open minded that their brains have fallen out

  • bob

    Who the hell is this clown. Never heard of the idiot bigot. It is always the ones who speak out like this who are the stupid racists.

  • armydadtexas

    Hughley is a dumb a$$

  • And what is the significance of his comments ?

  • Alan Wakefield

    Is this guy out of his mind? You will find the answer to my question in my question if you simply transpose the first and third words of my question, which now reads, THIS GUY IS OUT OF HIS MIND! Just try showing up at a Presidential rally, armed! Especially an obama rally! It appears ANY AND ALL BEHAVIORS, INCLUDING DEATH THREATS AND BLOWING UP THE WHITE HOUSE, is quite acceptable if the “target” is President Trump! Show where, AND WHEN, armed protesters showed up at an obama rally? S,umbuddy been smokin’ and drinkin’ sum’ serious stuff.

  • Frank Roza

    I’m trying to remember anything of substance this jerk off has done lately..

  • Alan Wakefield

    This charge is now the official slogan of the Democratic Party: “this, this president is racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and Islamaphobic” Two words to the parrots of the Dem Party (apologies to the Parrots of the world): “PROVE IT!”. A little documentation goes a long way.

  • Frank Roza

    I mean, all of a sudden he comes crawling out of the woodwork,calling our supreme commander-in-chief disgusting names!

  • rottenrollin

    You’re funny, Hurley. Ha ha. Can’t quit laughing.

    Did you ever call Obama on the same crap? He’s the most race pimping president ever, I’m sure you’d agree.


    Dane A Wyrick you are a complete idiot like that lying TRUMP


    LYING TRUMP IS A STUPID ASS HOLE AND ALL OF tomsfordcars have a nice stupid idiot

  • Albedamned!

    Another bad comic!

  • Stephen Serafin

    You know. Obama had a travel ban from certain Muslim Countries and NOBODY in Hollywood thought it was Racist; nor did they label Obama and those who agreed with the ban as Islamophobic. Obama torpedoed the ban before leaving Office and President Trump resurrected the Ban and suddenly all of us who support it are Scum. I reject that notion. It seems to me that those who levy the claim are perhaps the Racists and are using projection to hide their own guilt. I also reject that a Black person can’t be a Racist. The Bible says “By their fruits you will know them”. There is no stop hate coming from the Left.

  • jim jones

    A lot of unfunny comedians try to get attention by sticking their noses in politics!

  • Arnold Young

    This so calle man is an IDIOT!!! maybe he should return to some country who would tolerate this kind of behaves.Try Russia or China and see where this will get you. This is a new kind of STUPID!!!

  • L.L. Smith

    Way to go, President Trump!!!! MAGA !!!!!!
    I’m not tired of winning yet so please don’t stop.
    Can’t wait for the next election so I can vote for you again!!!
    P.S. Please Democrats, run Hillary again.

  • wayne waldack

    Another Unfounded Accusation by a Liberal unfunny KG type “comedian whose career is gasping for support from the Liberal Dems and Hollywood Liberals.

  • Nick

    Hey, hUGLY everything to you is racist, I submitt U R the Racist prick u think everybody else is..i bet u even think,, racist. You asshole..

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