Cops praise Trump after meeting

Law enforcement officials emerged from a White House meeting on Tuesday praising President Trump for seeking their input on an array of issues, including the groundswell of violent crime in Chicago.

“It’s just a real pleasure to have a president in the White House who cares about law enforcement’s concerns,” Chuck Canterbury, the national president of the Fraternal Order of Police, told reporters.

Canterbury and nine other law enforcement officials met with Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and several White House senior aides on Tuesday for what he described as a “refreshing” 45-minute discussion about violence against police and the nation’s opioid epidemic, among other issues.

“Safety of law enforcement officers was one of our primary topics of discussion,” Canterbury said, noting that the law enforcement community is currently facing “a crisis of being able to find qualified police applicants without reducing standards.”

“We want people who have the mental fortitude to do this job … and no criminal records,” he said.


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  • Keith

    Finally, an American President.

    • Rubendlct

      Unfortunately one with tiny hands and brains. At least has accomplished something no other president has ever accomplished in the history of the United States of America; he has a reach a 35% approval on job performance and still going down! God bless his bottom when he finally hits bottom line. No need to reply to me, boys. I’ll be out and aout like Cassius Clay; I puinch and move! Lol

      • sox83cubs84

        Source, please? And no liberal media polls are allowed, as they have no credibillty.

  • sunandfun

    One would hope that America would see that the President is a person in the position and doing his best to back up and help protect the officers that are risking their lives every day to protect and keep us safe. This country has slipped so far back from REALITY that it is causing more criminals to not worry about being caught or winding up in prison. I grew up respecting the police officers and thanking them for looking after us. I can’t blame them now for being worried about doing there job and being fired for doing it. What in the world happened to common sense? Very few politicians go to jail for what they get away with and yet, Law enforcement people are worried about doing their jobs and keeping us safe. When are we going to wake up and realize what is REALLY going on in this country?

    • ward

      IT is not We the Patriotic, GOD trusting U.S. Citizens ; it is the libtard dems that are representing their logo of an ass !

  • sensrbtch

    OK! the congress is questionable? why did the dikheds in the cuntgress pass a non-constituinial law; that only benefits a major business concern?! it does not benefit the AMERICAN PEOPLE! it works against the AMERICAN PEOPLE!? the pres has not signed it yet, and mabe he will not; with all the other suckers attached too it.

    • ward

      C of C in words means cowards of congress that did nothing to stop bo’s abuse of powere treason … !

  • Rick501

    Finally, a Russian President!

    • Rubendlct

      You hitted right on the head; a Russian President! Lol

    • ward

      UP YOURS …. !

      • Rick501

        ward: I see a bunch of ignorant commenters, but yours is the best.


    Go President Trump, hang the outlaws.

    • ward

      Hang ’em High ; let ’em kick and make it public … !

      • John Flynn

        your reply is very Eastwood-esque….

  • William Konrad

    Democrats are too bull headed in their hatred for Trump to recognize anything good in what he is doing. Time will tell if they will overcome their hatred enough to help him in any way. I doubt it.



      • beowulf32

        You are right, we need to do away with the Democratic party all together. We only need the Republican party and an Independent party.

        • ward

          The dems in 8 years have become a socialistic commie creation by bo’s abuse of power E.O’s of treason !

      • ward

        Deport all of the libtard dems with their illegals they gave the asinine illegal sanctuary by violating U.S. Laws … !

  • proudV

    I no longer have the stomach to listen to or talk to Liberals who hate everything including police officers, And their hatred of Trump is off the chart. You would think they would get a clue and stop opposing Trump because they lost, And show us they care. But to be honest im glad they came out of the closet so their supporters can see what idiots and fools they have become. And honestly i have been blown away by the lefts hate tactics and violence, And i truly believe they will pay a terrible price for hating the United States so much. So you Godless bastards can get Fu.ked, Sorry God i just cant help it!!.

  • phil62

    Imagine that: yet another REAL Presidential leadership without EO’s. Piss on the retarded dumbocrat liberals pukes.

  • Tomas


  • rick meek

    I have a few changes I’d like to make to the US CONSTITUTION —- Let’s get it out – Dust ot off – and put it to the use for what it was intended…

  • David Renaud

    That damn IDIOT obama hates the police, because they try to protect American citizens, not the damn bad people that Obama liked….

  • biilyjoe

    It ‘s got to be great for our police departments to no longer have to deal with that street organizing ,marxist, America-hating , law-and-order destroying Sharptonized thug-traitor Obama.

    • mowmtn

      and the shame of it all is that Obama is a traitor Bastard. but now the American Govt can see what Islamic sect he belongs to. if we had not tried to help those arab bastards by drilling for water years ago and hitting oil and then promising Saudi’s that we would fight for them as long as they sold us the oil… I think we need to back up and rethink our commitment to the arabs.

  • ward

    Declaring open season on these criminals in CH, LA, SF & Okie land would be a great start to rid the U.S.A. of the rotten stench !

  • Allen Shaw

    Of course, they would love to be with the “trumpster”!

    I believe in person he is gracious acting individual. He is after all the replacement for the leaders of Barnum and Bailey Entertainment. P. T. Barnum and James Anthony Bailey.

    President Trump is holding the office and it may not be the best thing for him to be booted out.

    What need to happen is a purge of the extremes of his advisors. While he is cutting the earlier administrations E.O. it will soon become clear which ones need to be returned and rewritten with a more moderate approach. Who knows what is best. Soon even the big businesses who were a part of the formulation of the Obama rules will start to see the wisdom of the them.

    The congress is just right. The Democrats holding firm, the Republicans split apart. Nothing much will get done, which is a good thing.

    The budget will get some type of approval without any of the radical garbage the President has included. The people will eventually learn to understand what the National Debt is and why it will continue to grow, no matter what.

    If there are government employees and retirements the obligation for the setting aside for payment of retirement will make the debt grow.

    The cost of the military will continue to be the major problem with our debt. President Trump wants the other
    nations to pay for NATO and the United Nations; however, even if they were to pay, if they had the funds to do so, our military will need massive sums of money to support a superior position. Since no responsible leader of any nation will ever use atomic weapons against anyone, the cost of maintenance will be a
    burden even as they are not used.

    The federal government will return to control many of the issues that President Trump and his cabinet are
    cancelling out. It will become clear when states do not have funds and need to go to the Feds for support, new rules must be established. No one realizes as they look at those police officers how much federal money is going into the budget of those cities.

  • Ron Lindsey

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