Comey’s Wife Admits Hillary Bias

former FBI Director James Comey’s wife, Patrice, while speaking to ABC admitted that she supported Hillary Clinton and was “devastated” watching Trump win.

“I wanted a woman president really badly, and I supported Hillary Clinton,” Patrice Failor Comey stated. “A lot of my friends worked for her. And I was devastated when she lost.”

“My wife and girls marched in the Women’s March, the day after President Trump’s inauguration,” James Comey stated. “At least my four daughters — probably all five of my kids, wanted Hillary Clinton to be the first woman president. I know my amazing spouse did.”

  • rick meek

    Even comey’s family are traitors.

  • Jesse Macia

    Just shows how idiotic the family is.

  • Derell Waldhauer

    Patrice Comey, your husband was also devastated. He clearly did not like the results of the election.

  • Christiann

    Comey’s communist family must lose citizenship and leave America!! They are all liers!!

  • Frank la Vacca

    Wow they wanted Hillary,what a surprise since their father/ husband tried to sway it her way, not to mention Obuma’s traitorous deeds during the. Camp

  • JoAnn Graham

    Wow talk about keeping it ( the dirt) all in the family (0 administration )..

  • mrp15

    Since Comey was in charge of an investigation of crooked Hillary, his “amazing spouse” and his girls should not have been marching for her. Thus he swayed the investigation in her favor by exonerating her before concluding the investigation. Thus a conflict of interest for which he must be held accountable.

  • Ranger Rick

    Well it’s obvious that FBI director James Comey wasn’t for Hillary since he violated the Hatch by commenting on the recommendation of the FBI there was no evidence to prosecute Hillary Clinton which was totally out of his purview and authority as well as being in violation of the Hatch law: which is about an official of the government making statements that would affect an election or a campaign especially somebody Like the FBI Director in the Justice Department !
    Also when he made the second announcement the week before the election it was also a violation of the Hatch Law especially sense there was nothing to those emails and there was no investigation opened up and there should’ve never been a statement by the FBI director: that definitely did for the second time influence the election against Hillary Clinton!
    So his family was for Hillary but Comey by his statements and actions was in violation of federal law and hurt Hillary and her possible election!
    Comey maybe should’ve been fired for those violations but that’s not why Trump fired him: are you kidding: firing him for helping him win the election by creating controversy and doubt about Hillary Clinton! It’s because he wanted Comey to become a blind loyalist to Trump not a separate and co-equal independent justice system head:
    and of course his fear that the FBI would be investigating the connections between his cabinet NSA Flynn, campaign officials, family (Kushner, Trump Jr) administration officials in the White House with the Russian interference of the 2016 presidential election to favor Trump (Remember Putin hated Hillary and was afraid of her & her actions on Russia if she was elected):
    and the possible conspiracy of the Trump campaign, administration & Family and Trump with the Russians!
    Trump has heavy duty connections with Russians: Russian mobster oligarchs: Russian officials, intelligence officers and huge financial obligation to them and has so for almost 3 decades!

  • doc suske

    Their theme song-

    Kaine the Klown, Hilary’s Klown-

    I want your lying more and more
    I want your ass-kisses that’s for sure
    I die each time
    I hear the sound (kiss-kiss)
    They’re saying here he comes
    He’s Hilary’s klown
    You know you can’t stand tall
    You know a man should crawl
    And when you let her tell you lies
    And you let em pass you by
    You’re not a man at all
    You’re Hilary’s Klown-

    The above also applies to the MSM

  • Berengaria

    The Very Political Comey Family are cashing in on their Notoriety, & I can only hope that their success is short Lived. The Papa of this Family has been able to cast doubt & suspicion on a once Respected Department of our Government, while he profits from his hatred of Our President & the People, who elected our President.

  • Gigi

    Say no more. The man who destroyed the FBI and wanted to unseat a president! No glory hear.

  • disqus_KxAHnCo4Tu

    just goes to show you that stupidity is carried in the genes and transmitted to the next generation. I think people feel that Hillary is just no good…thats why she needed to have Bill on her campaign with her. Bill, a liar and adulterer and probably a pedophile is still regarded as charming to people who are repulsed by the dead shark eyed hilary rotten. Yet, fools like the Comeys still wanted hilary rotten as president because she was a woman!!!….STuPID STUPID PEOPLE!!!. i WAS IN FAVOR OF A BLACK MAN FOr PRESIDENT BUT oBAMA WAS NO Rev Martin Luther King!!!. Obama proved to be a street thug from Chicago and a closet Muslim ( come on….brought up in Indonesia by his Muslim father…you think he was a Christian??)……People are basically stupid. thats why they believe in political BS…Trump was a wake up call. Americans are mad as hell and don;t want to take it any more. Americans must get behind Trump and demand change……………………. or else the next president will take us to Socilaism and ruin….

  • pete

    The Comey Family for Hillary. Stupid is as stupid does. Not a brain in that whole family’s head. People on the right got over it when Obama won. Now all of you do the same.

  • jesse

    People need to quit saying lurch is a Republican, that’s the libs main talking point when stumping for this duplicitous dolt, he’s a leftist hack of the highest order!

  • Carl

    James ‘The Big Queasy’ Comey will forever be known as the man who POLITICIZED the once proud FBI.
    He is HATED by liberals and conservatives but is willing to be USED by liberals to try to hurt Trump. Lordy, what a POS he is…..

  • coolman11

    I wanted Hillary to because we needed a woman President especially one with her experience and qualifications and not a smidgen of corruption!

  • Ernie Pyle

    That’s like voting for Adolph Hitler because you want a president with a funny looking mustache. Comey and his family are the perfect example of ignorant Americans with the head in the sand or other dark smelly orifices.

  • Spunky

    Glad you despicable people were upset – hope yo daddy sitting in jail sets your day well - 2015 | Privacy Policy