Collins Kills Obamacare ‘Repeal’ AGAIN

Obamacare repeal appears to be dead.


But don’t worry — the zombie will return again.

On Monday, Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), the most left-leaning Republican member of the Senate, said that she would not vote for the Graham-Cassidy bill, which had been designed to significantly curtail Medicaid growth as well as give states the option to relieve regulatory burdens under Obamacare. She stated that the bill was “as deeply flawed as its previous iterations,” citing the Congressional Budget Office score that found that millions of Americans would supposedly lose their health insurance coverage (the vast majority through voluntarily leaving their Obamacare programs). “Sweeping reforms to our health care system and to Medicaid can’t be done well in a compressed time frame, especially when the actual bill is a moving target.”

Collins became the third senator to publicly oppose the bill, along with Senators John McCain (R-AZ), who supposedly opposed the bill’s failure to rely on regular order, and Rand Paul (R-KY), who was supposedly upset that the bill didn’t fully repeal Obamacare. Paul’s opposition hurts conservatives the most, given that Paul was the man who once persuaded President Trump notto push a simple repeal of Obamacare rather than Paul’s preferred simultaneous repeal and replace.

President Trump signaled his sanguinity with the death of the latest Obamacare rollback bill, stating, “Looks like Susan Collins and some others who will vote against. We’re going to lose two or three votes and that’s the end of that.” Instead of spending the weekend pushing to rally support for the foundering bill, Trump used his political capital to stump for future ex-Senator Luther Strange in Alabama and prattle about the NFL.

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  • cosmo007

    Collins will forever be known as the Republican that saved Obamacare. Suits her well.

  • Ron C

    The truth be known Collins never was a republican, she never has voted as a republican and has always voted with the democrat’s for wasteful spending and tax increases on the working American’s…it is as plain as day…What I can’t understand is why are the people in Maine so easily lied to…??? If that is what they want from a Senator just put in a democrat…damn!


      Mainers are not lied to, they’re LIBERAL and know exactly who they elected. Want proof? Notice nobody truly conservative runs against her and if they did they’d lose.

  • rick meek

    Collins wants that fed tax money to keep flowing into Maine —— Maine is getting a chitload of money JUST ON REFUGEE RESETTLEMENTS…….

    • badgascoupe

      No kidding….Lewistons wonderful somali experiment!

      • John Flynn

        didn’t Liston & Clay fight there? If i’m not mistaken, on that score, Clay immediately changed his name to Mohammed Ali

        • badgascoupe

          yes they did.

      • AC1USNRetired

        quick, dismantle the bridge to Auburn

        Stationed at NAS Brunswick 6-1979 to 11-1984

  • disqus_tpc8waQI76

    yo maine what f is wrong with you people up there you new she was a swamp thing and you put her back in office wake the f up maine

  • Dennis Smith

    She only speaks for herself and not the people .

    • larry harvey

      She saved affordable healthcare for 20,000,000 Americans including those who live in Maine. I thank Senate Collins for saving my affordable health insurance.

  • badgascoupe

    Mainer here and most of the state hates this loon,It’s the liberal Portland on south that dictate our states politics!

    • cjjf

      Many states tend to the same problem. One big city that doesn’t know a thing about real life but somehow they think they know what’s nest for you.

  • Marine68

    The RINO has always voted for the murder of the unborn, therefore i am not surprised. I am not upset however, because there was no Repeal, just a renaming.

  • larry harvey

    Over 20,000,000 Americans would have lost their affordable health care but for Susan Collins and a few other brave senators who stood up and said NO to Trump!

  • Glennfriend67

    I’ve got an idea, Mr. President. Cut her off from federal funding till she gets on board with everybody else. We all know Susan Collins doing this to be a spiteful child; so treat her like a child till she gets back in line.

  • C Steven

    John McCain has accepted funds from George Soros organizations. Has Collins?

  • AC1USNRetired

    PLEASE Maine, rid us of this witch - 2015 | Privacy Policy