Cohen Will Lose His Law Degree

Trump legal team member Rudy Giuliani spoke about the Trump-Cohen exposed tapes and called it “outrageous” that Cohen secretly taped Trump without his knowledge. Cohen was labeled as a “pariah” and is saying he will be disbarred.

Giuliani stated, “[F]irst of all, the major point is, it’s outrageous that someone would tape his client surreptitiously.”

“The first thing that happens is, this guy’s going to be disbarred. I mean, it’s ridiculous. He’s a pariah to the legal profession.”

  • Ron Long

    What kind of crap headline reporting is this? You cannot usually lose a degree but you can be disbarred and I am certain he wikl be.

    • bryandale

      The headline writer apparently doesn’t know the difference between a license to practice law and an academic law degree.

      • Juanito Ibañez

        Having been an investigative reporter for a small weekly newspaper I can attest that the writer writes the story, and an editor comes up with the “headline.”

        Fortunately for me, I had a well-educated and -informed editor/publisher.

    • Irene M

      Ron, I’m sure that is what was meant by this comment. Cohen will probably be disbarred due to violation of attorney “client” privacy.

      • Ron Long

        Irene, good morning. The article was very clear, it is sad though that the person that wrote the report wasn’t. Object journalism in America is dead. This is how fake news gets started, inaccurate headlines, not many people stop to read the article.

      • Bob Mac

        Yahoo hires illiterate writers

      • mustangsallyann

        His being disbarred is a given. No doubt someone made him a very lucrative offer for him to destroy his career permanently. Disbarred or not, no one with good sense would ever hire him again anyway. He’s a crook just like the rest of our many corrupt politician’s that reside in both parties.

    • Kenneth Fichtl

      In NYC anything can be done no law there

    • Brabado

      Ron, forgive them…
      This is America and everything goes, even if it does not make any sense….
      Semper fi.

      • Alibaba

        And that’s what you sworn to protect?… I sworn that too, but I start to have my doubts…

    • john

      Wow, Some people need a lengthy explanation so they can possably understand our english language.

  • Bob Mac

    Imprisoned sounds better – sedition in trying to overthrow the constitutionally elected
    president of the United States.

    • CCblogging

      like Obama and Hillary are trying to do.

  • 1josephg1

    Yahoo and the rest of the fake news and prejudicial reporters are a disgrace to the profession and to life itself. God hates liars.

  • CCblogging

    Cohen might as well be disbarred, he’s toast anyway. Who would trust him?

  • Kenneth Golightly

    Cohen has to go.

  • Hirod

    There are no journalists anymore, what we have are story writers. They heard something and run to write a story about it, without corroborated. They all wants to be first to publish the rumors,

    • W. Coyote

      “They heard something…” That’s how Trump gets most of his news. He heard something and takes it as fact. In other words, he promotes fake news.

      • Alibaba

        And good hearing, even if good hearing doesn’t bring… well, any good!…

  • Joseph Morgan

    It could not happen to a better choice, but the write of this piece should also lose (his/her) degree for stupidity in not researching the proper and true news. Another flaky, think they know it all.

  • DonRS

    Your headline writers must be 18 year old KNOW NOTHINGS (maybe 16)! How do you lose your law degree? Law license, maybe, but not your law degree!

  • John Griscom

    Reporters used do research to develop some background knowledge on a subject they wrote about. Now it’s seems to be a spastic knee-jerk reaction to get something out first, whether it’s fact based or not. Very little true journalism anymore.

    • EC

      From a country whose education system concerns itself only with test scores rather than critical thinking (or ANY thinking, for that matter), are you really surprised there is no true journalism? I continuously see college graduates who can’t even write a coherent sentence, so in that regard, these journalists are actually the current “cream of the crop”. And before blaming the libs yet again, be aware that there is equal blame to go around. Both parties are despicable, in my opinion.

  • Brabado

    Cohen, like many other coward individuals, with no back bone to speak of, are real traitors to their profession, to their clients and to our Nation.
    Interestingly enough, Cohen just thought about his “Loyalty to His Family”, when Top Witch-Hunter Doctor, SP Mueller got on his ass…

    Cohen, much like Brennan, Clapper, Hillary and Comey are despicable and repugnant individuals that should end up in jail for their Criminal Acts against President Trump and our Nation!


    Semper fi

  • Jim

    He should be DISBARRED —-ASAP

  • Dennis B Anderson

    This was over the line like Strok saying the FBI was the lawyers behind him. He was instructed not to say anything. Everything was an on going investigation.

  • pmbalele

    FromRight is being run by primitive people. Cohen Will not Lose His Law Degree. He may however be suspended or disbarred practicing law. On the other hand he may have defenses. For example he may claim he had to tell the truth of whether he taped Trump or not. If he were to lie and later discovered, he would be suspended or disbarred. Lawyers are not supposed to lie.

    • NRA_Life_Member

      “‘Lawyers are not supposed to lie.”? Where did that come from? Lawyers are professional, highly skilled liars. Their education and training teaches them the art of lying. Remember: People giving testimony in trials are sworn in and susceptible to perjury. Representing attorneys are not.

  • “Lose his Degree?” Someone needs to lose their Journalism degree …

    • Alibaba

      Credibility is more important, and they lost it all!…

  • Sanjosemike

    We all know that most journalists are pathetic, ergo the obvious mistake in the headline above.

    The reason why Cohen “gave the recording away” was to try to avoid going to jail, which Mueller was working on against him.

    Cohen might have had a “chance” of a presidential pardon if he would have not disclosed the recording, (assuming it was not already discovered.

    That chance is now gone. In my opinion his choice was NOT a good one.

    Either way, he is finished as a lawyer. Everyone makes their choices. He made his long ago. I hope it was “worth it” for him and his family…

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  • gomurr

    Being “disbarred” is not losing your law degree.

  • Bill Smith

    Disbarr him and if he says Trump knew about the meeting he has kied under oath so charge him with that also!

  • james oriley

    He won’t have to be disbarred who ill higher him again.

  • Ronald Gendron

    Every other one of his clients should demand to know if their “attorney-client” conversations with him, were also taped! - 2015 | Privacy Policy