CNN Threatens Trump After Democrat House Win

During CNN’s midterm coverage, host Jake Tapper proclaimed that President Trump has “a big problem” after discovering that Democrats won the majority in the House.

Wolf Blitzer then stated, “This is a huge win for the Democrats—a huge setback for the president and the Republicans.”

Tapper replied, “It is. And this is going to be a big problem for President Trump going forward. If he thinks that the media is annoying, wait till he meets a Democratic House that has subpoena power and actually has the legal ability to force them to turn over documents.”

“We’re going to look like nothing compared to that. I mean, he is going to find an opposition that he has never really encountered before.”

  • Meg

    Bring it on CNN. I would like to this station banned from briefings for good.

    • Christopher James Moore

      I agree bring it on bitches. Not only do REPUBLICANS CONTROL THE SENATE BUT THEY GAINED SEATS. So any chance to SUBPOENA DOCS or IMPEACH PRESIDENT TRUMP will be DEAD on the SENATE FLOOR.

  • GetReal4U2

    the clinton news network…pathetic…at the very best…

  • Eric Brown

    I think Trump will refuse to turn over documents just like the previous admin did. If the house thwarts Trump’s initiatives too strongly, I think they will pay the price in 2020.

  • old codger
  • justdave

    People that live in glass houses should not throw rocks.

    • VeryWhiteConservative


  • VeryWhiteConservative

    Ban Communist News Network

  • James Earp

    Bullshit demos have obstructed for two years in America’s best interests. Trump has had rouge republicans on butt wipe demos side attacking him and his proven he can beat them at their evil game.

  • comanchewill

    CNN is incredibly stupid if they believe the Trump Administration will simply turn over documents

    • Jackie Ruskey

      CNN is totally stupid lying pigs! Boycott their trash!

  • Robert Morrow

    For a Fact CNN should be shut down by the FCC, be will not happen because the FCC is just as corrupt as the Fake News Media People of CNN. I am glad that De Costa was thrown out.

    • Klikhir Tulagin

      Their viewership is so low that I guess they send Accoster to perform publicity stunts so they will get coverage by other outlets. Should have told him to refrain from committing battery on young lady. In law, ‘battery’ is any unlicensed, impermissible touching. IMHO, when Accoster was shouting his second question and fighting for the mic, Trump should have looked around the room and asked “Anyone else have a question?” and when they failed to respond, just ended the presser.

      • Will

        He did nOT touch her; Sarah Sanders showed a DOCTORED videotape

  • Judy P65

    If the Democrats pull something like that, their total viewers will be negative 1. I can’t stand them now, just wait. The pink slips will be flying.

  • JBKonya104

    Costa deserved to have his pass revoked. He’s been an annoying journalist from CNN. He continues to annoy the public with his continued lies. He’s not the only person at the briefings. If he’s been trying to get a name for himself…he just did..a “Disgusting, Annoying, Corrupt, Lunatic!!!”

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      And those are his good points.

  • Monticello Shuttles


  • Arielle

    Do the Democrats plan on doing anything of VALUE to help the American people, or is their only mission in life to cause problems for President Trump ? My money is on the latter !

  • Will

    I am from a long line of Republicans. I really don’t understand why this group supports a man who is approaching 5000 LIES since taking office. He is a racist (sued twice by the feds since the 70’s; ongoing since then), a serial abuser, a bully, a non reader, making enemies around the world; he only admires murdering dictators (and they think he’s a fool). Really; what do YOU get out of this awful person and his criminal regime? CNN, btw, is the most respected and fact-checked news organization in the WORLD. Trump despises them because they tell the truth about him. FOX news (not news, btw) has been taken of the air in the uK because no one is interested in a paid propaganda wing of a radical political party. In Australia , it’s on a little watched cable channel. Trump has put people who have no idea of what they’re doing in charge of all the departments, ruining our environment, selling off our national parks. Are you paying attention? The economy is temporarily good.Now they’re after your Social Security and Medicare. You appear to be like the people who liked Hitler and Mussolini “because the trains run on time”.

    • CCblogging

      I bet you also wet your bed. Hanky?

      • Will

        pretty juvenile. another playground bully. Ya must be proud. btw; move out of your mother’s basement

        • CCblogging

          You are a liberal parading as a Republican and maybe a Conservative. You are really just a liar. BTW, I am 70 and My mom never had a basement.

    • David R Gildea

      CNN is the most respected news and fact checked news organization in the WORLD ??? what planet do you live on Will ?

      • Will

        CNN is #2 cable news rating in the WORLD. Fox is not watched round the world because it is not news. Truth checked at 80% False or “Mostly false’. CNN at 80% true or “mostly true”. of course you wouldn’t know that if you watch FOX. try BBC or any European news to see what the world thinks of us.

        • David R Gildea

          It appears you assume a lot about me Will for not ever having met me, as a matter of fact I do prefer to watch BBC, at least that is a somewhat unbiased news outlet unlike CNN, but assume what you want, you know what they say about “Assume”.

        • Don Nunes

          Will…if what ur taking is not detectable in URINE TESTS…damn I need some of that shit!!!

          • Will

            “facts are not true” D T

        • CCblogging

          Again, you are a liar.

          • Will

            no lies in my post

          • JCC61

            No facts in them either.

        • JCC61

          FACTS, please… Where do YOU get yours??


      • Jackie Ruskey

        From crackheadville to not know what lying dogs cnn really is! And msnbc too disgusting! Get help with your crack problem your brain is fried!

    • Bob Huke

      Will, Please return all of the money that you have reaped the last 2 years from the increase in the stock market if you feel that strongly about this president return all the mind to charities put your money where your mouth is buddy

      • Will

        Trump has ZERO to do with any stock market returns say ALL financial sources

    • Karen

      Will, YOU are the exact type person and reason that I responded to J. Lancaster as to why we republicans need to watch CNN(commie news network) so that we can be aware and prepared for brainwashed (ie. “CNN is the most respected and fact-checked news organization in the WORLD) commies like you! You say you come from a long line of Republicans, what happened? Did they finally kick you out of the basement and take away your free privileges? Do you now have to go to the library to use their free computer? That must be very frustrating for you!

      • Will

        You throwing around the word “communist’ is pretty funny. A white House kissing ass to all the ex Communist leaders that they owe billions to. I hate communism and am not a fan of socialism. I believe in our system of democracy; not what we currently have. My mother helped elect Eisenhower. That great GOP is gone, probably forever. Actually, check CNN’s ratings in the world. As for my personal life, I own outright a nice home in the most expensive city in the uSA plus several homes overseas. You either don’t know anything about Trump, or refuse to see the truth (which is coming out). I’ve known about him since the mid 70’s. he’s a grifter. Back to “commies’ “google’ how many elected Republican politicians accepted trips to Russia in the last two years; some solo, some in groups.what is THAT about?Have you noticed how many RUSSIANS are already indicted for hacking the elections? (or is FOX reporting that?) As I said before, FOX is clocking at 17% truth (on a good day) and has been taken off the air around the world. I’m still wondering what people like you get out of supporting this criminal cartel as they take your savings, your health care, your rights, your environment, put your country trillions in debt as they take your country.

        • Karen

          Maybe you should just go live in one of the “several” homes, your pick, that you have overseas! You must be miserable living in this country since you can’t stand our current president and you hate communism and you are not a fan of socialism. I hope one of your homes is in Utopia as I would suggest you go there!

          • Will

            NO. It’s important for good Americans to protest this illegal president and be activists to protect our democracy from fascism and radical cults. Much of the administration is abandoning ship and most of the rest will be in prison soon. I have faith in our great country.

    • JCC61

      Will — You make a lot of accusations but provide little in the way of proof for your assertions. You are a typical far Lefty. DISGUSTED.

      >>CNN, btw, is the most respected and fact-checked news organization in the WORLD.<<

      How hard should I laugh?

      • Will

        uh….excuse me. what “assertions” are unproven? I understand that “facts aren’t necessarily true” D. T.
        as for CNN (I tend to watch BBC and european news) yes, check their international ratings; always #1 or 2. fox is taken off the air in UK and other places. yes, really

        • JCC61

          If you want to watch the BBC and other European news, then why don’t you move there.. BTW, Fox has NEVER been broadcast in Europe as far as I know. It goes under the name of SKY NEWS in Britain and elsewhere so is considered a “sister” channel to FOX.

          • Will

            I WATCH overseas news because, as a proud American, I am interested in how the world views us. right now, it’s with pity and contempt. I also get a clear view of what’s going on world wide. Fox has been taken off the air in the UK; they’re not interested. In australia it’s a minor cable channel.

  • Robert

    You mean the same way the DemonRats never produced the documents we requested that would expose the corrupt FBI?

    • Bob Huke

      I second that… They totally threw that in the face of Republican lawmakers flaunting the fact that they were ignoring subpoenas and ignoring requests for document production unfortunately the republicans did not follow through with contempt of Congress charges which they should have done but that’s what happens when you try to play nice with the demon rats

  • parthenon1

    I would hope some honest media group would buy CNN and after firing all the current douche bags put some real jouirnalists in there place but I’m I and others like me who think CNN is a blot on the media scene spend too much time slapping at them in the media ourselves are helping them keep all 3 of their fans !

  • RC

    Isn’t there an old saying about throwing rocks if a person lives in a glass house? From what I’ve seen and heard CNN is living on borrowed time as it is.

    • Jackie Ruskey

      Hope cnn goes down the crapper where they belong!!

  • Michael Durig

    Sadly, CNN is psychotic. The level of anger and rhetorical malice keeps being racheted up is a manic display. Don Quixote and Dumb Acosta have the same problem with enemy idenfication. Yet, the reams of information that has been gather about Hillary Clinton in the Mueller investigation is criminal and actionable. I really can’t wait until the Democrat Party has its Reformation and expells the Progressive thugs from its ranks.

    • James Lancaster

      CNN doesn’t make me mad cause I never watch there channel. Got better things to do than waste my time with a bad reality show.

      • Karen

        You Should get mad and you should watch this garbage to be able to see what they are doing to brainwash the people who don’t have enough intelligence to KNOW that they are fake! I am sure you have heard of the old saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” which allows you to be prepared for the attack! Besides it is almost FUNNY to see how they are going to put their spin on EVERYTHING Trump does or says to make the demos believe he is evil!

  • Gary Johnson

    I think we should look at all the ballots the dems won and check how many illegals voted

  • Ah nutz

    not enough people were aware of their antics prior to the votes = this will wake more up for the next election…campaign ads just don’t compare to 24/7 of bias BS from msm …gotta’ be a law to bring at least some fairness.

  • Irene

    BIG TALK –>>> mindless people spew stupid stuff they like to think is fact. Too bad they have a two year olds’ mantality not knowing better. We’re so used to their small talk….. Trying to make themselves feel good cause they have NOTHING to go on OR to do with their existance.

  • Ron Fell

    Reasonable to believe the House wasn’t legitimately won either. After all the infantile behavior the people would not have voted them in. Too many gifted qualified candidates lost who were leading prior to the election.

  • Will

    ALL this phony outrage about a news reporter politely refusing to give up a microphone, when you support a criminal who brags that he , uninvited, grabs women by the genitals. sit down and shut up. sickening sheep.

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      Does the name, “Juanita Broderick” ring a bell for ya?

    • Karen

      Will, give it up! Politely? If this is YOUR politely, I can see why you are a democrat! Let me ask you one thing. How are you going to deal with fact that YOU want, no, desire this country to become a socialist regime? When you are the one at the bottom, because you WILL be the one scrounging for food, shelter, medical care, etc,, NOT the one getting it free like you are now, demanding equality( which you WILL get with all the other scroungers) and allowing illegals into the country(which by the way, will be competing with you in scrounging for food, shelter etc,), because * TAKE NOTE* if and when socialism does rule this country, there will be only TWO classes of people, the Elite(rulers) and the POOR(scroungers). Do you understand that at this point in the game, the Demo politicians(elite) are using you(demo voters) to help them(elite) reach their goal? Once their(elite) goal is met, they won’t NEED you anymore and all the things that you hold so dear(welfare, food stamps, medicaid, equality, etc, will be taken away and YOU will be on your own! No guns to protect yourself,(they will have taken them away from you so that they can control you!) And you WILL have to do some kind of work to support the ELITE! They will be too busy controlling you to work and they will have to keep the money coming in so they can remain in control. WHY do you think these illegals coming from these other socialistic run countries are willing to sacrifice their lives(even their children’s lives) to come to this country? WAKE UP AMERICA!!

      • Will

        so much is wrong in your poet. The RED states and Republican areas are the highest users of government welfare. Yes, really. “ILLegals” coming from socialist countries? What map are you looking at? what socialist countries? Canada? england? Sweden? Switzerland? Finland?. btw, refugees seeking legal asylum are not illegal; that is our law. don’t you realize that when Trump is talking about “the elite” he is talking about himself (although he has OTHER people’s money) and the 1% he gives our money to? he mentioned George Clooney as “hollywood elite”; a Kentucky boy from a no-money family who sold vacuum cleaners door to door , then made his OWN money, as compared to Trump who, NOW it’s proven got 413 MILLION from his father before age 50, blew it all, bankrupted 8 companies , got paid anyway, then continued on not paying any bills, from dishwashers, architects, lawyers, etc. You’ve been fooled. he’s a carnival barker/snake oil salesman.

  • jdbixii

    Justifiable collusion with the enemy, the democrat party, should mean passing all the information that proves there was no collusion with the Russians. Most members of congress are guilty of collusion with lobbyists, influence peddlers, tacitly, if not openly, approve of end-justifies-the-means tactics, classified, if necessary, to protect them from embarrassing disclosure. The implications are a bit “iffy.”

  • LibertyWriter

    Some 40 House republican Trump haters retired and delayed their announcements long enough that suitable republican replacement candidates could not be found. Let that sink in…

  • desperaddo

    Bring it on asswholes!! BAN CNN from ANY PRESS CONFERENCES FOR FIVE YEARS!!!

  • gideonrockwell

    CNN had better hope Boomerang doesn’t bring back reruns of Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound and Top Cat. Reruns of the Flintstones and the Jetsons are already out polling them. Add the other three and CNN is finished. They need to also remember Sessions is gone. I think Trump should put Whitaker up for A.G.. This dude has a titanium spine and would scare the crap out of Darth Vader. I don’t think he will hesitate to go after the Clinton Crime Family. Psycho Waters, Crazy Eyes Pelosi or DiFi. If he gets the job full tiime and I were a Demotard with questionable practices I would run for the tall uncut, it will be like Wyatt going after the Cowboys. - 2015 | Privacy Policy