CNN Calls Trump’s Presidency A National Emergency

CNN’s Carl Bernstein stated “it is time for the Republicans to say,” that Trump’s presidency “is a national emergency.”

Bernstein was questioning President Trump’s competency.

That’s when Bernstein stated, “The first thing is if this is not a warning sign going off to the Congress of the United States, to the Republicans of the Congress of the United States, saying, first of all, we must protect Mueller’s investigation; secondly, we cannot blindly follow this president and his incompetency, which is a theme throughout this book, and his recklessness and his disconcern for the national interest in favor of his own interest. It is time for the Republicans to say, the Trump presidency is a national emergency, and it is up to us, both parties, to treat the Trump presidency as a national emergency.”

  • Ron C

    The only thing the Trump presidency is an emergency to is the socialist democrat’s plans to turn this country into a third world hell-hole police state. - 2015 | Privacy Policy