CNN Calls Trump Un-American

Retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters who was recently on CNN has called President Trump an “un-American president.”

Peter stated, “I believe, as a former Russia analyst for most of my career, and having worked directly with Russian intelligence services, I am convinced that the president of the United States is enthralled to Vladimir Putin. There is no other way to explain his behavior. And he perfectly fits the profile of the kind of people the Russians target.”

“So when it comes to worries, you know, Trump gives us something new to worry about virtually every day, but it’s important not to lose sight of the overall picture. This is a distinctly un-American president who really doesn’t seem to like America very much, certainly doesn’t respect it. And he’s a president who appears to be enthralled to a foreign power, a hostile foreign power. This is unbelievable to me. I could never have foreseen this. I was a pretty good analyst, made a lot more good calls than bad calls. I never could have foreseen this, to use a cliched word, this Orwellian situation.”

  • Pete

    And B. Hussein Obama was a true blue American patriot?

    • Ronald Gunn

      I really hope you are kidding!

  • Jimbo

    Well now, isn’t this hypocritical. If President Trump did not like or respect America very much, why in the hell would he be doing all the great things he’s doing for this country–things Oblamer could never do–tax cuts, lowest unemployment numbers, rise in GDP, ISIS practically annihilated…what the hell are you idiot CNN ‘guests’ talking about? I think you all need to get your head out your behinds, come up and breath the fresh air and unpollute those propagandist brains and mouths of yours!

    • Rick501

      Jimbo – Name one “great thing” other than adding a trillion to the deficit, alienating our allies, creating a trade war leading to higher prices, insulting minorities and sticking his nose so far up Putin’s ass that the sun don’t shine.

      • cal3301

        How stupid are you? You sound just like a Democrat parrot, because you spouted their same lies verbatim. You’re going to be so disappointed when you imaginary world shatters!

        • Rick501

          cal3301 – Not stupid, but I notice you haven’t mentioned one thing Trump has done top improve your life. When you can’t come up with anything, you insult—are you over 5?

          • cal3301

            You have only further proved your stupidity to me. Progressive socialists almost always seen to have the same dumb comeback. I did not have to come up with anything Trump had done, as someone else had stated them elegantly.
            You on the other hand need to proof read before you post.

          • Rick501

            cal3301 – Let me summarize Trump’s accomplishments:
            1. added a trillion to the deficit
            2. Alienated our allies
            3. Added to global warming
            4. Insulted women and minorities
            4. Conspired with the Russians to get elected
            5. Said over 4,000 lies since elected.
            6. Separated immigrant families
            7. On and on and on

          • cal3301

            Obama doubled our deficit when he was in office and the separation of illegals were started under Obama. Those kids in cages were on his watch.
            1. Went on an apology tour making us a laughing stock around the world.
            2. Shrank our military to almost nothing.
            3. Got us into a Paris climate deal that had not to do with climate, but the redistribution of wealth.
            4. He okayed the killing of up to 2400 bald eagles with wind turbines.
            5. Sold 1/5 of our uranium to Russia and was caught on a hot mike that he would be easier for him to help Russia after his reelection.
            6. Lied every time he opened his mouth from healthcare to the war in the Middle East.
            7. Gave out false unemployment numbers and sent businesses overseas.
            8. Gave over 5 billion dollars to failed green companies.
            9. Let’s not forget his Iran deal.
            I could go on and on and on, too!

          • JC907

            Why I voted for and still support Trump

            1. Economy. He’s consistently gotten our economy to well over 2% which is where every Obama economic adviser told Larry Kudlow, Trump’s chief economic adviser, during the transition we would be at now forever, no matter what. They said this was the new normal and we should get used to it. Now we’re at 4.2%, I got more money in my pocket with the tax cuts and my wife’s business will be easier to start thanks to the tax changes. He’s against socialism and government redistribution of wealth. It’s never worked and never will because, eventually, you run out of everybody else’s money.

            2. Strong immigration policy. Separation of children from adults was meant to disincentive people using children as cover to gain illegal entry and stay. Some have been found to not be the children of the adults bringing them who were actually drug and human traffickers. So, those kids were actually saved. I’m Hispanic and I support it. Those families bringing kids are irresponsibly being schooled by Soros affiliated Orgs to come to the US with their kids. It’s a set-up and is an attempt to bum-rush our borders to fill Dem voter roles and change our society the way Europe is changing.

            3. He’s strengthening our military. Hillary, along with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, FB and others sold out much of our tech – including robotics, AI, drone and other tech to Russian companies at the Skolkovo meetings. These companies gave millions in return to the Clinton Foundation. Follow the money. Now Russia’s made big leaps in military tech like hypersonic flight, drones, robots and AI. And she gave them a huge chunk of uranium access. There’s the TRUE collusion. Obama tried appeasement with Iran and “diplomatic patience” with NoKo, which never, ever worked and gave Iran $150 Billion to continue supporting terrorism, gain more middle east influence and continue their ballistic missile and nuclear programs.

            4. He shakes up EVERYBODY because he’s not part of the globalist system that was put together over the last 40 years at the expense of the US. Every administration from Clinton on has been selling out the US to one international interest or another. Trump’s already rich, beholden to no one and is changing the status quo. That’s why there’s so much resistance from other nations. Sweden, France, Germany are now denying their own cultures to justify their suicidal immigration policies. Almost everyone involved there is somehow connected to George Soros and/or one of his associated companies/NGOs. Again, follow the money. Now these orgs are trying to do to the US what they did in Europe. If Europe wants to commit suicide, we don’t have to jump off the cliff with them.

            5. Trump has done more for women (his companies have more female top execs than any other) and minorities (highest levels of employment in history) and we’ve now seen the greatest – 400% – increase in minority owned businesses since he took office. He doesn’t support the false victimization narratives that serve to actually enslave people in welfare but rather supports EVERYBODY raising up through the capitalist system which proves time and time again to work.

            6. He’s actually doing things and keeps his word. Whatever, lies or stretches in truth or bombastic remarks he makes don’t reflect the actual outstanding work he’s doing. Whatever moral shortfalls he has with women, he never did any of it while in office or at the White House. Clinton, the darling of the Dems, did EVERYTHING while he was Governor of Arkansas, POTUS AND in the White House. On top of all that, he lied about it when he got caught.

          • Rick501

            JC907 – And you are wrong to support Trump and you continue to spread either false or misleading information

            1. There is absolutely no bump in economic statistics since Trump was elected. The growth rate is essentially the same since mid-2008 under Obama (when he turned the economy around from the republican mini-depression). In economic terms, Trump is riding on the Obama economy (even after a trillion added to the deficit). Take a course in economics before you try to mislead people.

            2. The immigration policy is absolutely immoral by separating families who even LEGALLY try to enter the country. To sustain an acceptable growth path, you need either an increase in productivity or population growth. We have not achieved a bump in productivity and the US birth rate is pathetic. So where do we get workers to sustain an acceptable economic growth rate. Again, take a course in economics because what you say sounds great; it is actually a very bad policy. Trump just likes to mouth off with things that uneducated people think is working, but it really doesn’t.

            3. The military was doing just fine, but now we need more military spending to counteract the Russian threat that Trump has ignited. Remember Helsinki!.

            4. Are you kidding me—“Globalist system”. Sounds like something Faux News makes up. Doesn’t exist. We have free flowing global economy. What’s with your obsession with Soros? He is an international investor who likes liberal policies. The Koch brothers are the Republican’s angel. So What? In case yo haven’t noticed, the US economy was doing fine until the Republicans took control in 2001. Remember the mini-depression in 2007/2008?

            5. Trump has tried to take away a woman’s reproductive rights, had multiple affairs (says a lot about his thoughts on marriage). He has absolutely no respect for any woman who isn’t in his family.

            6. Keeps his word? What a joke. Since taking office, the fact checkers have found over 4,000 lies. How can you believe anything that comes out of his mouth? Try this link to get enlightened:


          • JC907

            Your ignorance like so many others seeking to denigrate anything Trump does is overwhelming. You obviously haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.

            You completely ignore every fact I stated. But, then again, that’s what blind sycophants do when they have no answer.

            The economic rate information comes from Obama’s own people and the unemployment numbers don’t lie. And while I do not possess a degree in finance or economics, I’m certain my knowledge, which is, admittedly, not much, far exceeds anything you think you pretend to know. Regulation and tax changes have resulted in growth rates far exceeding anything Obama’s admin could dream of and have boosted business and market optimism tremendously resulting in huge investments and expansions by many companies. Business and market optimism were virtually 0 under Obama unless you were any of the top social tech giants.

            The separation of families LEGALLY crossing is a flat out lie. Again, it’s what people devoid of actual facts and truth seeking to push false narratives do.

            People are needed to work here. The low unemployment numbers prove it (thanks to the TRUMP economy). But they need to come legally and be vetted before we start talking about giving them jobs and that’s not what’s happening. They’re being told and promised – by the Soros and other affiliated globalist orgs you think aren’t involved or don’t exist – that if they come, jump the fence and claim political asylum, they’ll be able to get public assistance and jobs. However, the way you want to let them in, in the end, costs far more in public assistance than the jobs they might get and any benefits to the economy that might give not to mention the cost of criminal illegals to US citizens economically and socially. And before you talk about rights, they’re not US citizens and not entitled to any constitutional protection. That comes when you become a citizen. That’s the way it works: enter legally, get your citizenship, get your rights.

            As to Soros, nearly everywhere he sets up shop, there has been upheaval. Yes, he’s an investor. He invests heavily in companies and orgs that are involved in rebuilding social programming. So, where he goes, chaos takes hold and his companies move in when the music stops, their stock goes up and he makes money. His orgs are deeply involved in the devastating European migrant issue as they are in our migrant issues as they were in South East Asia and elsewhere. Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Russia and others have all seen his act which is why he’s been marked as persona-non-Grata in these and other places.

            The economy did fine with NAFTA and the other global agreements Clinton set up until it didn’t because the US eventually started losing on those deals and other countries benefited. Now Trump’s showing what those deals were truly worth and he’s changing it.

            Trump is anti-abortion and so am I. Scientifically, there’s no debate: it’s established fact that life begins at the moment of conception. Period. It’s nothing to do with women’s health issues, reproductive rights or any other semantic nonsense you care to invent.

            Trump’s already proven his respect for women by the the many benefits they’ve received with him (first female construction COO, first female campaign manager, etc, etc). Again you forget his affairs were years ago and long before his taking any political office and therefore, his business – not ours. Your darlings Bill and Hillary, tried to destroy women’s lives if they didn’t keep their mouth shut and Bill took advantage of an impressionable young intern and got blowjobs from her in the Whitehouse while in office, on our dime and got impeached for lying about it.

            Trump’s kept his word on EVERY campaign promise. Period. He talks a lot of smak, stretches truth, exaggerates and yes, even lies when doing so, but his actions are true to his campaign promises and that’s what I voted for him to do and will continue to do so.

            Our military is not “fine”. Thanks to the idiotic sequestration rules, in 2015 we had only 33% of operational brigade capacity when minimum needed was 70%. Now our fighter aircraft and ship numbers are well below operational levels while everything from tanks to trucks to cargo aircraft are in immediate need of repair and upgrade or replacement. Again, numbers don’t lie.

            Finally, the Washington Post is no more “enlightening” than CNN, ABC, MSNBC, Google, FB, Twitter or any of the other outlets who’s agenda, like yours, is to feed the masses with globalist disinformation, stifle any differing thought and opinion and refuse to show anything remotely positive from Trump’s administration because their paymasters are invested in the old system and want it back.

            Unlike you, I know well of what I speak.

            Do your homework and get yourself enlightened.

          • JC907

            Oh and yes, the deficit is way up, but we are so down now because of the last 40 years and must fix the economical engine first before addressing the deficit. You can’t pay debt without income.

          • Rick501

            JC907 – Deficit is way up due to the trillion dollars addition under Trump without any tax reform. In case you just woke up, Obama wanted a corporate tax cut too, but to be combined with tax reform for the billions in tax deductions that make no sense. Did Trump care about that? He doesn’t even know what’s in the tax cuts since he never got involved in the discussions. He never gets involved. The tax cuts only benefited corporate profits which is why the stock market is experiencing a healthy increase, but can Trump’s economy sustain that growth? Not without either an increase in productivity (not happening now) or adding to the population growth. That’s not going to happen either without immigration growth since we have a low birth rate in the USA.

            I’m sorry to re-educate you, but this echo chamber discussion among Trumpets only leads to misinformation.

          • JC907

            Wow. You’re really in fantasy land pal. Obama ran up the deficit more than anyone in history. My family is not a corporation and we benefited from the cuts. Everyone I know has benefited from them. Who’s spewing disinformation? But, I’ve wasted enough time on you.

            You just can’t fix stupid.

          • Rick501

            JC907 – Obama did not spend like a drunken sailor, the revenue stream from the Republican mini-depression is what caused the deficit to balloon. Bush actually inherited a budget surplus from Clinton and blew it. Even Reagan caused the deficit to increase from his tax cuts. How about the trillion the narcissistic sociopath added to the deficit (that would be Trump). You can’t deflect from the facts because we actually have statistics. Better look them up before you regurgitate false information (or are you just trying to justify Trump’s very bad economic policies)? Just wait for the inflation to kick in from the deficit and the trade wars. It’s you who doesn’t know shit about economics. Keep watching Faux News and get your daily dose of fake news.

      • Roger

        Let me, creation of millions of jobs, cut hundreds of useless regulations, a booming economy, lowest minority unemployment in history, made it possible for millions to get off welfare/food stamps, lowest female unemployment in 65 years, minority business owners up 400% and finally he didn’t increase the deficit by 10 trillion dollars like Obama!

        President Trump did more for America and the American people in one year than the previous three presidents did in 24 years!
        Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world!
        Keep America Great! Greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!
        Actions speak louder than words and President Trump’s actions speaks volumes for America and the American people!

        Donald Trump overcame adversity never before seen in the history of an American Presidential election and no one is going to stop him!
        President Trump is so right so often about so much, that it is unbelievable! He is an unstoppable genius!
        Sixteen Republican challengers couldn’t stop Donald Trump, the Democrats couldn’t stop him, adversaries in his own party couldn’t stop him, the lying liberal media couldn’t stop him, the thug protesters hired by the Democrats to disrupt his rallies couldn’t stop him, crooked Hillary, despite her underhanded cheating and attempt to rig the election with the help of then President Obama, the DOJ (Loretta Lynch) and the FBI (James Comey) couldn’t stop him, so why are so many wasting their time? He won’t be stopped! Trump/Pence 2020!

        • Rick501

          Roger – Did you see the news yesterday? AMAZING—I think NOT. Better brush up on your Russian.

        • Rick501

          Roger – OK, Roger here is the TRUTH. Those jobs are the result of Obama, not Trump. Draw a straight line from mid-2008 to today and there is no bump when Trump was elected. The job growth is from Obama’s momentum. Which regulation was useless; the one that protects the public from manufacturers from putting out products that will hurt infants. Suppose Trump wants to eliminate airline inspections; would you like that? Regulations aren’t just put there to annoy you. they were put into effect to protect the public. Like coal; then you would like global warming too. Better brush up on your Russian. Seems you are just a shill for Trump when you know he is evil. Don;t try to spin this another way when you are the FAKE NEWS.

          • Jimbo

            WOW!!! Obama, really? I don’t think so. You liberals are giving credit where the credit ISN’T due. The economy is growing at a pretty good clip under President Trump. Oblamer had an under 1.5 GDP for the 8 years he was in office taking up space and sticking his nose so far up Castro’s and Iran’s and Hezbollah and all the other terrorist organizations and Communist leaders’ ass that the sun didn’t shine on him. Benghazi, Iran “deal,” Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, any more you need? You’ve certainly spun it in a liberal way, clearly listen to CNN and are the FAKE NEWS. LOL! And then the lame Oblamer tries to take credit for the work that President Trump has accomplished by saying, “Thanks President (by they way he is no longer President) Oblamer,” and you all suck it up as if it’s the truth when everyone else who lives in the real world knows it’s not. FAKE NEWS.

          • Rick501

            Jimbo – Draw a straight line from mid-2008 and you will see that Trump’s economy is on the coattails of Obama. There is no bump since he was elected, but notice how priced are rising. How is gas in your area. Up over $0.50 since Trump was elected. If you like trade wars, Hang on for more inflation. BTW: how is your Russian? Speaking of Benghazi, didn’t you get the word: 8 investigations and NOTHING, but you want to continue to see if anything changes. Remember Einstein’s words: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome” is the definition of insanity. I guess you are insane.

          • Jimbo

            You just can’t reason with a bucket of rocks…

          • Rick501

            Jimbo – I agree, but you are still obtuse.

          • cal3301

            Trump’s economy is because of Trump getting rid of Obama’s regulations and the tax cuts, period. Obama gave a speech that can be seen youtube stating that manufacturing were gone and never coming back and stated what’s Trump going to do, wave a magic wand. Well guess what, manufacturing jobs are coming back and on a rise!

  • Frank Roza

    Is this guy for real,or what?He’s un-American because he tries to get along with a country that we’ve been at odds with for decades.This guy acts as though Mr. Trump has no knowledge of,or how to negotiate!Get real,pal!

    • Ron C

      True…a narcissist like Peters think only they know everything.

      • Ronald Gunn

        He sounds like that stupid unAmerican McCain doesn’t he?

        • Ron C

          roger that

  • onyxtiger

    Sounds more like he’s talking about Obama. Now there was a President that doesn’t like America. Retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters is either incredibly stupid, or just UnAmerican himself.

    • JM55

      He just unAmerican. He was on Fox News a few years back and was trashing Trump from day one until he realized that a lot of the people there did not share his point of view. CNN, really dude. Talk about going out to the trash.

    • George Jetson

      You’re either a Fool or a Nationalist in Fascist drag with no tolerance for opposing opinions or in my opinion, both. To parrot your post, most likely “incredibly stupid”.

      • cal3301

        Actually, you sound like the stupid one.

        • George Jetson

          Listen to yourself closely you brainless twit. That’s the sound of you and emptiness.

          • cal3301

            Listen to yourself, because you’re the only brainless twit on this sight. What you lack in vocabulary, is exceeded by your stupidity and demeanor! How old are you, three????

      • onyxtiger

        You’ve just proven my point. Obviously, you’re the one with no tolerance for opposing opinions – witness your post. That’s all you can do is ‘parrot’ somebody. No original thoughts of your own. I can only feel sorry for you. You are pathetic. No point in arguing any further, you’re a typical liberal – “Don’t confuse me facts, my mind’s made up!”

        • George Jetson

          The points on your head dimwit. Clever or intelligent you are not. I have no sympathy for your kind. Move to Russia and serve your real President in the Kremlin.

    • Ronald Gunn

      I bet on both, incredibly stupid and unAmerican!

  • Bruce Patow

    You and all libtard dumolibs,are out of your utopian,one world government minds! You are all sick by satan,and should be put down!!!! You are the most insane kooks to walk this this planet besides your money ancestors u beleive in. We need a cleansing to take u all off this planet.

  • Ron C

    And what would the socialist democrat party news media know about what’s American…??? Or any of their talking heads…Ralph Peters is a globalist and always has been…He hate Putin because Putin won’t go along with the one world socialist police state plan, and neither will Trump…period!

  • Rodney

    While I applaud his Military service, I understand why he was booted from FOX. Ralphy has gone full loony-tunes. Trump has placed more sanctions on Russia, hasn’t been caught on a “Hot Mic” making promised of greater flexibility once he is re-elected and has been been pissing the Russians off far more then BarryO ever considered.

  • captainmvh

    Perfect description on obummer.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    no wonder fox news kicked him to the curb , maybe he doesn’t know as president , trump has to try and work with other world leaders and super powers ,i didn’t hear any complaints when oboma and hillary were selling us out to russia and iran , all this complaining just shows how un american these cry babies really are ,wait and see maybe putin will get tired of listening to all this left wing attack on russia from the left and drop a nuke on them , they sure seem to want a war with russia

  • Jorg37

    Yes, indeed, – un-American and rotten to the core, without a fiber of presidential potential. What a difference from President Obama, a true American patriot, who did so much good for the country, and the rest of the world, after the disastrous Bush administration. And now Trumpy is riding high on Obama’s accomplishments, from low unemployment rate, a booming economy, and record stock market gains, all a result of Obama’s administration and despite the compact obstruction from the Republican infested Congress he was faced with.

    • Ronald Gunn

      You need to leave the land of oz and come back to reality. BTW, What were Obama’s accomplishments anyway?

      • Jorg37

        President Obama’s accomplishments too many to list here, but I named some above, if you can read and understand.

        • Jimbo

          LOL!! Low unemployment rate? A booming economy?? Under Oblamer? What planet do you live on? Oblamer was NOT a patriot, did not do anything good for the country or the rest of the world–in fact apologized and bowed to other leaders of other foreign countries…would love to know what you’re smoking…

          • Jorg37

            Makes me wonder what YOU have been smoking! No ability to understand numbers? Like unemployment rate down from 10% to 4.9% under President Obama, stock market tripled, etc., etc.? And what has Trump done, besides destroying he country and our reputation around the world? Well, he is in so much trouble now that even blind fans will have to question his presidential potential. May be. May be not …

  • GetReal4U2

    yet he supported obummer in all of hie lies…

    que the meltdown…

    TRUMP 2020!

    • Frank Roza

      Republicans 2018!

  • C. LeSaint

    People who DON’T LOVE AMERICA MUST BE FORCED OUT!! That means ALL liberal communist demoncrats!!

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Oh, don”t you mean Unamexican you treasonous low lifes! If you want to friendly with south of the border so be it. If you want to drop our borders then get the fcuk out. Its time to die.

  • Albert L Biele

    Be wary of left-medial networks (Fake News Networks) who judge others, presenting themselves as faultless, whom are eager to pull the pebbles out of your eye while totally ignoring the bolder embedded in their own eye. The left-wing media continues to uniformly rally for laws, that are aggressively against the laws of God, through repetitious, harmonized negative broadcasting, believing lies told often enough will eventually become believable. They continue to spew out negative news against Trump, totally ignoring his achievements; believing a lie told often enough will eventually be believed! Choice; Vote for Prosperity; to benefit all Americans, and or, vote for Poverty i.e., food stamps, free cell phones, illegal immigration, record unemployment, and higher taxes. Choose Wisely.

  • Eddie

    What would you expect from CNN (the Communist News Network)?

  • flashy0ne

    While these hired ‘experts’ continue to ‘proclaim’ the President’s dependence on Putin (Russia), he CONTINUES to pile on the sanctions — MORE than anyone in our previous history. His ONLY (felonious desire??) is to “IMPROVE RELATIONS” with Russia. Not claiming to be an “expert” (you know, someone with a black briefcase), since they ALSO possess enough nuclear weapons to destroy the entire world, I believe we SHOULD maintain the best possible relations with them !! This tossing bombs (or curses) over the fence has GOT TO STOP !!!

  • Charles Bryan

    Well, well, well. More brown stuff coming from the Obummer left. It is no longer Cable News Network. It is more whining and drivel from the losers. If you want to cover the news, do it without the leftist twist, else shut down the network and look under other rocks for something newsworthy.

  • nonleftist

    Another turn coat that needs to give back his security clearance. Mudd and him can sit in CNN’s lunch room and play two handed blackjack and wait for the military police to show up to bring them to the big dance at GITMO.

  • George Jetson

    What’s the big deal?!? President Trump calls everyone against him Un-American. No one has the right to attack and consider themselves more American than the other. You’re all a bunch of hypocrites!

    • Ronald Gunn

      Yes, well, you know hypocrites don’t you because you are one.

  • Roger

    1. Donald Trump kept the Harlem Hoops project alive after learning the man who ran the program was killed during September 11th terrorist attack! The program gives urban youths a safe place to play basketball while instilling a positive influence in their lives.
    2. When no commercial carrier was willing to fly a critically ill little boy from California to New York for medical treatment, Trump offered up his private jet to the family. The little boy’s medical care needs during the flight and space for necessary equipment were completely accommodated on Trump’s airplane.
    3. When Ed McMahon was losing his home, Donald Trump stepped in to save the property from going into foreclosure. Trump then allowed McMahon to go on living in his home.
    4. Donald Trump saved an ice skating rink in Central Park after the city planners in charge went grossly over budget and were not going to be able to open the rink for the Christmas season. Trump finished the project on his own dime and then operated the rink at his own expense for a year and donated all of the profits to charity.
    5.Trump partnered up with Mel Farr and offered the opportunity for urban Detroit artists to appear at Carnegie Hall. The young artists would never have had such an opportunity to showcase their work without Trump serving as their benefactor.
    6. After learning about a Buffalo bus driver stopping to help a woman attempting to jump off a bridge and kill herself, he tracked down the hero who talked the woman down. Trump gave the man a $10,000 check as a show of gratitude for the act of human kindness he felt should serve as an example to us all.
    7. A married couple noticed a limo on the side of the road that had a flat tire. The husband pulled the car over and fixed the tire. The limo belonged to Trump, who thanked the man and asked him how he could repay him for his kind gift. The man suggested sending his wife a bouquet of flowers. Trump agreed, when the flowers arrived several weeks later, there was a note included that said, We’ve paid off your mortgage.
    8. Donald Trump paid to ensure that a Mexican American boy would graduate from college when he saw a news story about his terminally ill mother.
    9. Donald Trump broke the glass ceiling for women in the construction business. In 1980, he hired 33-year-old Barbara Res to head up a NYC skyscraper project as the site manager of the building.
    10. He also once sent his personal airplane to rescue 30 stranded Marines!
    In addition to all of these good deeds performed by Donald, now President Trump’s crowning achievement as a civilian in my opinion was sending Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi money to get back on his feet after he was released from a Mexican jail plus paying all of his legal fees!

    • JC907

      These stories, and there are many more, stand in stark contrast to his public bluster because he NEVER talks about them and instructs those involved not to discuss it either.

      Trump may have other moral shortcomings, but I think he’s an otherwise honest and decent person with a huge heart.

  • Jim Wardell


  • Ronald Gunn

    Sounds like this ass wipe is talking about obama doesn’t it?

    • Jorg37

      How did you get that stupid idea?

      • Ronald Gunn

        Don’t worry about it, you’re to stupid to understand any way!

        • Jorg37

          And YOU, of all, should know something about MY intelligence?! Btw.: The word you used is spelled “too”, – yes, double o! Yeah, I know, – spelling can be hard.

          • Ronald Gunn

            You should know spelling is hard, the “to” here is only one o. But you do know spelling is hard.

          • Jorg37

            You better take elementary school over again. Or, perhaps you never graduated? You should have learned the difference between “to” and “too” in third grade”.

          • Ronald Gunn

            I refuse to engage in a battle of common sense with an unarmed idiot so good bye!

  • Raymond James Thibault

    I call you, and CNN un American.

  • Richard J. VanDrew

    WHO got to you Col?? You used to be a person many of us respected. I guess, like so many others, Pres. Trump has brought out the real Lt Col.!!!!

  • Ronald Putnam

    Hey, peters, ralph , A hole light col. not even a full bird . I am pretty sure your time in service was not a happy one knowing that just about everyone under your command hated your guts ! I am sure you had some good names they called you and you have to hold on to the lt. col. You are one of the many rats or ferrets that ran the army into bad situations found on the battlefields around the world so why don’t you take you Ferret ass and climb back into the hole you climbed out of and disappear from the world . President Trump ! has done more since he has been in office than you have done in your whole life . Rats follow the Rats and CNN has made you a home . Go For It Ferret , you two belong together . Do the Army a favor DROP the Lt Col . better people than you have that great Rank .

  • JC907

    I lost all respect for his opinions. Obviously he’s a loyal little soldier who’ll say whatever his paymasters tell him to. - 2015 | Privacy Policy