Clinton and Warren: Friends now, trouble ahead

MANCHESTER, N.H. — This could be the ending of a beautiful friendship.

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, dressed in matching jewel-toned pantsuits, touted each other’s virtues Monday on a crisp, golden-leafed autumn afternoon at an outdoor rally on the main quad of Saint Anselm College.

“Get this, Donald: Nasty women are tough, nasty women are smart and nasty women vote,” Warren rallied the 4,000-person crowd. “We are gonna march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes, to get you out of our lives forever.”

Clinton, after embracing Warren in a tight hug, promised she was “so looking forward to working with [Warren] to rewrite the rules of our economy” and lauded the Massachusetts senator for her “track record of making it her mission to stand up against Wall Street.”

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