Chinese Boost their Space Program, Sparks New Space Race

The 21st Century Space Race has begun, and the United States may be given a run for our money if we don’t get it together very soon.

CNBC revealed that the Chinese government has serious plans to overtake the United States space program as well as private companies like Blue Origin.

“China’s breakneck economic expansion may be flagging, but the country’s ambitions in space show no signs of slowing down,” the article stated. “Alongside ongoing efforts to rival NASA by placing robotic landers, and eventually astronauts, on the moon and Mars, China’s government is increasingly looking to its burgeoning space sector to rival U.S. companies like Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which is targeting March 30 for the latest launch of its Falcon 9 rocket.”

China has been revving up to advance its space program beyond that of the United States and Russia, and this would be hugely embarrassing to the first and only country ever to put a man on the moon.

“The majority of China’s space ambitions remain focused on boosting Chinese prestige at home and abroad. But a push within Xi’s government to triple spending on space science as well as the emergence of a small but growing group of privately backed space start-ups suggest that both Chinese industry and government see long-term economic benefits in their investments in space technologies,” CNBC continued. “That increasing flow of capital toward both China’s state-run and private space-related tech companies could place increased pressure on NASA, and eventually on commercial space companies in the United States and Europe.”

What this Chinese pressure on NASA also did was spark something inside of many analysts’ minds, making them believe that this new space race could spur President Donald Trump’s NASA into action. Trump, after all, is known as a man with a reputation for winning.


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  • urbisoler

    The Chinese will do to us what Reagan did to the Soviets . . . . outspend us on Space so that we can no longer compete. They know that we are $20 trillion in debt and that ONLY Democrats are prepared to spend whatever it takes to compete with them.

    • urbisoler

      RicknArizona — I am a Ted Cruz Conservative. You have misread my interpretation of this story. I simply stated a fact (re: Reagan) and an opinion (China spending in Space). You sound like an “extremist” on the right. Example: I think Trumps’ Syria incursion to be measured and appropriate. How Syria reacts may determine future Trump responses. My guess is that you think Trump should have “nuked” Syria. Am I right or am I right?

  • myfordtruck

    There is no reason why we are not the leaders in space we have the best people in the world and years of experience the USA and NASA were stupid for retiring the shuttles until we had a newer version look at Russia they are using a very updated version of the same thing we went to the moon in and are making millions off the US to carry our people to the space station that our people basically built . For money we can cut out a bunch of programs that are doing the same jobs cut programs that are funding noncitizens and quit sending money overseas and quit funding the UN & NATO for the most part and stop paying these congress and judges and presidents so much money for retirement and also retired Military that go into politics there should not be double and triple dipping retirements choose one and that’s it. All of congress should be paid maybe a third of what they get that way the people running would be to help run the government instead of lining there pockets Now folks don’t say anything about my writing skills because I know they suck just read and think about contents Thank You - 2015 | Privacy Policy