China Just ‘Reset’ the Global Monetary System

China is taking the next big step towards dethroning the dollar as #1 global reserve currency. And this strategy could send gold soaring…

Peter Reagan, November 28, 2017

For decades, countries have paid for oil with the petrodollar, which supports the U.S. dollar’s value and fuels U.S. government deficit spending.

But now, with the advent of the “petroyuan”, China is upsetting this system. It started in June, when Beijing established a direct-trade relationship with Russia allowing for oil purchases to be made in yuan.

Not long after, China turned its sights to Saudi Arabia. But the discussion didn’t flow as smoothly as it did with Russia. That’s why China is taking things one step further…

Gold Solves Petroyuan Concerns

China found that some nations don’t want to accept the yuan in exchange for oil, because it is still too illiquid and unestablished. But China has an ingenious solution: Simply back the petroyuan with gold.

Gold holds a significant draw for exporters over the yuan alone, so these new gold-backed contracts are opening the door for the petrodollar to be overturned… permanently.

Grant Williams, an adviser to Vulpes Investment Management, puts it simply: “It’s a strategic move swapping oil for gold, rather than for U.S. Treasuries, which can be printed out of thin air.”

How to Leverage China’s Global Reset

Depending on how your savings are invested, China’s new gold-backed petroyuan futures contracts could either be good news or bad news.

If your savings are heavily backed in dollars, consider this a huge warning. As the petrodollar crumbles, so may the value of the USD.

But, there’s one asset that could benefit handsomely: physical gold.

For the first time since our nation abandoned the gold standard, physical gold is being reintroduced to the global monetary system in a major way.

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  • apzzyk

    While the conclusion has a good possibility that the end result may be true – that the yuan will be the replacement for the dollar as the world’s reserve, I don’t think that it has much to do with gold. Sine the price of goal has been deregulated its price has fluctuated rather widely, so it is not as stable as it was, and people and countries like stability. The reason that the dollar, without precious metal backing for the past 80 or so years for gold and over 60 for silver, is because of our Full Faith and Credit clause. So over the years we have always paid our debts, but one thing few noted the day after Trump was elected, was the fact that Moody’s lowered our national credit rating from AAA to AA – about the same as your FICO score falling 100 points. This will make just servicing our existing debt – just paying the interest – more expensive. Treasure bills which represent the official national debt expire about every 5 years and the way we have been able too actually increase our debt over the past 37 years – there were no increases, but only decreases between the end of WWII and 1980 – has been that the holders of the Treasury bills, which pay interest at maturity, are just rolled over along with the interest as a general rule. The reason for the reduction in our credit rating is, that with the tax breaks – mostly for buinesses – our tax base will be eroded to the extent that it might come to be that we will not even be able to pay the interest without taking on more debt – even if we pass a bill that allows the increase in the debt – will any one be willing to buy more T-bills. Under the way the tax bill is written, the tax cuts will take effect regardless of whether anyone buys the T-bills sell or not, so the only thing left for the government would be to cut all of the other federal spending, and that would really hurt those who are the poorest. SNAP would be cut, as would money for repair of our infraststructure which employees unskilled and semi skilled labor, which actually puts money in at the bottom of the economy – those who exist month to month,
    Trump’s lead man on the tax bill met with some of those who will benefit most and asked who would actually used the money to build factories and create jobs in the US as claimed by Trump, and only a very small minority of those present raised there hands. The market is up, and stocks are held by only less than half of the population, and at least for a quarter, the GNP is up, so the corporations and the wealthy seem to be doing ok without the tax cuts, but they need them anyway. How can this be true? If the assumption that they will use this increase in wealth to build factories and create new jobs here is false, then how about the predicted result – false too?
    Another factor that is not considered is the fact that Consumer debt keeps increasing, so if we deduct the amount put on plastic that will not be paid off for at least a year, from the spending of this holiday season, what is actually accounting for all of this buying? Why?
    The cost of funds to the lender – the amount of interest that you get from your bank deposits or even long term loans to the banks, they are still barely there – less than than inflation, so there is a dysincentive for you to save money in a bank, and the market is far to expensive to enter except for professional pooled investors who can take a bunch of money from a lot of people though their 401(k) and create a portfolio, where they charge the investor for ‘management fees’ and in many cases these will more than consume the dividends paid – the financial adviisor, who can be anyone who has a board and the paint to make a sign, can freely use your money to buy the underlying stocks which will have the highest management fees – Trump blocked the regulations that would have made these greedy people invest in your behalf rather than theirs, as being bad for business. So, when you retire, there will be far less money than you expected. Under the new tax bill, your contributions to your 401(k) would be taxed as they are put into the 401(k) rather than later, after you retire, when your taxes would be lower.
    The reduction in government spending to make sure that the tax cuts work by at least giving the corporations and already wealthy less tax libility would actually hurt the poorest the most – has anyone but me noticed that hungry people are not happy campers? When a mom shop lifts to feed her hungry kid and goes to jail, who pays – the remaining taxpayers – not only for the incarceration, but for the care and feeding of the kids? - 2015 | Privacy Policy