Bolton Defends Trump’s Trade War

National Security Adviser John Bolton recently told Fox News that nobody should “underestimate” President Donald Trump’s “resolve” in the trade war with China.

Bolton stated, “Don’t underestimate President Trump’s resolve. The reason he’s so resolved is that for decades China has been the principal malefactor trying to use free-trade aspiration most of the rest of the world has, too pursue its goals. It steals American and European intellectual property.”

“I think the pressure will continue. I think the president has made that very clear.”

  • david hutton

    With regard to China’s long history of abusing its membership of the WTO,I agree with John Bolton What Trump is doing is
    focusing on China’s flagrant theft of intellectual property and other violations by imposing trade tariffs as a first step.Although USA
    has challenges,China’s challenges are far greater and the “Ponzi Scheme” that is the “raison d’etre” of OBOR has potential to implode,as their ghost cities,manipulation of stocks and currency etc. etc. reveal the truth of their vulnerability.Stay the course Trump;China’s “Emperor’s New Clothes” will come to light sooner than later!!!

  • Douglas Sherrow, LTG

    I have to wonder, Does he Swallow?

    • kbmiller

      Only a homosexual would want to know.

      • Douglas Sherrow, LTG

        I meant that Bolton has his eyes closed and is not competent to say squat. PS I have 4 kids with 3 women-You?

        • Juicer4life

          U boast of having 4 kids with 3 mothers? You are pathetic.
          And obviously, could still play for the other team!
          How about you comment on the tariffs, or you know nothing and just one that never understands unfair trade and business?

          • Douglas Sherrow, LTG

            I have a PhD in Economics. We are the wealthiest nation in the world why is our healthcare only #37 in the world. We consider this functional leadership?

          • kbmiller

            Our health care is great for those of us who’ve worked and paid our own way, the way it should be. You want free stuff? Wait in line. Now go away you flaming nit wit.

          • kbmiller

            Affirmative action/quota degrees don’t count.

        • kbmiller

          Yeah, sure you did.

  • Frank Roza

    We’ve been getting hosed for 50 yrs with unfair trade practices with most other nations.Let free trade reign,and let the competition pave the way for fair prices.

  • kbmiller

    NATO and the UN slackers have decided to pay their debts. The USA had sympathy for European countries after the devastation of WWII and made trade deals more beneficial to them. It’s over now. Same with China and Mexico. Those countries treat us like crap, anyway. All international trade deals should be tariff neutral, plus NO more intellectual property theft. Why we let that happen, who knows?

  • rob paul

    Trump has made Canada and Mexico renegotiate NAFTA. I never knew they had tariffs on so much of our products.
    Since we are China’s biggest buyer and they already have tariffs on all of our goods, they will need to come to the table,
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