Bill Gates Warns Mass Immigration

Microsoft’s Bill Gates, of left-of-left political bent, warned that mass immigration has compromised Europe’s culture and security.

That such a noted political liberal would make this claim is an eye-opener. It only underscores how devastating Europe’s open embrace of refugees has become.

Gates, in an interview with a German newspaper that was noted by the Express, said Europe “cannot possibly take in the huge number of people who are wanting” to enter the country.

From the Express:

Using stark language he added that: “Europe must make it more difficult for Africans to reach the continent via the current transit routes.” His statements cannot be dismissed as mere prejudice. A man of impeccable liberal credentials, Gates now uses the colossal fortune that he built from Microsoft to fight poverty, hunger and disease in Africa, largely through the foundation that he and his wife Melinda created.

In total, their charity has so far spent at least £28billion on this work, while Gates has pledged that his long-term goal is to give away almost all his personal wealth, currently estimated at more than £70billion.

Such a background of epic generosity only reinforces the power of his words. He is right to argue that Europe is in the grip of immigration meltdown. The day before his interview was published, the UN revealed that the number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean has already topped 100,000 this year, with 85 per cent of them reaching Italy. Last week 12,000 arrived in Italy by boat. …

The suicidal decision by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2015 to open the migrant floodgates is matched today by the EU’s bizarre policy of providing a gigantic ferry service from the Libyan coast to Italy, masquerading as a humanitarian rescue initiative. Colonel Gaddafi, the late Libyan dictator, once predicted that, if he fell, “thousands of people from Libya will invade Europe.

There will be no one to stop them any more”. He underestimated the lethal self loathing of Europe’s political establishment. …

One intelligence agency recently claimed that there are now at least 6.6 million people gathered along the shores of the southern Mediterranean waiting to make the crossing.

In February, an Austrian military report predicted that, as a result of poverty and turmoil in Africa, as many as 15 million migrants may seek to enter Europe over the next three years.

More disturbingly, the president of the EU Parliament Antonio Tajani, an Italian politician, said this week that 20 million African migrants could come to Europe “in the near future”. And most of these Africans are just economic migrants rather than genuine victims of persecution.

A UN report this week said that 70 per cent of those crossing the Mediterranean are not refugees at all, a figure that makes a mockery of all the emotional blackmail from the pro-immigration lobby. Yet the Mediterranean fiasco is just one aspect of the immigration nightmare engulfing Europe. …

In Britain alone, according to official figures, about 600,000 new migrants have been arriving every year for a decade.

Like the rest of Europe, the British people never voted for this transformation yet they have to pay a price for the collapse in our national integrity.

And now even Gates is recognizing the problem of open borders and mass migration?

That’s not just shocking. It’s actually a bit hopeful. It gives rise to the radical thought, if even a leftist like Gates can see the problem, maybe the leftists in government will, too — and take action to fix it.

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  • Rick3

    Curious why it takes the richest Gruber libertird in the world to open the blind eyes of the left when any fifth grader can do the math. These Grubers may finally be awakening from their delusions and facing reality – this antipsychotic meds they take must be working.

  • Mark

    Wow. The left acknowledges the problem. Unfortunately this article will not change much. Leftists, socialists, communists, and globalist are too busy fighting people of conservative, moral persuasion to see the truth.

  • CoolApple

    It’s an “eye Opener” alright since he is such a revered idol in the city he is from and lives. That city now is so far left on every subject, they do not have a middle class anymore. Only rich white collar professional liberals can afford to live there unless they live on the street.

  • kybob

    Show me someone who IS NOT a liberal at 20 years of age and I will show you someone without a heart – show me someone who IS a liberal at age 40 and I will show you someone without a brain.

    • old codger

      AMEN and I’ll add a “Hallelujah” for good measure!!

  • Septemberswhisper

    Where the heck has he been?????

  • libsarescum

    Wow! This guy is a “genious”, I wonder if he stole that “theory” from Steve Jobs too

  • Beverly Parrott

    All I know is Bill Gates is a Leftist and he sees it. People on Democratic side better wake the he’ll up before you don’t even have a home because they will form and take them like in Europe. Not joking they are and will.

  • VirgoVince

    Gates NEEDS to stick with computers (make them MORE private and harder to hack)
    and STAY THE FUK OUT OF the immigration/borders issues!!
    STOP posting his ugly mug all over the internet, SAME for ovomit AND other idiot libs/dims!

  • 1937shirley

    The writing is on the wall. What doesn’t Merkel see? She is selling her country down the river and into a hell on earth. Italy is or will be dead in the water the mass immigration continues unabated. Canada wanted to let them all in but seems a little reluctant now as her citizens are feeling the big pinch and the disrespect afforded them by the newcomers (Muslims). And here in our own country the liberal democrats are pushing politically to open the borders. Wake up America and wake up all you other countries and see that your countries are tottering on the edge of an upcoming disaster, Close the borders now!

    • dlynch

      Muslims don’t belong anywhere. They are world outcasts and only create problems wherever they go!

      • 1937shirley

        I’m fully aware of this and wish to hell all Americans were.

  • HDMania

    Wow finally ONE smart of the bunch ?..just ask any liberal demorat mental retard if they will sponsor the illegals in their homes ?..oh no..not for them..just for everybody else..cant believe the stupidity of the left..

  • TexRancher

    Make no mistake; The ILLEGAL problem in this country now is already bad enough to cause massive problems. Law enforcement is already overwhelmed by their numbers and it would only take to right trigger to start real problems that will make every AMERICAN a target! Our economic system is too weakened by the socialist giveaways for us to be able to deal with “entitlement ” demands from them!

  • dlynch

    Bill Gates is responsible for millions of immigrants coming to America and taking jobs from natural born through green cards. He pays less than anyone for talent from other countries. Gates is not my kind of guy!! If Microsoft keeps going the way it has been than the natural born will be a slave to a lesser employment…this, in the future, may cause revolution.

  • elcue

    Wake up America. INFILTRATION IS NOT IMMIGRATION. This is all a plan to destroy America. Too many too fast will
    destroy the roots of any country. Already has our own government succumbed to the removal of our Southern Confederate Symbols.Many of us in the North have Ancestors that also fought for the South. But now symbols of their pride and sacrifice are no longer displayed. In hopes that the weak will fall into the arms of the destroyers. Our Government Representatives have already surrendered but our current POTUS is trying to save Us All from Cultural Destruction from within.

    • satelliter

      Saving us can’t happen. “Young people are the future of America”….If that holds true, it’s all over but the crying and knashing of teeth. The last two generations have been so well brainwashed by the government indoctrination schools that they cannot be saved or moved off the socialist left..

      • tanksolot

        I believe there’s hope. One nation under God. We need to head back in that direction.

  • grubshoe

    About time he sees someone eating his lunch. Where’s he going to hide when they come for dinner.

  • satelliter

    Gates is one of those planning and promoting 90% reduction in world population by 2024. His wonderful work in Africa includes providing 50 thousand women with “vaccines” that contain chemicals that cause miscarriages in women.

  • Ginger

    Bill Gates may be left of center, but he is also a bright person who has common sense. Yes, Europe has been going through an unhealthy transition for the past decade, and we can look no further than bad leaders like Obama and Angela Merkel for this transformation. Thank God Trump won and can begin to undo the damage. As President Trump stated during his speech in Saudi Arabia, many of the North African countries have rich histories, and they should be working on improving their economic situations and improving their national pride so that their young, educated people will not want to leave their countries, but will want to stay and help the countries get better. Much like Trump wants to “Make America Great Again”, these other countries should also set a goal to improve their own circumstances so that they will not have millions of people trying to migrate out of the countries. Unfortunately, globalist dopes like Obama and Merkel have their globalist masters to answer to who really don’t want to see nationalism take shape because then they won’t be able to put their globalist plans in order and eventually control the global markets and global politics. We need to be a world like the Olympics, where we can come together, but maintain our national pride. Nothing wrong with that to normal people. However, globalists could care less about what is good for the average person. This is why we need to fight them to keep our borders, and focus on maintaining our country. Thank you President Trump for putting America first!

  • Joe the Nobody

    Holy moley..It’s to late Bill….. Thanks to people like you and all the rest of the Billionaire AH’;s who want the planet as your very own.

  • arthur frank

    Bill Gates, why don t you take all of your money and move over to Africa with your wife and help them from the inside of their country. I notice that the African’s didn’t make you rich, that for the most part we did. I don’t see you helping our poor, homeless, veterans with their problems.

  • Easy Ed

    We cannot fall into the trap that Europe has taken in admitting the hoards of poverty or islam to decimate our standard of living or our surrender of our culture. Trump is 100% correct on the admission of muslims. The old adage of only one piece of candy in the bowl is poisoned remains true for all who do not want to take a chance on receiving the poisoned candy. WHY TAKE A CHANCE when we do not have to. Do not allow the brainwashed liberial students take the chance with our lives and our families. This is an invasion following the plan of islam.

  • ⭐️ Orphan

    Too late it’s already occurring and it’s planned!

  • Lisa Millar

    This immigration is a bunch of B..S. It is promoted by people, liberals, etc. that are too stupid to realize what the consequences will be; a 5th grader could figure it out. Thats all we need is a bunch of iliterates, uneducated, poverty stricken people who has kids like insects, parasites living off us and ruining our country. Gates don’t care as he has enough money to live whereever he wants, behind metal gates with a lot of security, like the rest of the rich. Thats all right as the rich will be the minority and will be no match for the masses. I think these people having too many kids that they can’t feed or educated, should be persecuted for being so cruel and inhumane to their kids; and they talk about abortions, DUH! Hope the liberals are the first in line for the raping and beheading.



  • the American

    The days of our actual need for immigration, mass or otherwise, are over.
    we are now more than populated, we no longer need a never-ending stream of cheap labor that we can exploit. we have more than enough of it already, not to mention the fact that illegal and legal immigration are both suppressing wages for American-citizen workers. enough is enough, we have damaged our culture enough and we
    Are way past the limit. - 2015 | Privacy Policy