Avenatti Thinks Trump Will Quit

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti believes that President Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen “is not going to hold up” to the pressure placed on him by investigators and will ulitmately result in President Trump’s resignation.

Avenatti stated, “My record thus far has been spot on. I don’t think I’ve been wrong about anything yet in the last five to six weeks. And I stand behind that claim that I made yesterday. Jake, there is a lot of evidence in this case, there is a lot of shoes yet to drop.”

“Michael Cohen is not going to hold up. I’ve been saying that for weeks and now others are repeating it and getting on the bandwagon. Michael Cohen is going to flip on this president, and he knows where the bodies are buried or at least many of them. And I do not think that the president will last through the balance of his term. I just don’t. Now we’ll find out if I’m right or wrong. But I think he’s going to ultimately resign the presidency.”

 “We’re talking about the president’s right-hand personal attorney, he is going to take the Fifth Amendment. He’ll be charged with serious offenses. I’m highly confident of that. And I’m also highly confident that he has detailed information relating to efforts he undertook on behalf of this president across not just 2016 but many years prior to that. And I’m highly confident that he’s going to disclose that information to prosecutors, et cetera and the only out that the president will have, the only out, will be to resign the office. That is my prediction. And we’re going to find out if I’m full of it or if I’m accurate.”

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