Attacker: ‘I’ve Raped White B****es Like You!’

Sam Sweeney Saia from New York say’s she was viciously attacked by an African American man who said some very disciple during the attack. She say’s she was attacked by the man because she asked for some space while he was “man spreading me excessively”.

“I was punched on the way to work by a stranger during my commute,”

A black man with his face completely covered with a scarf and hood pulled over his head was sitting next to me, he proceeded to press me against the wall and man spread me excessively.”

After she asked for some space, she claims the man said:

“B****, you ain’t nothing!”

“I’ve raped white b****es like you, f***ing c***! You ain’t nothing you f***ing b****!” - 2015 | Privacy Policy