Armed Robbers Shot By Business Owner

Two armed men picked the wrong grocery store to rob in Chicago’s South Side Englewood this week.

Chicago Police say the men entered A&J Foods on West 75th Street around 7 p.m. Tuesday, pulled weapons, and tried to rob the store. Each, in turn, received gunshot wounds from an armed business owner and fled the scene, The Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The men, 21 and 29 years old, appeared at St. Bernard Hospital to receive treatment for wounds to the abdomen and arm, respectively. The younger man was listed in serious condition and was subsequently transferred to Stroger Hospital.

The incident comes as Chicago Police have released statistics for the first half of the year that show overall crime numbers are down in the Windy City by some 11 percent amid a bump in police hiring and increased use of surveillance cameras. Included with the numbers is that, while Chicago has seen 252 homicides so far in 2018, that figure is down 79 when compared to the first half of 2017.


  • Rodney

    Equally armed private citizens would be far more effective then hiring more police who are afraid to do anything because of political retaliation should they make a questionable call.

    • metheoldsarge

      In most cases the police are only a few short minutes away. Not much help when seconds count.

      • Rodney

        You must also factor in the neighborhood. There are places cops won’t go unless it is to clean up bodies. The leftist politicians have essentially put cops under new rules of policing. Rules that prevent them from doing their job.

  • Ron C

    I’m totally surprised the business owner wasn’t arrested for hurting those poor robbers and having a liberal democrat judge throw the book at him…most liberal cities don’t allow the citizen slaves to defend their selves…just saying?

    • Terry Butts

      They probably had the near impossible to get in Chicago permission from the government to be armed or they would have been. Then again they may come back later and try to charge them with something or some liberal judge may force them to pay RESTITUTION to the robbers for their injuries or possibly even making them TOO TERRIFIED to commit another crime fearing (as all violent criminals should) their intended victims might shoot them.

      • Ron C

        I see your point…some liberal judge will bankrupt the business owner awarding money to the robbers…would have been cheaper to give the money over and hope that you wouldn’t be murdered by the criminals the liberals love so much.
        Have you heard democrat states want felons to vote nowadays.

        • metheoldsarge

          After all, they were just trying to make a living like anyone else.

        • Rodney

          A friend many years ago shot an intruder who crawled into his young daughters bedroom window. The intruder had his rape kit with him. He didn’t know Bob was an avid sportsman and gun collector. The cops told Bob, next time drag him back into the house. The paperwork is less burdensome. LOL

    • metheoldsarge

      Or taking the law into his own hands.

  • GRA

    I just love happy endings like this. AWESOME !!!

  • Joseph Anthony

    I would prefer 2 toe tags

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      Same here. And body bags for them.

      • Kent Powers

        Would save tax payers millions if he had finished them off, trial, legal, guards, prison, food, medical, always shoot to kill!! Now inform us if they were illegals, if this fact were to be reported there would be much smaller support for open borders.

  • Marvin Zeichner

    Things aren’t going to change anytime soon, as long as the city is governed by liberals. They can come up with statistics to make the people think things are getting better in Chicago.

    • EC

      And the people in Chicago seem satisfied with the “progress” their city is making, since they keep voting for liberals. All I can say is, they get EXACTLY the government they deserve.

  • comanchewill

    just like the ole West…arm Doc and Wyatt and let them go to work….shoot the bad guys wherever you find em

  • GetReal4U2

    “hands up…don’t”….errr…wait…

  • Babsan

    This is why we all need to armed to defend ourselves from criminals like this and others likeminded

  • john

    That is what happens when good people have a ccw permit and actuly (carry) a wepon.

  • Gilbert Boggs

    Should have killed them both F the demaperves

  • pFeather

    More armed citizens would also bring down the crime rate and likely reduce the murder rate too. But God forbid if the Dims would allow citizens to defend themselves from thugs and crazies.

  • Kent Powers

    Seems the cops are a little slower getting to the scene now days thanks to BLM, Antifa, Odama, Eric Holder, the liberal democrats, don’t blame them at all. Tell people who support these idiot groups to call them for help, according to their rap sheets most of them are armed & dangerous. - 2015 | Privacy Policy