The View Host Goes After President Trump

Ana Navarro, one of the hosts on the ABC show “The View,” just went on about how President Trump has continually done nothing but empower racism and misogyny in our country, as shown in his new campaign ad.

Navarro’s co-host Sunny Hostin agreed saying, “I was also so offended by that ad. It was so shocking to me. When you have these ads, these national ads, hate crimes, the statistics are the hate crimes do rise. There are real world consequences for these kinds of advertisements. So you have that stoking of this racism, this hatred we’re seeing and you know, whose hand is the blood on when immigrants are attacked?”

Joy Behar followed, “In the old days we had George Wallace, remember George Wallace? He ended up in a wheelchair? He was the biggest racist, but he was just a governor of a state, and now this mentality is in the White House. That’s the difference between then and now.”

Navarro then replied, “I think it’s important to point out, you know, Donald Trump did not invent racism. Donald Trump did not invent misogyny. But I feel like he’s legitimized it. He has empowered it. And I feel like it has become worse in the last year.”

  • usmcSergeant

    Nobody but other snowflakes ever watch them anyway so it matters not what the dips say.

  • Donald Johnston

    Why Is this joke of a program still on? If it were a conservative show instead of a Liberal one, it would have been removed long ago.

    • Ronelle Kumjian

      I completely agree. They are a bunch of tired biddies who have nothing better to do than to criticize. They show nothing but jealously and should not even be on the air. I would not watch them for any amount of money. The definitely should be removed.

    • John Flynn

      Weren’t they all going to move to Canada if Trump won?? I guess they’re full of hot air!

      • John Meadows

        These dumb asses should
        Know Obummer divided the country 😳😳wake up

        • kroozento

          No John this idiot speaks out of the wrong end. trump didn’t invent racisim…the democrappers did before the civil war when they voted to keep slavery Repiublicans outlawed that but the black community still reveres democrappers. The wiew is such Joy “Behag” horse face moron had to eat crow when trump won.,Whoppi Goldberg who looks lie she is in the circus clown pen. The brain dead who listen to the tree stump dumb.

        • don lavrich

          youre right we were divide before trump came into office, now I think the blacks and whites are getting closer, and getting wise to the demoncats!

        • Ronald Gunn

          If they did that,wake up, they would have nothing to complain about then they would be out of a job. HUMMM, WAKE UP!!!!

      • dennis w

        AND SHIDT………..

      • Richard Kosmisky

        I would say FULL O F SHIT


    never watched the show but one day at doctors they had it on. could not believe how the horrible bitches get air time. but then realized it was nbc. I just moved to another chair so I did not have to look at them. horrible people

    • Luke Lugnore

      The View is not on NBC but ABC But whats the difference they are both liberal stations thay degrade our President at every turn.Joy Behag and Woppi look like they just came from a movie set of brain dead zombies.

  • George Hambach

    What a joke Sunny is the most hateful person I have ever seen, she reeks of Hate. I don’t watch often, but every time they show her face you can see the Hate in her facial expressions.

    • George Hambach

      The worst part of it is I think she is one of the most beautiful women on TV. I really don’t know why she is so hateful.

  • sandra

    They need to shut that program down. It does nothing for America~~I haven’t watched this program ever!! It sucks mostly and it’s a waste of time and energy.

  • gene smiith

    Stupid Bitch./…she should be made aware that people will judge her by the company she keeps….DUMP BITCH surrounded by more DUMB BITCHES….shut up!!!

  • Marvin Newman

    this is all NBC is capable of producing. Garbage that their degenerate following can assimilate and consume. They are the only ones watching this crap. Why the hell is this allowed on the airwaves? When I look at the morons in their crowds or turnouts they look like unemployed idiots who have nothing else to do except make problems for others who have to work around them. These crowds should be disbursed and broken up and stopped and the rioters should be fined and have this blotch on their records so if they ever get a job, that their employers know what they are hiring before they do damage to their company.

  • Jimi Johnston Jj

    Does anyone really care what they show or say on this bad program they are the ones promoting hate and living like fat cats while they promote such trash it is an insult

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    The VIEW is a disgrace and a total joke. This show is only on the air as a political hit piece. Loaded with total bias, propaganda, unfounded opinions, and snakes and vermin. Society only loses from trash like this. A total waste of time for anyone that watches one minute of this utter garbage!! Any TV network that would make this program a morning must to air, is also just as corrupt.

    This show is just one example of our TV sets being used against Americans for sick political causes, moral decay, deception, and distorting our very search for the truth.

  • ddufremle

    These women on the View and I use that term loosely, are a collection of revilement want to be important,unable to fit in to normal society and incapable of normal thought. These show belongs in the business end of an out house. What a bunch of fools. The network must be hard up to fill the time slot to allow this group of idiots to continue. Dump these horrible bimbos.

    • Tuxedo_Plowboy

      OMG!!! These are the cold facts! Preach on!!

  • ddufremle

    This show makes my hemorrhoids seem enjoyable.

  • Bruce Kellar

    Trump is not the problem, liberal politics has been for the past 70 years.

    • don lavrich

      liberal politics are outdated and need to be thrown out with the communistmanifesto, where the libs get all of their ideas.

  • Jmanjo

    The View is the racist actor. Their whole team sucks! A bunch of entitlement freaks with big mouths sucking up to the media and the liberal loons. They are really going to deserve their ratings when all the liberals go down in flames!

  • JoAnn Graham

    View got that ass backwards

  • DonOldGuy

    Certainly don’t watch this useless drivel, but I read the above transcript. Should I tell Trump to run to his “safe space”. It certainly appears that Butthead Behar is advocating for someone to put a bullet in Trump also. How long will these hateful fascists remain on television.

  • David Dodt Sr.

    The people that riot, destroy property, engage in burning our flag are these illegals and left wing fruit cakes. Racism is also in these minority groups. Just listen to them. Even minority celebrities engage in this racist rhetoric.

  • Nicholas cousins

    What is “the view”?

  • mark

    That woman is a racist!

  • cjjf

    And yet, under President Trump, women have felt empowered enough for the me too movement, and the USA gymnasts finally felt safe calling out their abusers. And let’s not forget black unemployment is at the lowest ever recorded. Is it the president who is racist or those that see racism in innocent comments?

  • Sandy

    The View is very racist and liberal. I would never watch this so called show. Don’t know how it remains on the air. Wish they would shut it down.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    If these empty headed femi-nazis don’t want to be offended, they should stop offending.
    These feminists hate being feminine. They want to be masculine. Given that they can’t see,
    why is this low-life program called the “View”?

  • jim jones

    Pack of slimy homos who no one listens to unless they are stuck home with the flu and don’t have the energy to turn it off!

  • alex theamazing

    Time to pack your belongings and head back to Mexico.

  • Meg

    The women on this show are a bunch of idiots.

    • Frank Clark

      deport all of them back to their s..t homes

  • Mark Probst






  • Geebub

    SURE theyou serious? These gals are soo of outta whack I can’t believe they are still on! Get off the tube!

  • disqus_rzTFAbNVji

    The only thing I hate is your program

  • AFGus

    The best parts of Navarro and Behar ran down their Daddy’s legs.

  • Vito4260

    Why is this piece of shit show still on?

  • disqus_3MEvLTGTn0

    Prove it ladies or stfu. I am so sick of these liberal left wing nut jobs and the bs they spew.

  • John Stangreciak

    As we all know Ratings are the key so I suggest instead of posting on this site is what they want ,controversy I say ignore them and make sure you and your family and friends don’t watch the show It is working for Football why not for idiots This will be my only post ever on this site

  • S.J. Jolly

    Ah, conservative views on the View! Want it shut down, along with every other program that is not conservative, or conservative enough. [So much for freedom of speech.]

  • P. Kihl

    This is a lot of BS. I cannot stand this program and wonder why it is still on.

  • Marty Koval

    The hosts on the “The View, do not have a legitimate and sound counter response to What President Trump is doing, so they resort to calling him racist. For example:

    He does not support illegal immigration? He is a racist. He doesn’t want people coming from nations with no skills to add to our society? He is a racist. He supports illegal aliens who broke USA laws to be deported? He is a racist. He does not support the liberals immoral policies? He is a racist? He did not vote for Democrats? He is a racist? He does not support abortion? He is a racist? He does not support illegal drugs? He is a racist? He does not support government aid to people who can work, but refuse to? He is a racist?

    Remember, here in the USA it’s OK to be a racist …as long as you don’t break laws associated with racist kinds of behavior. I am not saying being racist is ok, but it is not a criminal act. From a moral stand point, it is immoral to be a racist.

    When people call President Trump a racist, he doesn’t have to waste his time defending himself from accusations of racism. All he has to do is make the accuser defend his or her claim. If President Trump is not racist, most of the time the accuser can’t come up with any legitimate facts.

  • GoldenGirl2u

    They just cannot help themselves to admit that their Idol Obama is the one who waltzed all this negativity in, because he and theirselves are racists. These uninformed mouthpieces need to get a grip, if it isn’t already to late. God help their poor, oops, rich misguided souls. Snowflake lemmings.

  • Chris Chris

    They skip and whistle past the rapes and fornications of Slick Willy and his evil witch of a wife who goes on to shame and attack his victims. The View is nearly unwatchable and cringy for reasons such as the one I mention above.

  • flashy0ne

    Guess you missed the picture of our “great” x-president (Obama) with Farrakhan — yea, you know, the one celebrating with the Nation of Islam and of course those dudes loved everyone !!! Kinda strange though — that picture was suppressed (not published) since 2005. But of course, that’s OK, right? :^)

  • coolman11

    They have no basis for their claims, the only thing he has ever talked about is enforcing the law, the media uses wording like anti immigration even when he stressed the word “illegal”, enforcing the law was something missing from the last administration

  • don lavrich

    these ugly old liberal bitches need to go. I wouldn’t watch this shit if they paid me. Trumps the best prez that we have had since reagen.

    • Jack Simms


  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    But it is perfectly okay to smear, slam, debase, twist, lie, threaten, and just bash away at our President 24/7.
    These women are so full of hypocrisy it is laughable!
    They would be speechless if they couldn’t berate the Trumps on every single show!

  • robertleo

    The view has nothing to report that will make intelligent Americans listen. The are mainly entertainers from the Hollywood left.

  • Albedamned!

    This illegitimate show is a moronathon!

  • Albedamned!

    Another POS. She should be carping on the cesspool she is attached to, Nicaragua!

  • Stephen Leeb

    Another IGNORANT LIBTARD talking out of her ASS ! When you have nothing , play the race card like the IGNORANT , CLASSLESS , USELESS Whores on The View. You pulled the race card , bitch , you lost the argument. What else does your IGNORANT ASS have ? Obviously nothing relevant !

  • Letterman007

    This program has been a historical piece of crap since inception! Typical liberal drivel open their mouths and the lies fall out!

  • TheEngineer73

    How could Joy Behar know what President Trump says, she watches CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and the funny papers in the NY Times. Wait till someone tells her about the FISA memo and a few other little tidbits. She will melt down right then and there.

  • got my licence

    Wasn’t Wallice a democrat?

  • lorna shores

    get up a petition to get rid of them, i`ll sign it!

    • Luke Lugnore

      Everybody should stop buying every product that are on there commercials.ABC would get the picture and put these morons out to pasture

  • Ronald Gunn

    Who cares what these stupid idiots think about anything. WHY ARE THEY STILL ON TV?

  • Suzu M

    Pooh-pooh! Time to move on ladies. While you are busy wading through imaginary racism, the rest of us are getting on with the business of living.

  • Suzu M

    Just a reminder: Life is Beautiful. Have a great day.

  • Lola Hutton

    And the ignorance goes on, and on, and on. There are so many interesting things to do and see, these people are not on the list. Their type of comments are so hard to swallow and take serious, that a person gags trying to get it down. It’s the old saying ” A fool can’t wait to get out there and let everyone know they are a foo. A wise man waits until he (or she) knows what they are saying, and are asked”

  • Lola Hutton

    oops (fool)

  • Dean

    I’m reminded of the movie “The Wizard of Oz” and the famous quote by the Scarecrow, “If I only had a brain”.

  • Jim

    These woman make me sick, join the Army and do something for your country, you just take up space and are polluting the air we all breath.

  • Richard Kosmisky

    Eat SHIT YOU BITCH if you think allowing more ILLEGALS in this country is for our good you have absolutely NO COGNITIVE SKILLS at all but neither does any of the clowns on THE VIEW either

  • rick meek

    The View is a joke – The women of the view are a joke – the hollywood hills and people therein are a joke….

  • smithleeroy21

    You bunch of lying hypocrites. It was just fine when “Bumbass O” did the same thing. You did not make a sound.

  • Luke Lugnore

    I hope you read this you View bastards When are you going to get your liberal asses to Canada you slimeballs. Shame on ABC to keep you scumbags on the air.

  • Ron C

    And exactly how is it that Ana Navarro a socialist hack, can be sold as a conservative…???
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